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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Best of luck to you Matt! The Utes could really use a bruiser to help out this upcoming season. Look forward to watching you play again.

Sorry cewgs

He's going to handle you guys this year. I'd say 50% chance we run the table and make our first, I mean second, I mean third trip to a bcs game. TDS, you'll be LUCKY this year is you even make it to vegas. My guess - you'll go 7-5 and disappear into obscurity again.

Welcome back Matt! Go Utes!


Heck yes!! Thats what im talkin bout!

Good luck, Matt...

I think this could be a special year.


Can't wait for September! Go Utes!


Oh man. He is a strong runner. I am a Y fan.......we have to put up with him again? I actually think it is cool that the NCAA will work with these athletes and give them a chance. Lets just hope he doesnt give us any fits this year!

YAY!!! Asiata is back!

Must be living right if the NCAA granted Asiata another year! GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!

re: Sorry cewgs

You said that last year. He'll be injured by game 3 anyways. BYU had zero trouble with bruising backs last year, just fast and speedy ones. You're playing into our hands again.
I'm not sure when you'll be beating BYU again. I think it's a ways away.

Why come back

with his history of injury...go pro!

Ute 4 Life

Oh GREAT!! Another year of sub-par running! Why can't Whittingham just recruit a good running back, so we don't have to keep trying to get wash-out like Asiata an extra year of eligibility?

re: 11:04AM

It will be November 2010. The last time was November 2008, by 24 points.

Rookie QB, replacing 6 of front 7 on defense, same below average secondary, and payback for what Maxine said on his way out the door.

Yeah, November is a ways away. It can't come soon enough!

re: Why come back

For the same reason Harvey Unga is back. Neither is quick enough to be an NFL running back.

Both will play their last meaningful football this coming fall.

No shame in that, just the truth.

Move On Already

He's too full of himself. Let Shak rock the house! Go Utes!


Welcome back Marty Johnson... Err, I mean Matt Asiata! Nothing like having an injury prone running back in the system for years and years. Cougar nation doesn't need to worry, with all his injuries he'll be limping around if he EVEN makes it to the end of the season.

In all honesty, Wide is the better running back and should be given the starting nod for all he did last year.

Oh well, Harvey will be getting all the headlines next year anyway...

Re: Ute 4 Life

You mean like last year when Eddie Wide ran for more than 1000 yards and played very little, if at all, in the first few games of the year. Yea, that was a pretty bad year for running. Now he has experience and we will have a great 1-2 punch. If we need speed, send in Wide, or even Shak. If we need some power up the middle, give it to Asiata. This makes us much better in the run game.

RE: Ute 4 life

You are either a Y fan or you know absolutely nothing about football, neither of which is mutually exclusive. Having a strong inside runner in Asiata, a dynamic outside runner in Eddie Wide will make Jordan Wynn's job much easier. That offense is going to be stacked next year.


Matt is a great RB and I'm glad he's going to have another year. Have a great season Matt!

4 of 5

after all the hype

when the dust from another November classic has settled

it'll be 4 of 5


Oh man, Asiata coming back? It's gonna be a good year! If Utah can get past Pitt and TCU, they could be headed to another BCS game! Should be a special season. I'm pumped!

Go Asiata!

This is great news. I wonder if he participates in the combine. Is there still a chance he can decide not to play?

Watch out for the 3 headed monster! It would be sweet to have 2 1000 yard rushers.

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