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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Freedom From Religion

Nobody in this country is stopping anyone else from practicing their religion.

However, others should not have the religious beliefs of others forced upon them. Not being allowed to force your religion on others is not an infringement on your freedom of religion. That is absolutely ridiculous.


For those of you who can't see, it is called spiritual blindness. If you can't see it, you will not understand it, so don't worry. Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean that it isn't there.

That is exactly what Satan intends, to keep you in that ignorance.

The blind leading the blind, they will both end up falling in the ditch.

Re: Freedom From Religion

"However, others should not have the religious beliefs of others forced upon them. Not being allowed to force your religion on others is not an infringement on your freedom of religion. That is absolutely ridiculous."

You know, this whole "forcing your beliefs down my throat" gets bantered about so much, it's almost believable. I would like you - or someone - to please tell me an exact instance of when ANYONE had beliefs forced on them. Really, I'm interested to know.

Missionaries come to your door? That's not forcing. Politely say no and shut the door.

And please don't bring up Prop 8. Religion was here WAY before gay marriage. Politics entered religion, not the other way around.

You remind me of a kid I knew in school who was always ranting about people "leaving him alone." Then all he did was cry out for attention.

No one is forcing anything down your throat. If anything, the anti-religious are challenging age old laws and values. If anything, it's you and your type that are trying to force your changes down our throats.

Re one plus one equals three?

Ever heard the saying: the enemy of my enemy is a friend

- captain price


What I find so ironic is that the lefties on here who preach tolerance for their societal beliefs are the MOST INTOLERANT people I have ever heard. Typical liberal. Get a grip...and do something productive with your time rather than rant on a internet board. Sheesh!


I'm trying to ellucidate on the issue here, but the remarks that religious liberty is at stake is so far fetched I'm at a loss for words.

How do you counter with logic something that is unbelievably inane?

I suppose if someone wants to believe that his/her religious liberties are at stake they will do just that, believe.

With zero evidence.

When everything else fails, try to go for intangible trial balloon and see if people fall for it. It sounds good and has the essence of nicey.

It's false though.


In the 4 states LDS was persecuted in and chased out of....how much of that was due to Catholics?

If LDS wants to continually play the long suffering martyr from stuff back 2 Centuries, don't hide the cast of characters...NOW.


Mormons think that politicians can legislate their pleas for help against an impending crush of immoral values and corrupt laws. How many gay Repblicans are there? How many abortionists are Democrat? Church leaders still do not comprehend that this tide facing the "church" cannot be held back by political parties. The Book of Mormon has shown us that. If we cannot educate our population with moral right, I certainly wouldnt expect Legislation to change much.Its the blind leading the blind

Agree w/"comment"

What is the "attack" on churches and religious liberties?

I'm not seeing it either.


"Religious Freedom" "Brutal Attacks" "Warriors"

Protesters in front of your church condemning you for your actions of hatred & oppression toward the Gay community isn't a "brutal attack". Getting your face beat in and being dragged behind a truck because you dared to put your arm around & kiss your same-sex partner is a "brutal attack"

Mormons/LDS getting in bed with the Vatican. Oh that's rich. The same Catholics that looked the other way during & profited from the Holocaust,burned our greatest scientific minds at the stake and drowned thousands of women as witches nice. It's good to see the LDS are looking for professional instruction when it comes to their oppression.


You people (most of those who have commented) are an angry, vitriolic bunch. You are intent on destroying anything that disagrees with your own opinions.


Such hate from BOTH sides.
You are ALL wrong.


How, exactly, is religion under attack today? How are my beliefs threatened? How is my going to church every week and worhipping how I want to worship affected in the public sphere? I'm not being pugnacious here, I just want some honest answers.

What freedoms?

Some posters have asked what freedoms have ben lost.
What about the ability for a christian community to have a nativity scene or signs that say "Merry Christmas" during the Christmas season?
What about the ability of a school in a christian community to have prayers before events?
What about the gay movement trying to keep church leaders from practicing their freedom of speech as they oppose what they consider to be immoral activities?
I guess freedom of speech only applies if you are a minority.

Good For Them!

Catholic charities have been directly affected by the gay political agenda of inserting their influence on how those charities must be run.

Public education continues to be a flashpoint for many non-religious groups attempting to redefine curriculum and policies to denigrate religious beliefs.

Other political attacks have come at all religious bodies, as anti-religious sentiments in given states have garnered the creation of legislation that would strip churches of tax-free and charitable status, unless they follow stringent populist guidelines... thus further marginalizings and dictating terms to religious organizations.

It is heartening to see such cooperation between two such different religious groups. I agree that we should focus our hearts and minds upon finding common moral solutions. By seeking cooperation, we foster freedoms--and make more progress possible.


If you don't agree with me, its bigotry. If I don't agree with you then its freedom of speech. Why can't people figure that out?


They aren't complaining about the churches that let President Obama speak at during the election or the gay church organizations that voiced the other side.

Canada is an example of why religious liberty once held sacred is now in danger.

Florien Wineriter

We must be diligent to be certain Freedom to Express does not become Power to Repress


every year morality and decency decline. it needs to be reversed. we need all the people we can get to stand up for some values that make people strong and people that care.

Persecution complexes galore

I've _never_ taken a job action for or against an employee because they were religious.

However, as an employee myself, I've experienced first hand plenty of negative job actions because I wasn't LDS.

Facts are facts.

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