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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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family and love surpass religion

but it is religion that keeps the family and love going; and this is has it has been for thousands of years; without genealogy and sense of purpose and identity and tribes and community, individuals wither away into oblivion- medical sciense proves married people and/or religious people live longer. People who control their anger live longer too I'm guessing. Forgiveness brings peace. We can't love or respect an enemy without help from above.


If we take a step back and look at the history of our ancestors (People of all nations) you will clearly see that the main thing remaining from their past are their sanctuaries of worship. You don't believe me, look at the ancient buildings in India, in Central and South America, in Egypt, throughout the Middle East, and in Asia.

All of our ancestors sometime in the past believed in a God. Even the ancient Greeks built their buildings to Gods and yet so many of you say there is no God. Religion should be muffled. They shouldn't be able to enact moral values in society. That is just wrong you say.

History proves that you are no different than the people that eventually destroyed the great civilizations of the past. You try to indoctrinate your godlessness on believers and over time they of faith apostate from true doctrine and societies and great nations collapse. Examples; Romans, Egyptians, and the great nations that once lived and breathed in the ancient Americas.

One thing is for sure, no matter how hard you try, faith in Deity will live on. God lives on. Develop your faith. He awaits you.

Re; Janet



Well said Janet.


The devotional was beautiful and inspirational.


You have the right to your religion. I have the right to happiness. While they are different, they do not have to interfere with each other unless invited....

So stop inviting gay marriage into a religious debate when it is not a religious thing to begin with.


"Sorry, sir, but I don't see where religious liberty is in danger in this country. I feel perfectly free to go to church, contribute to church, speak in and out of church. Nobody anywhere is threatening these things."

Amen. The problem we have is that some mistake "religious liberties" for the "right" to harm and oppress others. They also think they have the right to defend their "religious liberties" at the expense of everyone else's religious liberties.

Aw Laud Janet | 8:15 p.m:

Ward, June and the beaver were never reality.

Father knows best, really didn't.

The world is what it is. Get up tomorrow morning and really look around the city, is it really what you think it is? Look at your city and your neighbors who are struggling that is how things really are. “How are we going to make the house payment this month or….

How is that view working out for you?


I believe many of the comments come in this article come from those who hate both Catholics and Mormons;.I am LDS and so happy to see the Cardinal join us in fighting against those that are trying to Destroy Christianity from this great Country The non believers are making a great effort to destroy the very thing that brings great happiness to families across this great land. The only way it can be stopped is if those who believe in what made this Country great band together to defeat these people that don’t have the wonderful families that many of us do

@ Janet

So, you remember a time when Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. had their religion subjugated to the religions of those who believe in Christ.

You remember a time when religious might equaled right.

And now that we have true religious freedom, you are complaining that you can no longer force your majority religious views on others.



Another story in the paper today mentions the sex-ed bill that got nowhere.

The comments on that thread indicate that sex-education is something that is best left to the parents or, if done in the schools, should be done in accord with the parents religious/moral viewpoints.

Then, on this thread, we have Janet - who seems to be advocating that schools should be teaching morals and religion.

If children nowadays are lacking proper "morals" it is not because religion is under attack - it is because their parents are not teaching them.

While I can support comprehensive sex education in the schools (based on the societal implications and effects of not having that education), I cannot support religious education in the schools.

Your children should not be forced to pray to my God - and my children should not be forced to pray to your God.

Ghandi said it best

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ"

So much ignorance here

I see so much ignorance on both sides of this debate. The gentleman the article is about never claimed that religious freedom was being threatened because people don't believe what is taught by religious people. Lets use our brains for a second here and dispense with all the hateful nonsense. There is a movement in the country to impose limitations on what churches can or cannot legally say and do, with the threat of losing tax exempt status if you say or do the wrong thing. No that is not the current law, but there are many that would like it to be. That is in direct conflict with the concept of Religious freedom. If you are going to argue against something, argue against that, not some ill-informed nonsense about Mormons being gay bashers.

Deism for the win

re: So much ignorance here | 9:44 p.m. Feb. 23, 2010

"The gentleman the article is about never claimed that religious freedom was being threatened because people don't believe what is taught by religious people. Lets use our brains for a second here and dispense with all the hateful nonsense."

They don't believe the Religious people because they are using their brains... I love irony.

Get Real

Bigger governments make more rules. Rules limit freedom. When are we going to stop limiting freedoms?

Every time progressive secular laws are put in place it limits other people's religion. Some progressive secular believers feel they have the right to harm and oppress others (eg. abortion). They think they have the right to defend their religious liberties at the expense of everyone else's religious liberties.

Let us get real. Less government allows for more religious freedom. Marriage is a religious ceremony. Gay people are free to exercise their religion and get married.

If progressive secular people or gay people do not like their taxing status they could fight for smaller government to get what they want. If gay people want more freedoms then it would be a good idea for them to band together with the rest of us and fight for a smaller safer government.

SLO Sapo

John pack Lambert said: "If you make people pay through taxes for something they object to on moral grounds you are deneying them religious freedom."

Really? So if you make me pay taxes for a war in Iraq that I object to on moral grounds, then you are denying me religious freedom? Could you explain your reasoning here?


"Marriage is a religious ceremony. Gay people are free to exercise their religion and get married."

Yeah - they are just not free to get the civil, secular, governmental - e.g. non-religious - benefits to go with it.


You might feel more acutely that religious freedom was under attack if you lived and worked in California and a gay rights group sought your firing for contributing to a political campaign defending marriage.


Pagan: one man's discrimination is another man's reasoned judgment. We don't have to agree with one another, but we don't get to curtail the other's inalienable rights, either. You're free to be a pagan, I'm free not to be.

To DeepintheHeart::

I live in Newport Beach, California and your comment was amazing to me.

Yes, I am married, legally to another man.

Petitions are public record. Political feelings are deep. I understand that.

But also understand that my taxes in California and my health insurance are involved.

My husband and I fall in the group that was married in the window of same sex marriage. That makes a big different to us on taxes, health care etc.

There are some 18,000 couples that are affected here in Ca.

How is your marriage doing? Fighting to keep our rights? Darn sure!

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