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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Religious freedom means the freedom to practice whatever religion you choose. It means nothing else.

Abortion is protected by Federal law.

Catholics and Mormons need to realize that our forefathers intended to keep a very large separation between Church and State as States (countries) run by Churches have a pretty crappy track record.

Individual members of said churches can support certain political issues anyway they choose.

Churches can as well but if they choose so THEY LOSE THEIR TAX EXEMPT STATUS AS IT SHOULD BE.

lastly, get ready for war. I will give my life to ensure the continued separation of church and state and their are millions standing behind me.


RE: Anonymous | 3:43 p.m. Feb. 23, 2010
You say that boycotting is not an attack.
I'll have to ponder that a while to understand how that assertion came to be formed.


Civil Rights are an invention of modern government. We are all endowed with natural and inalienable rights, which governments co-opt and divvy out like so many perquisites. You think that you need them and have to get them from somebody, because they are named by someone else, but you already have them. Governments have co-opted so many religious institutions and redistributed them as their own without regard to the original intent, or purpose. They have an appearance of truth, but deny its existence.


Catholics and Mormons fighting together, all the while each waiting to triumph over the other (and all others). Nevertheless, religious liberty is a good thing. Who or what are they going to fight against? When same-sex marriage is eventually legalized and Constitutionally protected, those same-sex couples and their families will also fight to protect religious liberty. As they will also traditional marriage, which they will honor, respect and celebrate with their family, friends, and with society at large. Nothing threatens traditional marriage since EVERYBODY is for it. Even those who are also in favor of the same-sex marriage which is inevitably coming.

The real fear for Mormons is that when same-sex marriage is finally legalized and Constitutionally protected, the legalization of polygamy will, quite rightly, also be legalized.


We The People, want NOTHING of your Theocracy.
LDS members should be even more afraid of a Theocracy than Jews, Muslims, Scientologists, gays, aethiests, or pro-CHOICE people. Should you suceed in a Theocragy, I guarantee the text the majority of Americans vote for, WON'T be the Book of Mormon...how's your LATIN?
Catholic Bishops and LDS elders have been attempting to gut LGBT human rights, in state, after state, after state. You wrote the Healthcare bill in the House, with that foul Stupak amendment, and Catholics even attempted to blackmail DC to not care for homeless people.
YOU KEEP SHOVING Americans, expect to get SHOVED BACK, and it's your tax exemptions and faith based funding we'll rip from your greedy paws first.


When you're on the side with the Catholics you know you're on the wrong side. Run!

I left the Catholic religion many decades ago for all their corrupt practices and beliefs and now this?

Anything the Catholic Church hurls at you, duck!

to -- Yep | 2:15 p.m

["If a government is free to tax relgion, it is free to tax it out of existence"]

you act like that is a bad thing.

you're doing it to cigarettes. what is the difference?


What about religions that condone gay marraige as of God? Why do I get the sense that religious freedom as talked about in this article seems to include the right to impinge on others religious freedoms? Perhaps we should just put it up to popular vote which religions are real religions and which aren't.


The Catholic church official positions are split between very conservative and very liberal stancess. At the same time they rail against gay marriage, they advocate for humane immigration policies and favor giving national health insurance benefits to illegals able to pay for them. The LDS church has not advocated for a liberal position on anything since the United order of Enoch.

re --- Finn McGowan | 2:29 p.m

["In school we all learned that Freedom means everybody gets to do whatever they want, until they start hurting or taking freedom from others"]

HEAR, HEAR!! unfortunately, religion doesn't understand that.


There is no solution to this argument. The problem is religion and non-religion cannot exist side by side. One is going to prevail or the other.


anonymous | 4:16 p.m. Feb. 23, 2010
All it takes is for a homosexual couple to want to be married by an lds bishop or a catholic priest and that couple suing him for denying them that. And it creates innumerable problems when the laws declare that something is legal and valid, and protect a certain status but the religion says it should not be, and members that practice those things are not considered worthy, though the law says there is nothing wrong. If those laws do not exempt religious institutions from having to follow the same regulations, those laws threaten religious freedom.


Show me where a Catholic (who by law can be married) has sued the Mormon church for not marrying them in the temple? The church has the right to deny them entrance into the temple, let alone a marriage ceremony.

It will be the same with gays and gay marriage. You are throwing up red herrings that will not occur any more than a Mormon marrying in a Cathedral. Religions are allowed to discriminate.


This assault on religion is bogus.
Just another dirty trick from the Right trying to divide and conquer the country.
I know of no one who wants to destroy religion in America.
You've been listening to Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck too much.


You religious fanatics both Catholic Bishops and LDS elders.
You keep saying your religious freedoms are at risk of being lost, they AREN'T, you use that garbage to weild your power against women and gays, and we won't allow you to roll back OUR RIGHTS.
Christians have all 44 of this country's presidents, you have all but 2 seats in the combined Houses of Congress (530 seats.) You have 7 of 9 seats of the Supreme Court. LDS has 85% of Utah's legislature, and ALL your judges, and governor.
NO ONE could discriminate against you...NO ONE.

All about gays...

Gays have lost nothing. Marriage was never recognized for the entire gay population...only select states and countries in the world. It's not discrimination to stand up for your beliefs. You chose to be gay and live that lifestyle. Just because the majority doesn't subscribe to your lifestyle doesn't mean you are being discriminated against.

I have every right to discriminate against a smoker, drinker, or other action that I don't want to be around. The fight for right will continue.


to --- re: mind your own business | 2:42 p.m

["However, we also have the right to believe whatever we want. And that includes sharing our beliefs with others."]

you CERTAINLY have the right to believ whatever you want. it's when you take those beliefs and try to FORCE them onto the populace that you have a problem. and so... you have a problem now.


Sorry... It is NOT!!! Your "religious freedom" to use state laws to dictate everyone to comply with your religious believes...

One Plus One Equals Three?

Okay, let me see if I have this straight. Catholics say Mormons aren't Christian. Mormons say Catholics are heretics (and much worse). But now they are defending each other?


I'd like to know how someone could *oppose* the concept of retaining the definition of marriage as solely for heterosexual partners without relying upon some form of religion.
In the debate about this issue, one side defends the institution of marriage as it has stood and the other attacks this definition. Each side claims moral rightness in their position.
The opponents of marriage say that this bars some from marrying who they choose and so is wrongly discriminatory.
The defenders of marriage say it draws a needed distinction but how do definitively say that it is wrong? ...and to have a government supposedly "of/by the people" sanction unions opposed by the majority as "marriages" and to confiscate property from, and imprison, whoever does not pay taxes to support this government that does so is wrong.
In a debate of irreconcilable views of morality and fairness among our citizenry, how would the opponents of marriage definitively determine -- as opposed to work the system to obtain the legal results they seek -- the right answer without appeal to some external, absolute standard?
By whatever euphemism you call that external, absolute standard, it will look a lot like a religion.


Everyone knows this at gut level, but are afraid to admit it to themselves or say it out loud.

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