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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Can someone please give me an example of a LDS or Catholic being attacked for being against gay marriage?

Date, time and location please. If any story starts with 'a friend of mine' you need not bother.

mind your own business

When the religious Right finally figures out that proselytism is an assault on our religious freedoms it will be a better world.

Finn McGowan

> "...religious groups as individuals have a right
> to exercise their influence in the public square."

In school we all learned that Freedom means everybody gets to do whatever they want, until they start hurting or taking freedom from others.

In that pre-mortal realm's epic war over mandatory morality or freedom to choose, on which side did you fight?

Any "groups as individuals" who would "exercise influence" to stop others from doing things that would bring no earthly harm to anybody else are enemies of freedom, and traitors to free agency's cause.

RE: Responders to Oh Please

.... The poster's only intent was to create an arguement where there is none. Why, oh why, do you insist on responding?

So annoyed

by the people on both sides of this argument.


groups like Americans United seem to think the First Amendment goes beyond establishment of religion and delves into silencing religous speech. Freedon of religion and freedom from relgion are two separate things - the latter being intolerance


Oh Please | 1:38 p.m True. You can attend any church you want.

The fear is when people exert their right not to be bothered by religion. One reaction to the Christian right has been more atheist are coming out.

re: mind your own business

how is it an assault on your religious freedom? Nobody forces you to change your views. For the most part our missionaries and other members of our church respect other religions. We respect that you can choose to worship who/whatever you want however you want, or to not worship anything ore anyone if you want. However there are people who appreciate our missionary efforts. There are people who choose to accept our message. There are many people whose lives have been change immensely for the better because of our efforts.

So you go ahead and keep believing whatever you feel is the right thing to believe. That is your right, and no one in the LDS Church wants to take that away from you, and the vast majority of us would defend your right to do so as vigorously as we defend our right to believe in and practice our religion. However, we also have the right to believe whatever we want. And that includes sharing our beliefs with others.

re; He is Confused | 2:02 p.m.

"The religious need to recognize that criticism of their beliefs or even efforts to rid religions of their tax-exempt status is not persecution nor does it take away their freedom to practice their religion."

Actually the use of tax codes to control speech is a perfect example of religous intolerance. The current prohibition of political speech was slipped into law by LBJ as part of an effort to silence non-profits who dared oppose him. Of course if MLK uses the pulpit for politcal speech - that will be overlooked and he will be honored with a holiday

Henry Drummond

I don't think freedom of religion is under attack its freedom from criticism. When anyone wishes to step into politics and try to legislate their view of the world people are going to have their say.


MLK uses the pulpit for politcal speech

Yeah, speeches of acceptance and tolorance. Not encouraging discrimination.


What a joke, whatever happened to separation of church and state? The religious community here in Utah control all aspects of government. It is the people that do not have a religion that are the ones under assault. This is simply a play for MORE power from these so called religios leaders who want to push their agenda on everyone else. This is the same reason why the founding forefathers came to America, because of religion controlling government.


The criticisms of religious beliefs or religious bases expressions do not in anyway restrict religious freedom. Are the people who disagree to loose their freedom of speech to assure that religious based speech and action is not criticized? Do religious people loose their freedoms when thay can’t force others by law to obey their precepts? i.e. abortion, gay rights, health gaps? Religious conservatives seem to want theocracy rather than religious freedom.

The bishop lacks intellectual honesty in his arguments. Freedom of religious does not include taking others freedoms away!


"... religious freedom is now under unprecedented attack through various threats like abortion, gay marriage and gaps in health care..."

How does abortion infringe upon your freedom of religion?
How does gay marriage infringe upon your freedom of religion?

Provide me some examples please.


'threatening to close down their sacred houses of worship and telling them thier religion is illegal?' - 3:04 p.m.

When did this happen Abe? Date, time and location please.

If it starts with 18... it's a little late to be a martyr.


Just because many do not agree with you does not mean you are oppressed.

Can you:

1) Still go to your place of worship?

2) Still give out documentation about your faith?

3) Talk openly about your faith?

Yes, yes and yes.

As such, all this talk of oprression is absurd as there have been zero changes in the freedom of expression from 10 years ago.
As they have not changed I cannot understand why someone would claim they are loosing them. Sounds like someone just wants to be the 'bigger victim' here for sympathy.

re -- Elder Benson | 1:51 p.m

["I objst to the gay marriage movement forcing the choice of a few upon the majority, those of us who don't sunscribe to the gay culture"]

forcing the choice? really? did they force you to marry someone of your own sex? if not, then no one is forcing you to do anything. you, on the other hand, are forcing a minority to comply with your religious edicts.

so who is actually losing freedoms? think about it...


RE: Naruto | 3:05 p.m. Feb. 23, 2010,
The constitutional principle commonly known as "separation of church and state" derives from Amendment I in the Bill of Rights. Here's the entire text:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Note that this only restrains congressional influence in matters of religion. This separation of congress from religion is the separation of church and state specified in the Constitution; there is no Constitutional quid quo pro restraint on religion.

say what

so because another private citizen disagrees with you and does not do business with you then your freedoms are being lost? so did you apply this same logic when conservatives tried to boycott walt disney world for having a gay day?


Those arguing that they are losing their religious freedom is downright laughable. Let's see someone run for president in this country who doesn't believe in God. Not gonna happen. Religion is alive and well. You can practice your religion in private just as much as you want. And isn't that what at least Christianity boils down to: A personal relationship with God? The downright hypocracy in some of these posts is nothing short of humorous.

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