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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Oh Please

Sorry, sir, but I don't see where religious liberty is in danger in this country. I feel perfectly free to go to church, contribute to church, speak in and out of church. Nobody anywhere is threatening these things. What's the big whoop?


Civil rights have become endangered because of your religious freedom.


I agree with the above statement. I haven't seen any attacks on religious liberty. Even as a non-religious person, I understand what they want and don't see anything in the way. Besides, isn't a lack of religion covered in the religious freedom thing? I'm not against human rights at all, I just don't want your beliefs stuffed down my throat. Is that really so bad?You've got a place to go to do all the religious stuff you want. I won't go to your church and study if you don't come to my library and preach.
I mean, if that's an attack...by all means...shoot me.

Re: Oh Please

One of these days you'll have to step out of your perfect little bubble of life and defend your beliefs. Then you'll see what the "big whoop" is--you will finally have to decide how much you really believe what you do.

As for me, I'm trying to figure out what "gaps in health care" have to do with religious freedom.


So, if I fire a mormon is that protected under my 'religious freedom?'

Just Ed

As a faithful Catholic, I agree with Oh Please (1:38 p.m.).

He is Confused

The religious need to recognize that criticism of their beliefs or even efforts to rid religions of their tax-exempt status is not persecution nor does it take away their freedom to practice their religion.

Read Bewtween the lines

You feel nothing because you sit back and do nothing! I bet you don't even volunteer! The big whoop is that you need to research!


If your religion encourages you to discriminate at: work, home, in life, you may want to re-consider that religion.

Bruce Walter

Civil rights end where theocracies begin

Freedom from religion...

Perhaps a good way to look at this issue is that the Constitution guarantees the "freedom of religion." Yet, does it not also guarantee the 'freedom from religion,' which is at the heart of gay rights issues...where people primarily from the religious right advocate for the continued discrimination of a significant and valuable segment of our society...


I think part of it is the government redefining what is moral, the government looking into foregoing tax exempt status for religious organizations, the government secular-ising religious organizations charity efforts when they receive public funds, the government trying to use tax dollars to fund abortions....


We must continue to drive all vestiges of superstition out of public buildings- especially schools. Indeed it should be banned from all public life. With the help of the State, we are slowly succeeding. Soon, the only mention of "god" allowed will be to take the name "in vain"(much progress has already happened here). Humanism from a benign Progressive State will be our only salvation, not some mythical god.


If a government is free to tax relgion, it is free to tax it out of existence


Criticism does not equate to being oppressed.


The news piece says there where three main points in the Archbishop's talk - but only one is explicitly stated. What where the other two?

Bruce Walter

Organized Religions are no better than playground bullies


Cardinal that is...


re: Oh Please | 1:38 p.m. Feb. 23, 2010


Religious sects are beoming more uptight because people don't blindly comply to their interpretation of the rules.

Bruce Walter

Re: what do religous freedoms have to do with higher taxes?

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