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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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It is time for conservatives to show their support for Nuclear Power.

If you support it, the waste has to go somewhere, so either accept it and show your support or stop criticizing people opposed to nuclear power.

Suck it up people ans stop giving in to the wacko Not-in-my-backyard enviro nuts.


We need your location so we can ship it to your backyard.


Uhhhh... it's DEPLETED uranium. That means it's about as radioactive as a seawater. It's used as shielding in X-ray equipment because it's even denser than lead. Ignorant people have a ridiculous paranoia of anything "radioactive". These libs will drive a death-trap "Smart" cart, but they don't want to be within 1000 miles of harmless depleted uranium.


GWB whens the last time you were around depleted Uranium? Are you nuts? Depleted Uranium has an average lifetime of 4.5 thousand million years. Lets store it at your house if it's worth that much money to you. By the way I'm a Republican, which seems to be no different than any other misguided uneducated robot out there. Do your homework please.


It's 60% as radioactive as regular uranium. But it gets hotter and hotter over time. Let it go to the new site in Texas where they accept higher level waste.

When Energy Solutions was first licensed, depleted uranium was not allowed there. Since then it's been wrongly classified as the government tries to find a way to dispose of it.


"The actual acute and chronic toxicity of "depleted uranium" is also a point of medical controversy. Multiple studies using cultured cells and laboratory rodents suggest the possibility of leukemogenic, genetic, reproductive, and neurological effects..."

Yeah Sam, that is just what we want in our state.


hey.. "they" say nuclear energy is clean...
why don't you trust them?

looks like our new Prez
sold out on nuclear issue.

1.How arrogant/irresponsilbe is it to make decisions on behalf of the next 100 generations?

2.The true cost of nuclear energy never seems
to include it's disposal.


Send the stuff to Nevada. Not to Yucca Mountain mind you, a proposed monitored 1 million year facility, but rather to the Test Site which will allow the stuff to blow in the wind towards - oh, say UTAH!

What another stupid idea.

This stuff is hazardous and needs to be properly disposed of in a deep repository. WIPP would be a far better place for the stuff.

Keep it out

The majority of Utahans do not want this waste! Please protect our children and grandchildren.

One minute, they're against

fossil fuels and concerned about air discharges and global warming. The next minute, they are running around the barnyard worried sick about byproducts of emissions-free energy like nuclear. I'm sure they drive their cars home and turn on the lights and the furnace. Thank goodness they can sleep because they recycle the Tribine.

Keep it where it's generated

I worked a number of years at the Savannah River Site. My thought is that since the South Carolina economy benefited from the contracts given related to nuclear work, they can darn well store it there. What happened to the Barnwell storage facility?

No energy production is clean

I would rather have polluted air from coal plants than the affects of radiation poisoning. The only was uranium is safest is in its natural form, but still it can be hazardous.

When in the military I had first hand training and education on nuclear materials and waste. We had to wear dosimeters as do all hospital workers working around the equipment. Dosimeters register amount of exposure to radiation that is accumulative in the human body and it never goes away.

The same holds true when its buried in cans or containers that radiation can penetrate. Nuclear materials react to each other and when confined in buried bunkers they become time bombs in the making. It would take only one small can in the wrong proximity of another by terrorist or accident to have a holocaust.

There are laws that say a nuclear power plant can never be within miles of the population for a reason, and its not a nuclear blast. The only regret we have is that our legislators did not listen to the right people before giving ES its license to radiate Utah.


Governor Herbert,

Please ask that the DU be sent to Texas where their state can benefit from the taxes and fees associated with taking the waste. Our state is in such good shape it does not need to accept any waste that could be stored safely. I'm afraid of anything I don't understand so please NIMBY.



DU does get hotter over time- eventually it will get as hot as NATURALLY OCCURING URANIUM. I don't know about you but it scares me to think that something could return to its natural state.


A Utah Republican stopping a potential campaign donor from making a profit! What is the world coming to?

Sensible Scientist

This is a win for Utah, why? Because of lost income and taxes? Lost employment opportunities? What?

The governor cannot demonstrate any valid scientific reason why these shipments were stopped, or that existing storage rules are inadequate. This action was not about safety, it was about political advantage.

This is politics, pure and simple -- the kind of politics that prevented us from building nuclear power plants for the last 30 years, thereby increasing air pollution from coal-fired plants. It's the same politics that wasted $20 billion of ratepayer money by stopping a storage facility underground at Yucca Mountain.

This kind of politics has to stop.

Hey Brad

There is a word for "thousand million," it's called billion and no, it doesn't make it sound any scarier when you use two words.

If you read between the lines of the cherry-pickers who are familiar with wikipedia and who like to spout meaningless information with no context, you'll discover that depleted uranium is of very little health /safety concern, and instead of making money off of other paranoid fools, they want to make a political statement and encourage our government to interfere with business and economically&environmentally intelligent forms of power generation.


'The first DOE shipment of approximately 3,500 tons of material arrived in December from the Savannah River site in South Carolina. It is being held in temporary storage until acceptable parameters for permanent storage are put in place.'

So, we have slowed the problem. Great. Once we STOP the problem, i.e. get this stuff out of Utah, I will be more inclined to vote for Herbert.

Oh, and for all those nay-sayers who claim 3,500 tons of radioactive depleted uranium is safe, keep it in your house...for the next 4.4 billion years.

If it was SO safe, why bury it?

It is a question many choose to ignore.

Keep it

I trust EnergySolutions with my life. Don't you?


I guess Herbet didn't listen to me. One of his campaign officers called me on the phone since I'm a Republican state delegate. She asked me what I wanted to tell the Governor. I said, "Bring in the nuclear waste, and tax Energy Solutions, and say goodbye to the budget deficit." I guess that makes too much sense. Have you guys that are against this ever been past Tooele? There is absolutely nothing there! Why not safely store this stuff and bring in tons of money for the state?

John Farmer

No energy production is clean,

I can’t tell you how ridicules your assertions are. It is as if you know nothing whatsoever about science. A nuclear power plant is not a nuclear bomb. The idea that a terrorist can manipulate waste shipments to become a bomb is truly ridicules. You do prove one thing that people who where a dosimeter still need supervision. With your lack of knowledge about nuclear physics I am surprised you didn’t irradiate yourself while you where in the army.


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