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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Maybe if Utahn's took better care of their unique areas, it wouldn't be necessary? I do think that the State(s) should definitely be involved in planning for National Parks/Monuments etc. designations in their states.

There are many areas that the Utah public treats poorly that need to be protected. Maybe the Utah lawmakers could address reasonable protection for those sites, before they are damaged or destroyed completely.

Go Bob and Orrin!

Thanks to our Senators for standing up against an administration out of control

Love it...

I have a feeling this happens a lot more than is reported. Glad our Senators are representing us.


Are you a Utahn? What about all the destruction the Federal Government has done to Utah? There are SEVERAL hundred thousand acres of waste's that has to be cleaned up from old Federal programs.

What about all the public lands that belong to the State School Association for the purpose of funding for Utah schools? Do you want the Federal government to monitor those as well?

I feel there needs to be more local oversight and less Federal Government intrusion in local matters.

Mike H

Sure sad the mean old Federal Government protected the Tetons. And Yellowstone would be a way better experience if there were hotels and fast food restaurants at every hot pot. Personally, I want my children to hike in and love the lonely, beautiful spots in our great state. Protect em!


I'd like to see the Mountain Meadows Massacre area be made a National Monument. Then I'd like to see National Geographic do an Archeolical dig there and publish the findings.

@ Mike

SO... When was the last time you pulled your kids away from the X-Box and took them on a hike?
I did it with my kids last weekend and I agree with this bill.

King George

New century, same old battle: States' Rights. I have a huge problem with the Federal Government insisting on trumping local state authority. The whole reason why the consitution was fabricated was to protect states' rights and curb federal totalitarism ala 18th century England.

King George Redux

Oops, I meant totalitarianism...

Ultra Bob

Many of the small businessmen think that as the nation moves toward more complete commercial control that they will get to participate in a piece of the pie. But the fact is that when the corporations gain complete control of the government and their cutthroat competition gradually whittles down their number, small business will become enslaved along with the rest of us.

Businessmen, already in control of the states, want to take over the federal government so that they can eliminate the public from having any limitation on their power. A review of what is happening in the Judicial branch shows that they now can control the election of judges who will make business favorable decisions only. The latest Supreme Court decision only makes it easier to buy election results.

If only the American people could see what is happening and stop it before it’s too late, we may be able to save America. We need a Tea Party movement against the corporations in government more than a Tea Party against the government.


All of Southern Utah a Monument and all of Northern Utah a nuclear dump.


The option of a national monument by presidential proclamation serves the public interest. The monuments are less exclusive than they used to be, now that BLM and the Forest Service can manage them. Many allow offroad vehicles and grazing.

Thinkin' Man

States should have veto power over any Federal proposal that involves land in their state.

What does the administration really know about the San Rafael swell? What would monument status change except to take away state control and give it to the Federal government? These areas are wonderful the way they are, and no Federal nanny will improve them, only make them harder to enjoy and take your kids to.

Ultra Bob, this issue has NOTHING to do with businesses.


Are these the same Senators that introduced legislation and got it passed to reign in the BCS? Oh wait, they didn't do that. They can't do anything without getting the support of the Dems, and why should the Dems want to help Hatch and Bennett who have fully been involved with bringing Washington to a standstill. This bill is just to appease the land grubbers in Utah who want federal money but no federal controls. The whole thing disgusts me.


If we'd had Hatch and Bennett way back when, we'd have no national parks or monuments in Utah but plenty of oil wells and strip mines. Thanks, guys, but I prefer the national parks.

Mick Garcia

States Rights? I remember when "states rights" was a code phrase used by racist politicians. I'm more interested in individual rights than state's rights because state government can be just as totalitarian as the federal government. National monuments usually end up being a big tourist draw and are well advertised by the chamber of commerce.

Ultra Bob

To the “Thinkin’ Man 8:09.

Beyond your own personal family, there is probably not anything in this world that “has nothing to do with business.

From the simplest of transactions to the most horrific world wars, everything has to do with the fight to survive.

And business is the name we give to the monsters of our collective efforts.

As individuals we are simply insects, in a business collective we are a dinosaur.

Even the mega dinosaur we call government is a business. It buys and sells its products and services to and from us.

And since we are it’s owners, our share of the profits come to us in the quality and dependability of it’s service. And sometimes even in cash.

In the real world, even though we own it, the government tends to listen to and act for those who have the most money.

In the case of the Utah Senators they want to purchase an unfair advantage for the businesses they represent by taking away the control of the Federal government.

If successful they will profit greatly through business activity.

Take Care of the Existing Ones

Why make new monuments, when the Government isn't taking care of the ones they've got!! Dinosaur Nat'l Monument is a disgrace. Visitor's center has been condemned for years with no funding to fix. Many others. Now they want more and more, just to lock-away land. It's pure land grab.


The truly surprising part of this story is that Hatch and Bennett seem to have come to a realization that Utah is actually a state somewhere out West of the Mississippi. In their combined 30-plus years of ignoring us, this is pretty big, and we might want to thank them for noticing!
I say, too little, too late. Bennett goes this fall, with Hatch close behind.

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