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Published: Sunday, Feb. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Watch how much better the Jazz are without Brewer.

okay I'll watch

but attitude after 10 games will be a better barometer. Brewer put up with Sloan better than most.


Considering the future opponents, even though it'll be 12 home and 16 away, I project that if the Jazz can win 5 of their next 6 games, they Jazz will end up the season 54-18, barring any key injuries or the team going into a funk.

That means going 19-9 the rest of the way. That's only 2 of every 3!

Except for Portland (today) and Atlanta (next game at home), the rest of those 6 teams have losing records overall with losing records in their last 10, too. So, if losing to either Portland or Atlanta (but not both), they should be 40-20 after that stretch.

Then, I expect the Jazz to go 5-7 in their next 12 games (tougher teams, and some of them on the road), for a record of 45-27.

Then they could easily go 9-1 to finish the season. 8-2 if they beat both Portland and Atlanta in their next 6.

54 wins isn't out of the question IF the Jazz keep up their current play. They only face the Lakers once more and don't see Denver or Dallas again. Favorable schedule!


54 - 18 is only 72 games


Will Okur play tonight?


five minutes left in the first half .. "it's so much fun watching the Jazz get smacked around and losing by 16." :) I hope this keeps up throughout the rest of the game. :)


what a game!


What a comeback Jazz! Down by 25 in the second half and they kept grinding and pulled it out in OT! How 'bout them Jazz!!!!!!!!!

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