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Published: Sunday, Feb. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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First time to Spectrum

Utah State's student section is awesome! Everything they do is so in unison. WOW

Great Game!!!!

That was a great game!!!!! GO AGGIES!!!!


Just got home from the game - it's 2:30 am and it was SOO worth it! Living in Utah County and having season BB tix may seem a little crazy, but what a season! Go Aggies!! Keep the wins coming!

Salt Lake Fan

Loved watching this game. It is easy to see why the Aggies do so well in basketball -- good players, who are tuned into a well-oiled machine, with fantastic student support.

Especially, I loved how they handled the back court pressure. Very little dribbling, only sharp, well-positioned passes. It looked too easy!!!

Go Aggies -- you make the State proud of your achievements.

Joe Moe

I appreciated this line in the article: "The well-balanced Aggies, as usual, did not have a single star in the game."

There are games were somebody stands out, but in the end the Aggies are about team effort. The commentators wondered at the Shockers' decision not to double-team Wesley early. Well, they could have tried it, but with the Aggies leading the nation in 3-point percentage, they probably knew where that would lead....

I LOVE watching these guys play!

Interestingly, USU's RPI this morning is 33rd. It's hard to predict those things.

Go Big Blue

I sat next to a couple from Morgan that had never been to the Spectrum before. They were awestruck with the student fans. The fans are absolutely amazing.

Well played game.

Go Big Blue!!!


I am not sure how I missed it but there is a great ESPN article by Diamond Leung printed on Feb 17. Very good read for sure.

Big props to Jared Eborn as well, who has continued to provide outstanding coverage of the Aggies who are quietly compiling another 23 win season.

We lead the nation in 3 point percentage and are 2nd in free throws. Awesome.

Nice win against Wichita, Bill put some clothes on!!!

Brigham City

Jared Quayle is "Da Man"!!!


I just graduated from USU and moved to St. George. Anyways, im back up in Logan visiting and had the chance to go to the game. It was awesome, ive only been gone two months and i miss aggie basketball. the games are amazing!!!


RPI AND SOS Climbing

Aggies RPI 33
SOS in the 90's.

RPI is within 10 of BYU and SOS is significantly better than BYU which is good as they are our signature win, but we now have wins over Wich St, La Tach and sweep over Nevada all RPI 100 wins.

Good to compare to the Y because we played and beat them by double digits and they are obviously a very talented team. Actually I think both teams have improved since then as well.

Dallas Aggie

The ESPN commentators loved the spectrum! Great job Aggie fans that were in attendance. They even did a replay of the "Losing Team, Winning Team" chant at the end of the game. Greatness. Wonderful win, and it would be interesting to see if our schools could begin scheduling a 1 and 1 series after next years bracket buster. Too bad Idaho lost yesterday, and the other WAC schools as I feel our conference is very strong....but the W-L column right now speaks for itself from the results yesterday. Go Aggies!


Nice win Aggies, looks like we've secured an at large bid should we make it to the championship game and lose.


class of 51. great to see aggies doing so well. keep it up.


The Spectrum is an incedible atmosphere. Everyone should experience it.


That "I Believe" chant is sick. Whatever fratboys are responsible for rowdyin' up the crowd and doing that one, I tip my Aggie golf hat to you.

John Harvey

The Aggies latest (2/24/10) RPI rating is now 29. :-)


hey John Harvey, what's your source?

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