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Comments about ‘Utah Jazz notebook: Carlos Boozer says he may stay with team’

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Published: Sunday, Feb. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Yep!....Boozer is only 52pts and 39rbds in the last two games!.......Trade him!..........NOW!


I have never understood why people wanted Boozer gone. He and Williams are a great combo. I would
almost safely say that Boozer might be in the top 3 power forward in the entire NBA. He fits the Sloan system and this year he is hungry to win.

I for one hope the Jazz keep Boozer for as long as he can play basketball like they did with Malone.


What would you do? Keep a player for 3 months then lose him for nothing, or trade him for a first round pick? If this is your last year with the jazz you probably go for the first option. The jazz have been relevant for 21/22 years because KOC and Sloan are worried about more than just this year. You could use the same logic for boozer, except they actually hope to resign him. Brewer was gone no matter what at the end of the year.


Wow, listen to all the Boozer fans now. I like Boozer, just don't trust Boozer. He will say what is political correct. I could put up with his defense if the offense he played at Portland showed up more often. I just think he is say good things cause it is contract time.

Yrag Notyalc

"JAZZ will most likely lose in the first round": Re: your comment about Greg Miller. Perhaps you would like to "Pony Up" a few $Mil to help the JAZZ's business out? I thought not!

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