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Comments about ‘Utah Jazz notebook: Carlos Boozer says he may stay with team’

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Published: Sunday, Feb. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Love ya booz.. hope to keep ya around for years to come

Good job booz


Dude just stay.Please.


We need him, don't kid yourself, unless we can trade him for Lebron. Otherwise we will go down big time if he goes.

Move on to another topics

To DN...
Enough said/debated over Boozer already.
Let the team and Boozer take care of business in the summer.
Let the team remain focus on 2nd seed in the playoff.

Good Bye

Might as well say it now Thanks, and good luck in??? The Jazz should have got something for him, they will never learn.

Just goes to show

Greg Miller and Kevin O'Connor both lied to us about not making a trade just to relieve salary cap.
Do what you have to do, just don't lie to me.

won't save as much as you think

This was NOT a "salary dump" because the Jazz now have to sign a 13th player. This was a great move to free up time for the other guards AND now they can sign a veteran back-up big who will be waived soon - maybe Z or Milicic.

Good Grief

People whine about this trade.

Facts are facts and that is that Matthews is a better defender and shooter (massively better shooter) than Brewer.

Brewer is good for some steals but that also came at the expense of stay in front of your man defense and our team should not gamble on perimeter defense because we have poor interior defense.

Brewer was a great guy/good team mate but picking up another first round draft pick will be VALUABLE as a bargaining chip.

Having an extra first round pick to trade up is how we got D-Will.

Regarding Boozer staying. I think it would be fine if he stayed. He plays his position well. The problem is Okur. Okur and Booz together are not enough defensively so one or the other have to go and I say Okur is the one who should be traded combined with that first round pick for a legitimate big man center who can defend the paint.

That is my recipe for going deep in the playoffs.

We are not that far off.

Brewer was our downfall against Kobe/Lakers. Kobe did not have to defend him and they just packed the paint.

Nice logic

"The Jazz on Monday hope to raise diabetes awareness (when fans) Buy...four hot dogs"

Maybe we can sell some green jerseys to save the environment too?

And burn some books to celebrate education?

These are all just ways marketing comes up with to make money. As least we can pretend like we're making a difference without having to actually do anything. I was going to go to the game, buy dinner and a jersey anyway. This way I get to save the world while I am at it.

I feel so good about myself now!

I hope so!

Carlos Boozer is a monster down low and has stepped up his defense big time. He's been absolutely fantastic this year. I want Boozer to return.


It makes no sense to pay Boozer what he will demand with Milsap on the roster. That will tie up too much money and gaurantee we won't have the legnth to compete with the big boys. We have Milsap, Kirlinko, Okur and Koufus who can all play the four. We need a 2 or a 3 that can score and a 5 that can give us 20 min a game of tough defense and rebounding. O'Connor better do something good this summer!!!!!!!

Jazz will likely lose in 1st rd

I predict the jazz will lose in the first round and Boozer will not resign. I think team chemistry will wane. Dwill will leave after he's contract ends because of management. They have poor management who only wants to be mediocre. Don't surprise if they move in the next few years. I think Greg Miller is interested in selling cars than owning a basketball team.


The jazz will not lose in the first round. They will go deep. Atleast West finals. You guys who say dump boozer and keep milsap are crazy. Carlos Boozer is a star. Milsap isnt a go to scorer like carlos is. Boozer will stay and the jazz will create a dynasty!

liberal Larry

Maybe, Carlos, is starting to gain a little maturity. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Boozer has a pretty sweet deal in Utah. The entire offense is built round the power forward position, he's got DWill feeding him the ball, and he belongs to stable, reasonable franchise. Sometimes the grass is always greener.

get mikki moore!

his play was pretty decent while he was with us, and he's a defensive-minded veteran center who has no home right now. we can sign him for the minimum and get quality bench minutes out of him. DO IT KOC!! much better than getting another d-league project. dont get me wrong gaines was a good pick up, but what are the odds we're going to find that again in the d-league, especially in a big guy. get mikki moore!

Jazz will NOT lose in the 1st rd

they are playing so much better on the road this year, and they dont have an injured starter coming back into the line up to screw up the rhythm this year; they will NOT lose in the first round. yea the brewer trade was not my favorite either, but its not going to tank the team, come on. he's been struggling lately anyway. the jazz will get homecourt for the 1st round and every team below 4th will be an easy win. dont be so pessimistic

Jazz fan in DC

re: "Jazz will likely lose in 1st rd" Oh c'mon! Reading some of these posts are like watching the air go out of a balloon. Although I think its fun to speculate about future moves in the off season and what not, there are limits. At some point you have to not worry so much about what may or may not happen in the future, and just step back and enjoy the game of basketball. The team is doing great! Let yourself enjoy that! Give yourself permission to not be so pessimistic and not take yourself so seriously. Geez people. Lets be a little more positive out there and enjoy the game of basketball and all the great stories involved in it please. Thank you :)

Big Z

We need a veteran center for the playoffs. Go for the Big Z.

look to the d league

I think Luke Neville would be a great pick-up for the thirteenth roster spot on the Jazz. We need a true big man I think this australian can do it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Utah Flash have already gotten a call.

Luke neville

is junk... very average in d league!

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