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Published: Saturday, Feb. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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He's absolutely right. Trading away your starting shooting guard, one of your best defenders, and a guy that lends good chemistry to the team, doesn't improve the team. Isn't that the goal of trades, especially for teams that are in the thick of a playoff race, to improve the team? This is essentially waving the white flag in my opinion.


Wow Deron, way to stick your leg out! It is never smart to disrupt strong team chemistry. Hopefully all will turn out alright. Hang in there Williams! Please!


Way to KOC, ya just ticked off the one guy we HAVE to keep. You are brilliant


Wow D-Will must think he is a franchise player...he's good alright, but he needs to readjust his attitude...this is a business and right now he is upper management status, but he to will see the day when business is business...to quote D-Will, "That's why I signed a 3 year contract" because business is business...should we be upset because he didn't love Utah enough to sign a 5 year deal...NO, because business is business. But I do agree, it was a stupid trade and makes no sense what-so-ever...Now, more than ever, is the time to look at upper Jazz management and look through the glasses of business is business...Trades are definately called for there.

Mark A.

This is by the far the most negative aspect of this trade. Management should have talked to D-Will first.


This trade hurts the team short term and has little chance to improve the team long term. Bonehead trade by Jazz brass. Strictly a money saver and we know that the LH Miller group is money hungry!


flat out dumb trade


If its all about money...Get Rid Of KOC!!!

ball trap

It's easy to see why Williams wouldn't want to lose one his boys. On the other hand, Brewer's shooting tends to give teams like the Lakers an ability to ignore him as an outside threat. What I do like about this move is that it follows the Jazz tradition of tightening up the rotation as we move towards the playoffs. Lord knows we need to get more minutes for the goto players like Milsap and this certainly is a step in that direction.

Re. Deliverance

D-Will is a franchise player. Any team would love to have his skills, attitude, and work ethic. He has character traits that you can't coach besides his physical skills. If I were management, I would include him in some of the decision making. This does not make any sense at all. He is allowed to voice his opinion every once in a while.

No Championship in Utah

Bonehead decisions over the years, coupled with jerry Sloan antics are the main reasons there will never be a championship in Utah.
Jazz can never keep their draft picks.

AK and Deron being the only exceptions, but watch for those 2 to leave this decaying franchise soon or watch the bad attitude they will soon develop.
Way to Go KOC


Brewer was gone anyways at the end of the season and this way we at least get something. This is a good trade.


D-Will ought to play ball and let management do the job of managing. Just because someone can put the ball in the basket doesn't mean they have an MBA. Make your comments by playing harder.


I don't think KOC was responsible for this trade. Since Greg took over the franchise we've made two moves that only served to benefit the pocketbooks of the Millers. They own the team and they have the right to do whatever they want with the franchise, but that doesn't mean we should support it.
I wish the fans would respond by collectively boycotting $5M worth of products and services so the Miller's don't gain any financial benefit from this trade.

Maybe the Miller's empire is really struggling for cash. Regardless, this trade did absolutely nothing to make the team better this year.


This isn't KOC's fault. It's Miller's. Its his money and KOC is the fall guy basically.


business is business and in 3 years D-Will will get another max contract and stay with the Jazz (I hope). The only way that doesn't happen is if the Jazz are not a good team with the upcoming changes headed there way. I have faith in KOC to get some pieces to compete for a championship. Thats about the time the Lakers will be in decline and next years Knicks pick will be flourishing. Thats the window I'm looking at. Unless the Lakers have a couple injuries come playoffs they will be tough for anyone.

Re: Sh@

Ronnie Brewer has averaged over 50% from the field for his career. He has the second highest shooting percentage on the team. Just sayin...

Bad Apple

I've always had my suspicions about D-Will. If you take him out of Jazz system, he is average PG in league. If he decides to leave after the strike, go right ahead. Jazz can find someone else who plays the game the right way and understands the business. You can't always work with your friends. Welcome to our world, D-Will.

Make new friends

Oh come on! Hostile because one of your buddy team mates gets traded. That just doesn't make sense. The Jazz is not a fraternity no matter what the players would like to think! So Ronnie Brewer got a demotion! He goes from a starter to coming off the bench. It happens all the time. Korver did the same thing when he came to Utah from Philly. Look how Korver adjusted. You never hear him complain. Williams needs to get over it and play his game. Another one of his buddies will pick up the pieces.


I'm surprised the Jazz brass didn't have a sit-down with their floor general before the press got hold of him and elicited his disappointment in losing a close friend so suddenly.

Good player management, Jazz brass. (What! Duh!)

The Jazz better BETTER this team by next year's roster (Boozer likely going away, Brewer now gone, etc.), or D-Will becomes D-Won't!!!

Personally, I've been disappointed in Brewer's progress. He still isn't an outside threat, which in today's game a 2 guard MUST be.

So, I don't have a problem with letting him go.

We'll now see just what the 2 becomes for this season with Matthews, Korver, and Miles filling in. Could be a bust, or could be just what the Jazz need.

Only the rest of this season will tell us that, and I don't think to quickly. Patience on this one.

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