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Published: Friday, Feb. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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2011 class is adding a lot of beef to the OL. Keep'm coming Utes!!


perfect, this kid can play.

go UTES!!!


Congratulations to Daniel! We are so excited for him as this couldn't have happened to a nicer young man.


Welcome to the U. You have made an excellent decision young man.


I love the start the Utes have gotten on next year's class. With Nielson, Asiata, Fakahafua, and Robles the Utes have a foundation for a great class. Welcome Daniel to the Ute family.


Rivals has the list of targets the Utes are after in 2011. If they could land even 5% it would be HUGE.

Most are 4 and 5 star studs. I wonder how the Pac 10 talk plays into recruiting??


Building a powerhouse. Watch out Pac 10 ... I'm smelling roses!!!


Personally I think the Pac 10 will pass on both BYU and Utah. Why bring in this insignificant market and then split the over all pie twelve ways?? The current Pac 10 members will actually be losing money, losing recruits and losing prestige. I only see Texas/Texas Am as a viable option.

Bottom line is if the Pac 10 needs a championship game then just have a playoff game with the top two finishers. Problem solved.

Big Daddy Ute

Re: Bruins, Why not the SLC market. Whether it be one or both schools. 31st largest market in the country and growing. Texas is not coming west. Utah and BYU would both improve the quality of athletics in the PAC 10 today. Oh, by the way, when was the last time your Bruins, and I am assuming you are a UCLA fan, sniffed a BCS game. You are a bag of hot air.

Go Utes

This kid sounds like a great player - the wrestling experience will be a big benefit. I'm excited to see him join the Utes.

re: bruins - you're half right. The PAC 10 will pass on byu. They don't fit academically or culturally into the PAC. Look for Utah and Colorado to get invitations within the next few months. That should help Utah land some pretty good recruits next year.

Go Utes!!!

RE:Big Daddy Ute | 9:56 a.m.

Understand your point Bid daddy,
But the revenue generated by picking up the 31st largest market would be more than offset by having to divide total revenue into 12 pieces instead of 10. Utah is a good school but I don’t think it adds anything equal or better than what the Pac 10 already has. Plus it would offer Utah access into Pac10 recruiting circles — why would we want that? The Pac10 already owns Utah recruits, except for the overboard religious kids. Don’t even get me started on BYU — way way, way too much baggage.

So again, I ask, why would the Pac 10 want the state of Utah?

Re: 9:56

"So again, I ask, why would the Pac 10 want the state of Utah?"

Because - and this speaks to the current sad state of affairs in the PAC-10 - either Utah or BYU would improve the quality of football in your conference. Sorry, but dogs like the Washington schools, Stanford, Cal, and UCLA are really dragging the PAC down.

Another reason is that Utah & Colorado would make the PAC 12 teams, which they need in order to have a conference championship.


re:re:big daddy ute.

I understand what you are saying about dividing the pie by 12, that's why both BYU and Utah won't get the bid. With a Pac-12 adding Utah and Colorado you get the 31st and Denver which is top 20. Couple that with a new tv contract and a championship game, I think the pie would be big enough to compensate for the smaller piece.

Re: Bruins

You have to have at least twelve teams in your conference to have a championship game. The question would be, would the revenue of the game, from both the game and the TV deal, be enough to offset splitting the revenue by two more teams?

The Money

The $$ generated with a conference championship game, the potential revenue with TWO BCS game teams, plus the money of the SLC market (which is bigger than any other market they could break into by expanding) would be enough to warrant adding a Utah school or two (if there are NO OTHER expansion options). The Pac 10 just needs two sensible teams, because the money will work out, and Utah is one sensible team. BYU definitely does not make sense for the Pac, not because they don't deserve to be in a BCS conference (they are as deserving as the 4 or 5 non-BCS schools in the expansion mix), but because they don't make sense to the Pac 10. I wouldn't be surprised to see Utah in the Pac 12 and BYU in the Big 12.

The Pac "owns" Utah?

The Pac 10 gets one or two of the best recruits from Utah every year. How is that "owning" Utah?


The only team in Utah that would help the Pac-10 make money is BYU and that is what the expansion talk is all about.

Since some of the presidents will vote against inviting them, that means Utah is out too since BYU is their natural rival, which is important to the Pac-10 structure (and also because of the UofU's strong LDS influence). BYU owns the tv market in Utah compared to the U and that is what the Pac-10 wants, tv markets. So most likey they'll look to other teams IF they decide to expand at all.

Utah fans, don't count your chickens before they hatch cuz you're only setting yourself up for a huge let-down.

Clueless Bruin

"Bottom line is if the Pac 10 needs a championship game then just have a playoff game with the top two finishers. Problem solved."

Obviously you don't follow college football enough to know that the NCAA REQUIRES TWELVE TEAMS in a league in order to have a playoff game.

Texas isn't coming.

Colorado isn't coming.

So the PAC 10 basically has Utah, BYU, Boise State, San Diego State, Fresno State and San Jose State to choose from in order to expand to 12 teams and have a playoff game.

Unless the PAC 10 wants to create a California division, Utah and BYU are the obvious choices in terms of economics and overall athletics.


Why would the PAC 10 want Utah? Well let's see 2 BCS wins the past 5 years, 9 consecutive bowl wins (many over PAC 10 opponents). It would be a good match for the schools travel wise and allow them to add a championship game which would mean millions of dollars in TV revenue and exposure.

I am not buying Texas or Texas AM leaving the Big 12. Texas/Oklahoma have owned the Big 12 and aren't going to leave anytime soon.


I think the powerful pac10 could lobby for a championship game with only 10 teams.

Look, it's about revenue and I don't think it makes any sense adding a program unless it brings more or equal than it takes out.

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