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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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This kind of reminds me of the Easter Bunny and Jesus.

One is to take your mind off the other.

Anyhow Federal Trumps State.

If this is passed it will be a Trivia Question in 5 years.

The Browning was used to Kill, Native Americans and Blacks so it might also be considered Raciest.

Thank you Mr. Browning. Because of further development of your Weapon, I was able to Guard America against Communist with my M14 and later my M16. I assure you I felt much safer being able to kill more people faster, and better and at longer range. My Children also thank you.

all is lost

Utah should have a mental health day and all Legislators should get their heads candled. And then everyone who voted for them should get their heads candled.

Sick sick sick

What a twisted idea. What's wrong with those clowns up there on Capitol Hill??


Word on the Hill is that MLK Day is off the table. Apparently, MLK Day was only one possible day considered for a Browning Day and nobody had settled on the third Monday in January. Maybe it was discussed because Browning's birthday is right around then?

Both Browning and King's legacy are astounding. People don't know quite as much about Browning, but the guy was truly remarkable. Both King and Browning made amazing contributions to the advancement of freedom. Hopefully, both will find a suitable day to be recognized.


The NRA is going to love this. Why can't the legislature police itself for totally stupid ideas?


B Parker: I realize you were being sarcastic, but I really got a good laugh from your suggested name for the holiday!!

Bishop Kinlaw: what exactly does your being a former LDS bishop have to do with this subject? I can see how your being a "man of color" could be considered relevant to some. To that point can I include in my opinion that I am a woman of not-color (or a woman of white)? Does that make my opinion any more or less important then yours on this subject?

If people are going to argue that Martin Luther King Jr is not only a hero for people of a specific race then comments like yours are not very helpful.

Honestly I would consider this entire proposed law a good reason for a Palm-Face maneuver. The thought is there (to honor a local Utah man with natinoal and international acclaim) but I would have to agree that the timing is a bit . . off. With such big issues at stake this year is this really the time to deal with something like this??


if Martin Luther King was shot with a Browning, Utah is simply rubbing salt into the wound.

why would anyone give a gunmaker his own holiday? is Utah so deperate? why not make one of your prophet's birthday's a holiday?

just out of curiosity - the guy that wrote the BOM - Joseph Smith - is his birthday a state holiday? wouldn't that be more in line with your religious and political standings?


John M. Browning was born on the 23 Jan 1855. The holiday should be on that day to honor his birth.

Religious holidays?

Anonymous must be jesting about creating a holiday for a religious leader (of the Mormon persuasion) who led his followers through great sacrifices searching for freedom from persecution, and economic prosperity.

I can just imagine the howls from the defenders of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were it proposed the Brigham Young or Joseph Smith holidays be created on any day of the year.

Maybe not all men (or religions) are as politically correct as others, and while we are obligated to honor one, we must abjure others.

Gray Champion

Well, Presidents Washington and Lincoln now share a holiday. I think Browning deserves the honor. And its not as if King is NOT being remembered. This is his birthday - not the day of his death. THe NAACP reactio is overblown. He has a street in his name in SLC and every other major city eventhough he is not the hero of the people exiled here in 1847. The NAACP can choose to be offended -- or not.

to Davis

Absolutely true. Apparently, it is close to the surface too.


I have a dream, that someday all God's children in Utah will realize that black, white, and brown people can live together in harmony and peace.

I have a dream, that someday all God's children in Utah will never have to go to war again, laying down their guns and joining hands with the world to sing Cumbyeyah on the football field at Lehi High.

Mixing Browning with King has made us the butt of many jokes to come. Good grief.


How would everyone feel if the Browning holiday were to be shared with Christmas?

Now do you understand why sharing it with another holiday DOES make a difference?

Any guesses....

Why people in the world take a dim view of Utah and it's Church? Here's one example.


Is this Madsen guy serious? He seems to have too much time on his hands and has nothing better to do. How did he get elected in the first place? I think there needs to be a law to have mandatory tests and evaluation of the mental fitness of both the voters and the candidate, especially the latter.

While we're at it, why don't we have state holidays for all "famous" Utahns? ...maybe Ken Jennings too will have one.


This shows real intelligence...Celebrate a GUN and its maker as a state holiday....What would Plato or Socrates would have thought of this debacle.No brains politics. What about a holiday for the Peacemaker and Peace

John Pack Lambert

Utah may be the last state to celebrate MLK day, but the community college in my county has yet to celebrate it, and the first time I ever got it off was as a freshman at BYU, we never got it off at my public school in Michigan.

John Pack Lambert

To Bishop Kinlaw,
It apprears that this ludicrous idea has been abandoned, and we only wish that someone had told Madsen it was a stupid idea and not to bring it up.

So go ahead....

Celebate Brown's birthday all you want. Put a bumper sticker on your Hummer for all I care.

So when did conservatives start thinking the government was the answer to thier party decisions?

Talk about big government.

For once live your own rules, then get back to the rest of us about how we should be cutting down government.


I am not a fan of Martin Luther King, but this has to be a really stupid idea. We have too many holidays, even when combined they loose their signifigance.

Maybe the voters should vote this guy out of office for masquerading as a serious politician. Oh, that is right there is no such thing as a serious politican, just self ego seekers.

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