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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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"Never seen a gun cause liver failure"
So no one has ever been shot in the liver?

Look up

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.


The only bad thing about living in Utah is putting up with all the whiners that move here.


Sen. Majority leader Scott Jenkins thinks it appropriate as well. He says, "Guns keep peace." Does he realize how Dr. King died? Guns keep peace? Hmmm, I thought people did.


Why we in Utah celebrate MLK day is beyond understanding. We should celebrate what's important to us and people who have made a major impact in our lives. Browning is a man to be honored for all his accomplishments. MLK, history will show him for who he was and will not always be kind to him or his decendents.


We already have special days to recognize gun inventors. They're called funerals.


We NEED to start impeachment proceeding on any elected official that would support putting the
legacies of these two men on the SAME DAY!!

Martin Luther King Jr's legacy is Peace.

Guns bring Destruction!! They ARE weapons of

The gun is/was one of mankind's worse inventions.

With bow and arrow, and other means before guns were
invented, people (humans) were able to feed themselves.

Guns in the hands of Bad People have Killed Abraham
Lincoln, JFK, Joseph Smith, and Countless others
over the years since their invention.

To celebrate a Gun Maker and a Nobel PEACE PRIZE
winner, known for preaching non-Violence, on the same day is TOTALLY In-sensitive and

PS: I did get the Markmanship merit badge in the Boy
Scouts program when I was a kid. Most of my ancestry
is from the British Isles and I am "white" on the ethnicity chart.

Elected officials SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!

state holiday

For a minute, let's first dissect the proposed state holiday from MLK Day. He is actually proposing a state holiday, meaning that state employees would get a vacation day? What kind of fiscal management is that. Now add MLK Day back into the equation and it's insane. For those saying that MLK only support blacks, I will say that you are not true Americans. A true American believe in "equality and justice for all" and not a segregated America. MLK helped ALL Americans. It's truly scary how myopic and narrow minded some of these posters are.

B Parker

Are they going to change the name to "Bibles and Bullets Day"?

Then who, if ever?

First of all why does the State of Utah (legislators) think another state holiday is necessary? If Madsen or others really want to appease themselves and the populace then have a holiday on the Friday before the MLK holiday. That way some of us could have a four-day weekend. Of course that will never happen. The best options are: 1) Have a day of recognition for Browning, such as his birthday or, 2) do nothing at all about him. If anyone wants to honor John Browning let them go buy one of his guns.

As far as honoring anyone else on the same day as the current MLK holiday, what criteria should be used to determine who such a person could be? No matter who would be selected there will surely be some of us that will have a hissy fit about it.

Some of you appear a bit self-righteous in your comments; you don't know who you are but the rest of us do, and believe me, your idols are going to be voted out of Congress in the coming elections.


Just because one legislator has proposed a bill doesn't mean that it will pass - so let's not condemn the whole group - at least not yet. John M. Browning was a great Utahn and should be honor for his contributions to our country but not on the Martin Luther King holiday and I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment. Another day must be used to honor Mr. Browning. There is another great American born on January 17, 1706, who I always believed should be honored for his contributions to our nation. In fact, one can make the argument that without him there would be no United States of America. His influence to gain the assistance of the French in our efforts against the English helped us gain our independance. If another great American is to be celebrated on the same day as Martin Luther King, Jr., then it would be Benjamin Franklin - one of our founding fathers and also a great inventor.


Is Browning really worthy of a holiday? I know he was successful in business. But what else? I'd bet there are more important business men in our State's history. The late Larry Miller for one, the Huntsmans, etc... Why would we honor Browning above them? If someone out there knows of a greater contribution than Browning business endeavors, please let me know! Unless there is more to this than what it appears we'd simply be honoring him for his business (guns).... would we not?

Why not have a "Farnsworth" day? I watch more T.V. than I shoot guns! And I do own both!!

Pro Gun people

I love the pro-gun people on these comments. You're entertaining to say the least!

It's NOT about the guns! It's about the man! If, and I do mean IF he deserves a Holiday, lets celebrate him and his life, not his 'product'.

By having this holiday, your constitutional right to bear arms will not be strengthened! Nice try.

Rep Madsen is out of touch!

This demonstrates to me what is wrong with our elected officials. With all the challenges we face as a state why are we spending time, energy, and money on a holiday, much less a holiday of this nature. If the elected officials have so much time and energy to focus on drafting up these bills then maybe they should have a furlough and/or a pay cut. Are they really earning their paycheck? How many Utah's would have come up with this as an important matter of state business. Please let's focus on the things that will benefit the people of Utah. Lets use our energy and focus on overcoming the challenges. This is in my opinion a pure waste of time. Rep Madsen you have lost my vote and I will do whatever I can to see that Rep Madsen does not get re-elected. How about Rep Madsen do something that will benefit your constituents? How about Rep Madsen do something that that represents your constituents? Rep Madsen I think you need to do some studying on what your elected job is and what it should not be.

History for the uninformed

John M. Browning was the most successful firearm inventor of all time. Very few of his inventions were actually sold by the "Browning" name. Most were sold under the names of Colt, Winchester, FN (in Belgium) and also Remington and Savage.

His inventions include most of the most famous sporting firearms in addition to his well known military arms. Many of his civilian designs are still in production.

Most Utah families have owned and used one or more of Browning's designs to put food on the table, or for self defense.

Browning's hand made prototypes are on display in Ogden's Union Station Museum of the following:

Browning single shot rifle
Winchester Model 1894 ".30-30" and the similar Model 1892 and 1886 lever action rifles.
Winchester Model 1897 pump shotgun.
(Nearly all of those are still being made after more than 100 years!)

Remington Model 11 or 1100 semi auto shotgun
Browning superposed (over-under) shotgun.

Colt Model 1911 .45 semi-auto pistol- the most imitated pistol in the world.
Colt .25 and .32 and .38 semi-auto pistols
Browning High Power pistol

Not to mention his many machine guns for the military.

Bishop Kinlaw

As a former LDS Bishop and a man of color I can't believe Utah is talking about having this man share the same holiday as Dr.King. Wow am speechless...

R. E. Lawry

I am not a student of MLK., but I find it hard to believe that he would be against the achievements of Browning. Browning's work was used in many hunting weapons that put meat on the table.

Me, Myself and I

In my personal opinion I think this is being blown way out of proportion by both sides. 1. The Senator isn't saying he won't budge or change the date. 2. Although it would be a major oversite whose to say the preposed date wasn't set fourth before the Senator realized it was the same as MLK Day. I don't think it was done to offend anyone, yet not doing one's homework often leads to having to do a lot of extra busy work to remedy situations which could have and should have been avoided.

Why MLK Day?

I understand that there is a reason to honor the breakthrough in civil rights but I do not believe that we should have a day honoring one man, not ANY ONE MAN. If this is the case, where is the day for Lincoln, Washington, Franklin, and many other individuals. We have a "Presidents" day, but again, no one individual. That is the problem.


Browning is awesome, but we don't need a holiday named after him. This really comes across as politicians using him to curry favor with gun enthusiasts. The idea of sharing the holiday with MLK day is obviously offensive to many and unfairly drags Browning into an argument he has no part of.

If you want to honor him put one of his guns on display in the capitol building or something. Or name one of his firearms the "State Gun."

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