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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think today should be called "Ashamed to be from Utah Day"


hahah you all make me laugh... this is so important to our every day quality of life... Hahahahahhahahha. I feel sorry for everyone that gets so offended about a day... what the hahahahhahah.. Chalk up another laugh for the stupid legislature that continues to make most issues they touch laugable.... to bad the ones I voted for didn't get in and no I don't vote straight rep or dem... hahahah still laughing... By the way Who cares what name it has as long as we get a day off. OK flame me.. Cause I'll still be laughing.. hahahahh

Guns vs Alcohol

Here's your sign!!!!!

I am absolutely dumbfounded by the lack of correct knowledge, racism, etc... but mostly just plain old common sense. I am so disgusted with all the UNJUST minority help which deters the need for them to help themselves.

If guns are so bad - lets compare the gun deaths to alcohol deaths. We as a country - not a pathetic state like most of you claim - would then have to immediately stop the sale or availability to alcohol. Does alcohol kill or humans who chose alcohol kill? Never seen a gun cause liver failure...... and the comments could go on and on but they don't!!! Because Jesse and AL might just want a glass of wine and it might just make them unpopular with all their minority followers. How many of you naysayers would have to shut up because you use alcohol or drugs.

Facts are MLK was incredible and deserves his holiday - not because he is black or opposed violence but because of everything he accomplished for all of us. Mr. Browning seems to have also merited a holiday but not on the same day. Move the day and get to better subjects.

String Cheese

Guns don't keep the peace. People trained in law enforcement do. Guns would not have helped MLK on that April 4th. For those who think Browning was key in WW2: Browning didn't defeat Nazism any more than anyone else who made armaments in WW2 did. I'll leave the WW2 honors to the Veterans, thank you very much.

Matt M

This is a GREAT idea. Both great men who made significant contributions to society. If you are going to honor some, you have to honor others. Blacks should be proud to honor a man who made so many contributions to the shooting sports and military and personal safety. One of the freedoms most denied black people was the right of self defense and liberty to own a gun. To say John Browning shouldn't be honored is both racist and exclusionary.

Let's hear it for MLKJMB day!


Dixie Dan

Why not celebrate along with Lincoln's birthday?

Need a shrink

There seem to be several legislators who need to have their names continuously before the public: Buttars, Dayton, Whimmer, Madsen. They have a need to be recognized, even they often come across as fools. Why?


John Browning provided much skilled employment for many of my Belgian relatives, so he's a good guy in my book.

While I question the concept of celebrating Browning on MLK's day, could someone tell me what's been gained by moving the start of the legislative session back a week? The legislature used to have elaborate ceremonies honoring King during their opening session, now MLK holiday is nothing but a day off for govt employees and a few other lucky souls.

Big Red

I really admire John Browning. A holiday would be great. Probably picked the wrong day though, going with MLK day. Need to think about things a little more next time.


Betcha if John Browning was black Jeanetta Williams would be singing a different song!


I see no problem. Guns DO keep peace. Dr. King may have been murdered by a man using a gun, but there are also many citizens whose lives have been saved using guns. And besides that, in that murder it's not like Mr. Browning pulled the trigger - so I would like to know how the many talking heads focused on exclusively in this article can get away with accusing him of being the exact opposite of a peaceful man?

Heidi Phillips

That's cool that Browning was from Utah. I was not aware of that.

The Holiday would never pass. The NAACP and Liberals would see to that. They would focus on the fact that King was killed by a guy with a gun.

Although, guns have saved countless lives and liberated many nations. Maybe we could have a holiday for Eli Whitney as well.


This proposal is one of the worst ideas to come from a bad idea Legislature. Why poke people in the eye? You have one party control, the lust for guns here is unfettered, and you are seen as totally crazy by the rest of the country. Isn't that enough?

Facts are inconvenient truth

John M. Browning was born on January 23, 1855 according to his tombstone (although some sources claim January 21st). The fact that this is nearly the same date as Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday is an matter of history, not some devious plot to dishonor Dr. King.

Racists can refuse to acknowledge those facts and demand "separate but equal" holidays.

Where was the liberal outrage over combining the separate holidays honoring Abraham Lincoln and George Washington into a single day. (Which was done mainly to avoid adding another paid federal holiday when they wanted to add a day to honor Dr. King!)

On a similar note, November 11th, "Armistice Day" became "Veterans' Day" to honor vets of all wars, not just World War I.

John M. Browning was a great American, and one of Utah's greatest citizens and is deserving of recognition.

Honor King and Browning on the same day, because their birth dates nearly coincide.


Selective Outrage

The selective outrage by the NAACP perplexes me. Where was the outrage when the legislature decided leaders of the stature of Washington and Lincoln had to share a day, while King got a holiday on his own? If it's okay for Washington and Lincoln to share a holiday, why shouldn't King share one as well? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Cody Judy, Ted Bundy, Susan Powell's husband, Latrell Sprewell, Donte Stallworth, Plaxico Buress, Sadam Hussein, Barry Bonds and John Edwards all want a day too.


John Moses Browning should be honored with a State Holiday. But NOT, on MLK day. People this ignorant should not be making laws.

I'm all for MLK day, Civil Rights History etc.

However, I also believe Washington and Lincoln should not share the same day as a National Holiday.
We as a Nation should also have a National Founding Fathers Month, just like Black History Month.

Kids are not being taught abut the founding of this Nation, anymore. A School in La. removed as it's name, George Washington, and re-named it. Streets are nemaed in SLC for people who never stepped foot in this stae, which is fine. But where are the streets named for it's founder, Brigham Young in SLC. Zero, Zip, Nada.

I'm all for exclusively honoring Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement as is. But, other notable leaders should also be honored, on other days.

Saving money? The State is closed on Fridays anyway, therefore there are many other weeks one could choose.

There is a little thing called tact, which this lawmaker apparently does not have.


The only reason for going through with the merged holiday is that it would tick off Jeanetta Williams to no end. That, in itself, makes it a worthy endeavor.


I am once again ashamed to have ever considered myself a Utah Republican.

There is nothing wrong with honoring Mr. Browning, but if you believe that is the real reason for this bill, then I have some beachfront property I would like to sell you.


NO WAY!! Guns are not a cause to celebrate. And Martin Luther King was a truly great man. While Browning may have done something worthwhile he was, in the end, just a businessman who put together a product and a company that has stuck around. He is NOT on a par with Martin Luther King and he is NOT someone who should be given a holiday of his own. Utah politicians really are in a world of their own and more often than not really are nut-cases.

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