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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good grief, Charlie Brown!

This is the stupidest thing you've EVER done!


I thought here in Utah it was called Civil Rights day not MLK day, I guess I could be wrong but man honestly if this wasnt reported no one would ever no about it and it would be no it deal at all. Most of the stuff that the government does no-one knows about anyway, the only time anyone cares is when it pits a group of people against another.


Nothing could make me more embarrassed to admit that I am from Utah. If this gun guy absolutely has to have his own state holiday, and he was a 'pioneer', then lump him in with Pioneer Day instead of MLK. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of MLK the man, but what he has come to universally represent is the value of every person as an individual. This is the stupidest proposal I can imagine-- #1 on Letterman's Top Ten List for how to make everyone in the U.S. absolutely hate you.


Its like the Utah Senate has gone nuts - like the parents aren't home and the kids are just running the joint. What about the budget deficit and big losses facing education? These bills get crazier by the day, feels like I'm in the twilight zone. May cooler heads prevail.


We need sweeping change in Utah. This is embarrassing.


Is this really an insult to MLK? REALLY? Would Dr. King be against the celebration of American Freedoms on a day that is set aside to commemorate his fight for liberty? Racial equality was one area where Dr King was successful thankfully, but it wasn't the only issue he stood for. He was far from the opportunist politicians that invoke his name to no end.

Are you aware of the racist roots of gun control measures? To celebrate firearm freedom is to celebrate freedom. What better way to celebrate the good name of a major champion of human rights by celebrating human rights? It was never about Dr. King as a personality. It was about what he stood for.

The big lie that robs African Americans of their American heritage is that the fight for racial equality was part of the plan all along. They aren't aware that part of the reason the revolution was fought was that the King of England was utilizing the slave trade. Early drafts of the Constitution even attempted to free all of the slaves to enjoy what was attempted, a society based on natural rights, not the law of man.

gun owner

I am an avid gun owner and proud that Browning firearms are based in Utah. But come 'on, this proposal is ridiculous. Mixing MLK day with a proposed celebration of Mr. Browning should be considered material for the Jay Leno show!!!


Thinly disguised Utah racism once again raises its ugly head.


MLK Day is piggy backed in several states with additional honors. However, I believe it is a stupid attempt to get more support for the holiday itself. For example in Mississippi they added a celebration of Robert E. Lee (Confederate General) to MLK Day. Many Americans fail to realize the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. because they believe it to be based on the Civil Rights movement for African Americans, in truth MLK worked to advance the rights of all Americans. He helped in LBJ's "war on poverty". When killed MLK was in Memphis helping garbage workers (regardless of race) with improving their working conditions and pay. When we try to piggy back this holiday we ARE making MLK's contributions less than what they were. In Utah the civil rights era was probobly much less than in the south and east. We have a very, very small minority populations. But for American as a whole it was and is a big part of our history. We in Utah should not make it "cheap" because it suits our purposes. Utah is a part of the United States of America. All US history should be relevant and honored.


I love the idea of celebrating the birthdate of John Browning on that Monday. Gun control had its roots in racism, as shown in history Dr. King should be proud to celebrate a day with another champion of freedom!


The only time I am embarrassed to say I am from Utah is when the legislature is in session. This is a prime example of why.


Lasergirl, etal - Guns do not kill people. A gun did not kill Dr. King. People using guns kill people. Trying to connect Browning to MLK's death is like trying to blame the engineers as GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc., for every automobile death. We all have agency and sometimes when that agency is exercised, innocent people suffer. Just as locks keep honest people honest, an armed society is a polite society.


I have watched the Utah Legislature devolve for 40 years, but this is the most frightening session I can ever recall. Blatant racism, insensitivity, arrogance above science, absolutely horrifying.

re Evets

Are you serious?

It's not about worship, it's about honoring a man who worked hard to make our country better.

Browning was a key to our history, but he was out to make a buck, which he did! If we as a State are going to honor him, that's great, lets do it on a State Holiday like the 24th of July! Lets see how those Liberal Mormons like it!


MLK Day | 6:55 a.m. Feb. 18, 2010
"For example in Mississippi they added a celebration of Robert E. Lee (Confederate General) to MLK Day."

I didn't think the savage irony of linking a firearms maker to a committed pacifist and gun victim could be topped, but apparently the fine folks of Mississippi have done it. Hurrah for Mississippi, the state that saves Utah from being on the bottom of every ranking for stupidity and general social dysfunction.


They just keep making it harder and harder to defend the people and the state of Utah...

I am now officially embarrassed to tell people that I live here...


This is too funny. Wow where the priorities. As long as there's a holiday to celebrate guns..wow this is just a shame. So stupid.


Are you kidding me? I am all for guns and I am a gun owner - What are they doing up there on the Hill? We need to focus on important issues and how to take care of the people/education/balance the budget of this State-Get Real! and focus on critical issues!

Re: Oh, I disagree

"I am of the opinion that the Wehrmacht's MG42 was a superior weapon to the Browning Automatic Rifle."

Apples and oranges. The BAR was an automatic rifle designed for one-man operation, while the MG42 was a crew-served machine gun.

The MG42 would be more comparable to the Browning M2 heavy machine gun, a weapon so reliable and effective that it is still in use with the US armed forces nearly 100 years after its introduction.

John Browning's inventions -- the 1911 pistol, the BAR, and the M1919 and M2 machine guns helped the US destroy Nazism, imperialism, and communism, three of the greatest threats to freedom the world has ever seen.

Browning deserves a holiday for that, IMHO.


RE: Davis

I don't agree that this is thinly disguised Utah racism, but I do think this is another example of blatant stupidity and ignorance raising its ugly head. I don't think the objective of this proposed legislation is racist, but that is certainly how it will be perceived.

Personally, I'm sick of the rampant ineptitude that has permeated our state legislature. I'm not voting for any incumbents in the next election.

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