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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Deseret Dawg

I commend Rep. Madsen for finally making MLK Day relevant to all Americans. Dr. King was a legitimate hero to the Black community, but he certainly wasn't relevant or beneficial to the White community. Frankly, I'm tired of MLK being ramrodded down our throats year after year.

Browning, on the other hand, invented a tool useful to all Americans.


Evets MLK day is about honoring more than the man. It is about honoring our progression away from slavery and the recognizing that we are indebted to the early slaves. THey are truly responsible for the development of America


Evet- Amen! Exactly my thoughts!

Oh, I disagree.

I am of the opinion that the Wehrmacht's MG42 was a superior weapon to the Browning Automatic Rifle.
So, if we are going to be celebrating firearm inventors, let's give a shout out to the third reich.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of the Nazis, but hey, they made a heckuva killing machine.


"During the 1930s the German Army introduced the MG 34, considered to be the first modern general purpose machine gun. Equipped with a quick-change barrel, the MG 34 could fire for much longer periods of time than weapons like the Browning Automatic Rifle and Chatellerault LMG, while being much lighter than crew-served weapons like the Vickers machine gun."


Deseret Dawg -- "Dr. King was a legitimate hero to the Black community, but he certainly wasn't relevant or beneficial to the White community"

You know what, Deseret Dawg? ANYONE who capitalizes the colors of people's skin, has obviously been reading Aryan racist literature.

As a white woman, I'm appalled that you don't understand what Dr King and other civil rights leaders did for ALL races, religions and genders.

Geez Utah Leg, your dumb!

"Browning's birthday is believed to be around Jan. 21, and he died at age 71 in 1926"

So they don't know when he was born?

Do these people know anything about PR?

Keep up the good work Utah.


Just what we need,another paid holiday for our goverment officials..


Just what we need, another paid holiday for our goverment officials..

Your kidding right?.......

no way, come on, don't do it. MLK is relevant to everyone. I vote to honor Browning on Halloween. I'm not a liberal.


You've got to be kidding me! The national papers are going to get a hold of this story and we'll be the laughing stock of the nation. They'll all remember that we were the LAST state in the nation to even celebrate MLK holiday. This is going to go over worse than the "Utah wants to cut the 12th grade stories" that have widely circulated the media as of late.


OH stop with guns saved us from the Nazi's crap. Guns kill people. A gun killed Martin Luther King. It is ideas like this that remind me of the priesthood ban and the racism shown to Blacks in this hateful state. Honor Browning if you want, although I think there are better candidates than that, but don't do it on the Martin Luther King Day. And ... can we please shorten the legislative session to about five days? Make it three?

Re: Say WHAT?

You should try listening to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton sometime. Jackson uses those terms all the time, thus perpetuating the idea of monolithic "races". I don't consider myself in the "white community" and neither do any of my "racially diverse" friends consider themselves in any sort of "community" defined by physical characteristics like those.


As if Utah critics needed yet another bone. This is insane. Makes you embarassed to tell people you're from Utah when you get associated with such insensitive stupidity.


What is clear from the comments of the opponents to this bill is that the real basis of the objection is that they do not want to share MLK with any other great American. They should just come out and say it. They are entitled to the opinion. I disagree. Does including another great American on MLK Day minimize the accomplishments of Dr. King? If it does, then why aren't these same people screaming about President's Day? Abraham Linclon, who like King, gave his life for the cause of equality does not have his own day. My problem with this whole debate is the unfounded attacks on John Browning. He was a great American who contributed to the cause of freedom. The fact that he invented and manufactured firearms does not diminish his character or accomplishments. He did nothing wrong or immoral by providing this country with the tools it needed to preserve freedom.

Karl Malone day 24th of July

Lets change the 24th of July to Karl Malone Day.

He was born then. That is better than someone’s who's "birthday is believed to be around" there.

Plus, he did a lot of good for Utah. And there were no guns invented.

I am "Say WHAT?"

and my "re" asks "You should try listening to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton sometime."

I have. I find them offensive, most of the time. They are dinosaurs trotted out to give sound bites - much like David Duke and Pat Buchanan do for the right.

But what do Sharpton and Jackson have to do with this debate?

Are you trying to say that only black people can be offensive? You just proved yourself wrong.


BTW, Browning's birthday is Jan. 23. Just honor him on another day than MLK day.

Another day Another nightmare

It's gotten to the point where I'm wary to even read the Utah news each day to see what the next legislative boondoggle/national embarassment will be. Another taxpayer leaving the state...

Costly Holiday

"Holding both holidays on the same day was proposed as a money-saving measure, Niederhauser said."

There couldn't be a better economic stimulus than a holiday. Don't most people vacation, shop, spend money on home improvement projects on holidays. Where do they come up with the figures for the cost of "lost productivity" due to holidays???

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