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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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That's it. I'm moving. Politicians in this state are pretty dim, and we voters are pretty dim for voting them into office.

Jon T.

Ignorance. Insensitivity. Ineptitude. Please don't tell me Rep. Madsen couldn't foresee this blowing up in his face. Of course he couldn't. Well, good thing it has and hopefully it is changed immediately.


MLK day is a very important day for the US, I cannot believe that these clowns want to honor someone else, whom ever it may be on that same day!

Get a clue Utah!!!!!!
I would move but then the way too far right wing here in Utah would win, so I say we all need to speak up and let these clowns know that they do not represent us or our best interest.

Dixie Dan

"Guns keep peace." Brutal!


Not a smart move. This will be seen by most as a slight to Martin Luther King. And, I agree that it is.

Why doesn't Rep Madsen find another day for this holiday - like April 1st or April 15th of every year.


Very well stated Jon T.


Great to see the legislature is hard at work on the issues that really matter.


Hey Rep. Madsen, why didn't you just call it "whites are the best holiday"! You Sir are the definition of an idiot.


There is nothing wrong with honoring a man who played a large part in winning two world wars and saved ours and other nations from being defeated from the worst tyrants the world has ever known. Many in the german military were quoted as saying that if they had the browning machine gun, the war would have turned out differently. John M. Browning was a genius and a great American. Maybe he shouldn't be celebrated on the same day as Martin Luther King, but he deserves to be celebrated!

cube monster

Ummmmmm-----DUH!!!! I particularly agree with Jon T.'s use of "INEPTITUDE". Where did you think this was going to go Madsen???

Dear Sen Madsen

In your zeal to deface the idea of honoring our nation's foremost civil rights leader, I'd like to offer these additional suggestions. If you're going to do it, do it up RIGHT!

1 - You should have held this announcement at that apartment building across from the Loraine Motel, in Memphis, TN.

2 - You're not clear enough. Make sure you tell your constituents why it's so important to link guns to MLK. Many/most are too young to remember MLK's assassination by gunfire.

3 - You forgot Orval Faubus, the anti-desegregation governor of Arkansas! HIS birth date is January 7th! Fits right in!

Is there some way we can put a cork in Eagle Mountain, before its leakage taints the rest of Utah?

Give me a break

People are out of work, Jordan School district is laying off 500 people and this is the stuff our legislature spends it's time on? Adding a gun makers name to a holiday for a civil rights leader killed by a gun?!?!? I hear New Mexico is a nice place to live. We wont look like fools again to the rest of the world or anything.


Great idea to honor Browning....but the wrong date to do so.


"'Guns keep peace.'Brutal!" What a ridiculous statement! I would like to see the nazi army stopped without guns! This is what John M Browning helped do! He invented guns that helped the United States have the best machine guns and handguns in both world wars!
Both Martin Luther King and John M Browning are great Americans and have served our country in different ways and should both be honored. Maybe not on the same day, but they should both be honored!


What's wrong with celebrating a white man and a black man on the same day "unreal"? Sound's like you are the idiot.


An honor of some kind for Browning,perhaps, but a state holiday I question. If there is to be a holiday, it should be on a day that doesn't look like it's downgrading Martin Luther King Day. I, too, believe that good guns are needed as tools to maintain peace and order, as long as there are those who use them to commit crime. I'm just not sure it justifies a state holiday, but certainly not on Martin Luther King Day.


RE: Billy @ 4:42

You're absolutely right. Guns helped stop the Nazi army, so we should have a day to celebrate John Browning.

Along those same lines, nuclear weapons helped defeat the Japanese. I think our legislature should declare August 6th (the day Hiroshima was bombed) a state holiday, because nuclear weapons help keep the peace.

Welcome to Utah

This is absolutely ridiculous. I say why don't we have it on "Presidents Day" since this has to deal with guns. Of all the days to choose from it lands on a day where we celebrate a civil rights leader whom has done more for a nation and who has helped to open the gates of opportunity for many minorities. If you ask me I say this Bill will not last very long. To put a man, who no one has ever heard about on a day with a great civil rights leader is absolutely ridiculous. If you ask me it sounds like someone who still has mixed feelings about African Americans and the minority group in other words people are upset with the progression of the minority generation.


Mark: I love it. Didn't know you had the "guts" to tick off so many liberals! Great idea and well deserved.

Hey, if we can merge Washington's and Lincoln's birthday into one day why not King and Browning. Not to distract from King or Browning but I feel like Washington and Lincoln are both more deserving of their own holidays than the other two.

So come on Libs: Let's respect and remember King not worship him.


Honoring a gun maker on MLK day is a slap in the face to what he stood for. It is offensive and idiotic.

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