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Published: Thursday, Feb. 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chance Williams

Pretty please announce you'll do the same "makeover" to the Provo Temple. :-)

Any hope we can go back to the Logan and SLC designs?


i am very excited to see what the Ogden Temple will look like when it is completed!!! but i had the opportunity to attend and do baptisms in the ogden temple just last night. my first time being in that particular temple and i was looking at it and i absolutely love the structure of the building and the design...i havent ever really liked the Ogden/Provo temples because of the Birthday/Wedding Cake design...but last night i really saw the beauty of that particular temple...its bitter sweet i guess you could say...im sad that the design is changing...but i am extremely excited to see what the new design has in store!!!


They won't refurbish the Provo temple; they'll build a new one in front of it and then demolish the old one. Just wait.


I'm sad to see the old water fountain design go, but look forward to the new design. My husband and I were married there and my parents were married there.

A stimulus that works

Here is a stimulus package that works -- I pay my tithing and the church creates jobs by building and remodeling temples. Love it! Wish the federal gov could do as well. Not seeing the same results with the taxes I pay. Where are the jobs?


In looking at the proposed picture are they taking the steeple off of the tabernacle?


I forgot to mention that I think these plans are AWESOME. If you read the history of the Ogden/Provo temples, they were designed along the lines of "form follows function." The aim was high volume, and the exterior design seems to have been a low priority at a time the church was coming out of the building crisis of the early 1960s. This revamp is a first for a modern temple, and looks great!

Remember When?

This is cool! I was at the dedication of this temple the first time around and when here all thru college. Its great to see this temple being so well kept.


"And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:" -Exodus 13:21

Ogden/Provo temples were designed to represent the cloud by day and pillar of fire at night. Sad to see one of them change, but I welcome the new design.


The exterior was less than pleasing to look at. Im glad for the beautiful makeover.


Re: Reference

You're right, but they lost a lot of that symbolism when they painted the spires white. Once they did that, this move was inevitable.


I hope they do the same to the Provo Temple.


I love the change!


Yes, they will remove the steeple from the tabernacle. I presume that it's seen as competing with the temple steeple and redundant.

soakblue, you may have been joking, but if you weren't, allow me to voice the opinion that the Church would never take that approach to replacing a temple. Never in its history has the Church torn down a temple, except the shell of the Apia Samoa Temple after it was already burned.

Someone is bound to whine about the expenditure of tithing money, so let me say this in preemptive response: The Church takes seriously its stewardship of the House of the Lord, where poor and rich alike come to receive eternal blessings. In Mark 14:3-9, Jesus rebuked those who criticized a woman for spending money on Him rather than, as they proposed, on the poor. The less-than-affluent members of this Church count themselves blessed to be able to contribute their widow's mite to such efforts.

An opinion

I am an active member of the church but I am less than excited to hear about the remodeling.

Can I say that Deseret News and still get my comment posted? The censoring on my other comments in this regard is atrocious. Because I have a conflicting opinion it is almost impossible for it to be shared here on the DN. Thank you.

Leave Provo alone

Paint the spire back to the original color and keep it like it is.

Re: Chachi

Your preemptive response is appreciated. I have tried to make comments regarding the expenditure of tithing money being used to remodel an existing temple but until this time it has not been allowed to be shared here on the DN. Hopefully with your comment being allowed other perspectives might be shared.

I am one of those less-than-affluent members of the church who feel it a trial of faith to see the church spend tithing on the remodeling of this structure.


Why? Can't they just leave the exterior design for what it was for that time? They are making a value judgement of that period of design. Back in the 50's and 60's, older buildings had their facades covered up with more a more modern facade. Today, those facades are being torn down and the old ones are being restored. Today, the Ogden and Provo temple's exterior is being valued as less than desirable and should be removed. Instead of discarding symbols of modern architectural design, let them stand as markers of that time. And, maybe update some of the windows and exterior materials. But, please don't annihilate the design that was originally given to it!

How Much??

So how much is this remodel expected to cost?? I read the article but didn't find that important fact. Did I miss it?

And I'm sorry, why do we need to do this project at all? Isn't the temple working just fine as itis? Do they expect to get more patrons with a newer design? Is the old building structurally unsound?

I know that I am not supposed to ask these questions of my church leaders, perhaps the Deseret News could ask them for me, because I still want to know.


It is a horrible location and the people in the area fro the most part are unworthy. I think they should move it instead of refurbishing it.

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