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The task force is made up of federal, state and local police officers

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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THANK YOU so much for keeping us safe. Wow.

SaltySeaShells..its there life

to serve and protect..
What Training they had to go
thru to be a officer of law.
I Honor them as much as Relative Soldier~

Is it praise worthy?

I understand that there are many people that should be incarcerated for the crimes that they have committed. I just wonder if we should be praising an agency for increasing the number exponentially?

Wouldn't it be more commendable if we had an organization that was able to help these perps to overcome the temptation to commit the crime?

Prevention is going to make a bigger difference long term than incarceration!!! Too often we think that if we put someone in prison it will help them to change, when all it does is put them with other people just like themselves.

yes it is!

Crime in the U.S. is down. Most of the decrease is due to better enforcement, the rest is attributed to demography. Prevention is pie in the sky.

It is praise worthy

Yes, these officers are doing an outstanding job and deserve nothing but praise for the excellent work that they do.

And yes, it is sad commentary on society that such large numbers of individuals are "perps," but that is not the fault of JCAT! Helping "perps" overcome temptations sounds like the job of private charitable organizations like churches, not the government. Such organizations do indeed exist and they very much deserve our voluntary support. More government and more forced taxation is not the answer.

Re: Is it praise worthy? @ 11:53

You raise a valid point.. but since there isn't a system like that available why don't you create one? And until you do, this group is doing a great job of getting these creeps off the street!


Apprehending someone so that they spend time with Bubba in jail or prison is the best prevention you can have for repeat offenders.

Cali Martin

"Bad boys, Bad Boys , they are coming to for you!"
At least, there is an Agency that is taking action and improving our society!


Great job JCAT! I think it is awesome that we have such good law enforcement, and so many cases are getting solved. Too bad there is a "revolving door" at the jails, so these individuals can scoff at the legal system, become repeat offenders, and usually increase the level of their crimes. We need to stop treating the criminals as "guests" in jail or prison. Instead of building more facilities, double up on beds in each cell--who cares if they are uncomfortable. If the ACLU screams about "inhumane treatment", let the criminals stay at the homes of the ACLU members and lawyers (maybe they can even rehabilitate these people)!

SaltySeaShells I HonorOurSLCP

Everyday thiers more crime here.Its in favor to keep them near, us to help keep SLC City more safe.

Wake UP!!!

No matter what the government does or no matter what private charitable organizations do there will always be crime and there will always be criminals. SLC and Ogden are crowded with little gang banger wanna be's. JCAT is a great help to our society. We need to build another prison to be able to hold of the the criminals being arrested. We shouldn't let people out because we don't have room. The chances of a convict re offending is very very high. You can't fix everyone. There might be a select few that change, but the reality of the matter is criminals are criminals nd that is what they know, and that is how they live.

To Is it praiseworthy?

JCAT is absolutely praiseworthy. While your utopian hope for helping perps is a nice theory, it rarely works. Remember, we are talking about primarily violent criminals. Most of these folks are hardwired to react violently and many have sociopathic tendencies (e.g. - they don't give a rip whether they hurt someone or not, including themselves).

Take off the rose colored glasses and enter the real world. Without JCAT, the Wasatch Front would be a whole lot more violent place to live and lots more people would be getting hurt or killed.

Thanks to all who make this a safer place to live.

Monsieur le prof

Thanks JCAT. Strong families and education are the keys to keeping people out of jails. That and getting rid of gangs and their influence on the marginal kids of society.

There are some that think that "caning" young criminals might be of some benefit. It works in other cultures and was even considered by Britain not too long ago.

Thank You JCAT Families

Thank you to JCAT and to their families who put up with those calls in the middle of the night. Bless the spouses and children of these good folks who are making a huge difference in the lives of many other families.

JCAT members and their families are heros!

Great Job

I'm glad to see the U.S. Marshals and the local police working togeather to get dangerous crimminals off the street. Great Job JCAT.


May our Father in Heaven, bless every U.S.Marshal and there families, with his riches blessings and all that they stand in need of. Thank so much, for keeping our beloved America. A safer place to live. May God, bless America.

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