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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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This is the real deal and it is happening now. My bank (Wells Fargo) detected a fraudulent attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM in Los Angeles two days ago (Sunday). There was a balance inquiry and then an attempt. Whatever the criminals were using was detected as fraudulent.... perhaps because I had just made purchases in Midvale. I'm not sure how they detected it but they did! I received a call from my bank and verified that it wasn't me attempting the transaction.


it would be nice to know what store this happened at so those of us that might have been at this gas station can check our accounts.

Call your sources & dont wait!

Dont Fall for those Cyberspace Winnings..
Keep up with those better Business Bureau!!!!

Can you pay

for gas inside at the counter safely with a debit card? Or is there a skimmer hidden in there somewhere too? Sheesh, what next?


This actually happened to me last week. I looked at my online Bank account and someone in Burbank California had withdrawn $1000 per day using my ATM card and PIN number, they stayed at the same ATM taking $200 dollars out at a time. The next day they went to Sunset Blvd and did the same thing. I was mystified how this could happen. I am the only one who has a Debit card under my account and I have never lost it. I was lucky, my bank reimbursed me. It is truly amazing that there are people out there that do this. But I am a person who believes in Karma 

Contact your Bank let them Take



D-News, update your story.... both KUTV and the Trib are reporting "The device was located inside a pump at a 7-11 store at 2165 East 9400 South in Sandy"

Who dunnit?

How does this happen without the complicity of the store management or employees? Why not tell us the store so that we can avoid it?

@thank you for the UpDate

If thiers a Problem go to them directly=
To get them to help you out..Dont wait!

Wow Thats Bad So Bad!!!

They showed the Photo on
what they done to To the CRIME


I live on the west side of the valley and it happened to me last week. so there may be other locations. It would be great to know whatto look for.


Use cash.... that is the best advice...

How do they do it?

You mean to tell me that someone takes apart the gas pump, installs the device, puts it back together again, and nobody at the station knows? Are they clueless? You mean nobody, including other customers, don't see someone doing this? Tell us, how do they do it?

Just to Clarify

So just to clarify . . . if you ran your transaction as "credit" then you wouldn't be in trouble here, right? It's only if you used your pin number and that got transmitted by bluetooth (with your other card info.) and then they created a fake copy of your credit card, used your pin, and tried to withdraw money in LA . . . correct?


A electrical circuit must be interrupted to install one of these devices. Why wouldn't they have a system that is alerted if there is a power interruption to the card scanner? In a perfect situation a sensor would detect the power was off, inform the store and keep the power or until the owner imputes a activation code.


So the first device was found at the end of January and the second one just lately. Why did the police wait until Feb 16th to release this info. How many other folks have been taken by this device in the last two weeks who could have avoided that mess if they known? Hello out there! This is something that the consumer needs to know about ASAP! Not 2-3 weeks later.

Easier just t` pay inside,w`CASH

Now thats Tacky Bull
When thiers so many people
out there Already having Hardships..


This is scarey!


This happened to me and I live in California. My card was charged for $140 of gas 700 miles away from me.


I think the establishments should share some of the blame. Most convenience stores have cameras on the the gas pumps, plus they are open 24/7. What was the clerk doing when this happened? They had to dismantle the front of the pump to install the device and the police say the stores were innocent victims as well. Give me a break.

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