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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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is still 69 blocks behind BYU's single season record holder. Not a chance to surpass it.

BYU fan

None of this really matters. BYU will destroy everyone in the MWC. Matter of fact, my COUGS will probably at this point beat everyone in the nation. If BYU plays to their potential and the refs don't show favoritisms to the opposing team we would beat everyone (yes, everyone). If you don't believe me just ask Arizona, hehe. We destroyed them at Tucson and they are a PAC 10 team or maybe you should ask UTEP or Nebraska (both of which are big time programs). Come big dance time we will most likely make it to the final four. The players we have are awesome; Jimmer, Hawes, Emery, JT and company will rock you. Lights out, little uties.

and that would be...

Shawn Bradley? Count the blocks again

RE: Foster

I'm a BYU fan, but does this really matter? Foster is a good kid and blocks a lot of shots. Give him his moment of recognition without rubbing BYU in everyone's face. If you want respect, treat people that way!

Nice job Foster.


Who cares about BYU. This article is about Utah.

Utah Fan

My utes are a legit top 20 team. Yes, we've been inconsistent but it's because we have a young team. When we play like we're capable, we can play with ANYONE in the country. We will be byu by 20, win the mwc tournament, get a #9 seed, and make it to at least the sweet 16. Guaranteed.

Dear BYU Fan

I as a true blue BYU Fan think you are absolutely hysterical. You must have laughed all night when you posted that.

Go utes

Next year when the Utes have a little more experience we will be a final four contender. I'm not saying we'll get there necessarily, but we'll have a good chance to make it that far. And little coogs - bcs, bcs. What more do I need to say

Utah's ranking doesn't matter in the tournament - we'll win it anyways

It seems the utes

are on dead set on continuing a recent trend of imploding at crunch time (see utes vs Cougars in three of the last four football games). In b-ball, the utes have repeatedly choked at the end of several games this year alone. Also, heard rumor that Henderson is transferring to Kansas.

Cinderalla Utes

Boylen will have our guys ready come tournament time, and after brushing aside the rest of the conference, we'll dance our way to at least the elite 8, if not the final four. We're peaking at just the right time!

Utah Man For Life

to akk

A little self righteous and hypocritical don't you think? Unless you've never posted something about Utah on a byu article, which I doubt.


Foster is a game-changer on D. Now he needs to spend some time working on his O in the offseason. He gets anything going on that end of the court and Utah is improved dramatically next year, even losing a few key seniors.

Dear Dear BYU fan 7:33

You must be new to these posts, as byu/utah fans are largely now pretending to be from the other side just to say something ridiculous and make that team appear stupid. The person you are responding to is a ute.


Forget Foster working on offense until he strengthens his rebounds. He is too soft in the middle. We must become a better rebounding team if we are going to improve, but at least he knows it. You can tell by what frustrates him the most.


Can you really blame ute fans for wanting to be BYU fans right about now? Most ute fans at this point resemble a plastic red chair and who really wants to be a plastic red chair?

RE:Go utes | 7:36 a.m

Uh, what does BCS have to do with basketball? Nothing like comparing apples to oranges huh? Typical Yewt.

But, since you mention BCS - how was 3rd place in the MWC this year in football? On your regular cycle I see...1 good year followed by 3-4 mediocre.

Oh, and before you lambaste me with some silly "come talk to us when you've gone to the BCS twice" I'm a Boise State Fan...you remember, the team that's beat top 5 teams in the BCS twice...as opposed to beating a weakling Pitt prior to your great game in the Sugar Bowl.


as ute fans what is there to root for?? Your football team is an also ran in the conference behind the two big boys (TCU and BYU) and your basketball team is about as pathetic as they get. Hopefully they win the play in game for the MWC tourney. I can't believe Hill has been able to keep his job with the last two disasters with the basketball coaches he has hired.

RE:Cinderalla Utes | 7:47 am

Now THAT's a good one. "We've been coasting to fool all of you. We'll show you who's boss when we 'peak' in the tournament."

Hate to break it to you Yewties but you peaked with your final practice before game 1 of the season.

Boilin' over won't have your boys any more ready for the MWC tournament than he did for the home JV game against Seattle University, you remember, where you were embarrassed out of your own gym. Good thing nobody was there to boo!

Re: BYU Fan

You have to be kidding me. You think BYU could beat everyone, really? How about Kansas or Kentucky? Sorry but Arizona is not good! You think it’s a big deal to be in the PAC 10, come on. Also, UTEP is not a "big time" program nor is Nebraska. You list all of those BYU players as if your listing something so special, give me a break. If Utah played the same non-conference schedule as BYzoo it would have a comparable non-conference result. Come "big dance" time BYU will probably be one and done once again. Sorry zoob wake up and smell the ovaltine. GO UTES!!


Who was the last to win the MWC in football - BYU or UTah?

Who is ranked higher in the 2010 preseason football polls BYU or Utah?

I'll give you a clue - it starts wit a U and end with a H.

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