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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 16 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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It' coming!

Our government is out to destroy this nation!


Great story, JT! I like the way you dig up the truth on the ground level. Fine journalism!


Taxes = Government Budget
Unemployment = No taxes
Disaster = legislators = politicians
Educated people specialized on different fields specialized on resources production and allocation as well as society formation, need, and development should be the ones on the hill representing us.
Question yourself who are this people who represent us and what are their main goal. How can our lives be on the hands of politicians. Weak up....


Yup let the corporations continue to run this country. Privatize everything and all will be well. Capitalism at its finest. The government should do nothing for the people. The people should fend for themselves. Only the fit need survive. Gotta love the good old USA.

Be independent.

This is another case of people turning to socialism and government control of their lives. The government has to stop spending and this means on social programs as well. COBRA is one of the biggest leaches for government funding and fraud and should be eliminated.

Besides, IHC and corporate health care sucks and they don't know what being a doctor really is. They are like a well oiled watch that just keeps on ticking and have only one purpose, hand out disclaimers behind closed doors.

The parents and the forefathers of these socialist minded people didn't have government aid raising their children so why do the young now think government is their new Mommy and Daddy? Be independent, be a man, and do the best you can without groveling for state and federal funding.

These groveling socialist is why this country is in financial trouble and its time they become an American and stand on their own two feet. Then go home and grovel about UDOT and UTA wasting mulit-millions of dollars on toll roads and not providing him his on time bus ride.


I agree with all of these comments. Why can't we tax the rich to take care of these problems? Government has an obligation to take care of us, and the rich have an obligation to fund government. The middle class should not have to pay taxes.

Health Care Not a Right

We grew up poor. We never had health insurance. We made it somehow. The entire health care system should be leveled to the ground and rebuilt. Paying $1200/month so you can go to your doctor for a runny nose and have free prescription drugs. How about we all pay for doctor visits and medicine, and use insurance as insurance - to protect against medical catastrophe. Nobody should be paying more than $300/month for family "medical catastrophe" insurance. You can afford a lot of doctor visits and medicine with the difference.


"Health Care Not a Right", you said "Nobody should be paying more than $300/month for family "medical catastrophe" insurance."

Please show me what company I can get medical catastrophe insurance that has a $2000 deductible (I can't afford to pay anymore than that or it is a catastrophe) for me, my wife, and 3 kids for $300 per month.

Please post which company I can get that from to prove your point.

If you can't find one, it proves that your premise is flawed and you are just spouting the GOP corporate line.

Which is it?


My folks raised six kids on 32K/year. We never had health insurance. Health insurance is not a right simply because you were born an American. Sorry....

To Angry

The government does NOT have an obligation to take care of you. Nor do I; nor does anyone else. The obligation to take care of yourself is entirely your OWN obligation. You are a person with a brain (somewhere) and probably 4 operational limbs. Stop your whining and get to work taking care of yourself. There are ways to do that--maybe not in the style you would prefer, but sufficiently so to make do. And if you really think you have no obligation to take care of yourself, tell me--tell us all--just what exactly are you here to do??

Here is an idea...

Take care of your health. Don't drink and smoke. Exercise and eat less fat and sugar. 70% of America's health problems are due to laziness and bad habits. Health care would be a fraction of the cost if people would simply just take care of their bodies.

Lesson in accountability

Your health is YOUR responsibility not mine or the governments. Sheesh people, get over yourselves. Nobody owes you anything. You all need to spend two weeks in Haiti to recalibrate your perspective. ARRG, I'm tired of this entitled, weak and victimized American segment of our population!!!

@ Ditto and Health Care

Life in previous generations sure was different, wasn't it? Get sick, go to the doctor, receive a small bill from the doctor's office, pay the bill. If you had insurance, it was only for catastrophic emergencies and thus affordable for even the lower middle class.

How life has changed! Why? Frivolous lawsuits against doctors have driven up costs exponentially. Class action lawsuits against pharmas have driven up prescription costs exponentially. Now, the average family would not be able to afford standard health care on their own. Without employer subsidy, they couldn't afford insurance either.

In today's real world health care for the uninsured takes place in the emergency room where costs are much higher and are eventually borne by the tax payer. That's democracy and capitalism at it's finest.

Today's reality vs your Normal Rockwell life of yesterday. There need to be solutions to today's problems.

Grandma Jean

I agree with @ Ditto and Health Care. There are so many things that can be done through modern medicine. It shouldn't be available only to the rich, large companies and unions. Yes, taking care of your health is important. But there are many things one can't prepare for such as many forms of cancer, birth defects and injuries, problems with other parts of the anatomy that you don't have a clue about until someone in your family is stricken with it. Perhaps if we did away with health care for anyone over 70 years old and babies under 1 year old we could all afford health care. I know this will come down to rationing and many will be offended by it. But there is currently rationing going on according to your ability to pay. We need solutions and government health care won't "fix" anything. Anything government can do private enterprise can do 10 times better.

Yes take care of your self

main topic eat healty fiber/foods
set you goals within your ownlife its been done to
stay vibrant as well as mediate your spirit inside..

Obesity argument

The argument that obesity is a gene is ridiculous. Travel to Europe and the Orient. There isn't a fat person to be found.

Americans love excuses for their bad health instead of looking in the mirror.


Grandma Jean,

When you say "Anything government can do private enterprise can do 10 times better," does that mean you think we should do away with Social Security and Medicare?

They should be the first to go because they cost a lot of money. Private enterprise can cover grandma's and grandpa's medical costs much more cheaply, right?

That is why people 55 and older can't get insurance for a moderate rates because utilization of medical care increases with age.

We also know that Private Industry has fully taken care of their retirees. After all, the CEO's would never consider shortchanging pension contributions to add a bunch of bucks to profits for shareholder and their own big bonuses.

Oh, nevermind, we know that they already did raid pensions to the tune of trillions of dollars.

So, are your ready to return to pre-SS and medicare times when your parents had to move in with children when they retire?

Are you ready to suck off your children and grandchildren rather than taking Social Security and Medicare payments?

After all, we know you wouldn't want to use government services because they are so terrible.

Im living with no health care!

Im not a Meat eater as much..
Im finding out Im buying more FIBER FOODS

I'll help

While it's true that my parents raised me without health insurance, back then the cost of medicine wasn't what it is today. Part of the reason for that is they paid the bill themselves
before we left the doctors office. We will never fix the problem with health care until the person receiving the service is the one paying the bill. It's too easy to not care how much something costs when the bill is going to someone else. That means the insurance companies have every right to questions the bills and Americans have a responsibility to know and care what they are paying. Last time I questioned the pharmacist about the cost of my meds he said "Don't you have insurance?" Another words, "why should you care as long as the insurance company is paying for it!" We have lived too long with the idea the government is supposed to do more and more for us. After a while we stop appreciating it and begin to expect it is our right. Everyone shares responsibility in this mess and everyone will have to make some sacrices to fix it. We can't keep pointing the finger.

Hard heads..soft hearts!!!

What about Health care and all retirement health care besides (US Goverment is getting ruined)

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