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Published: Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cougar Fan

Go get 'em Manase!!!!

Best blocking back BYU ever had.

I'm serious. Manase picks up blitzes like nobody's business. He made the team much better this year.

Manase Fan

Good luck, Manase!

In before...

...Ute fans telling us he's too slow to make it in the NFL.

Bones Justice

If he feels stronger tahn ever, why doesn't the entire team work out with that trainer?


Special teams, FB, catching the ball out of the backfield, toughness.

I see a long NFL career for another Cougar.


Ute fans are always jeolous of any cougar athlete accomplishment. Tonga will get a shot at led blocker and pass protecter with some team. Tahi was adrian petersens led blocker why do you think he gets so many yards. Big strong fullbacks can make a living in the NFL these days so ute fans pull your heads out and get off of our blog if you dont have anything intelligent to say, or have i forgot you never really do.


Not one Ute fan has been on this post yet. Why even bring them up? Forget about them. Focus on Tonga, not your hatred for Utah and the things they haven't posted on this story yet. Tonga is the best blocking back in school history and I'm excited to see where he ends up playing on Sunday. However, his 6' tall stat is quite generous. I walked by him at practice and I'm 5'8.5 and he was only two inches taller than me. He's 5'11" at best but that doesn't matter. He can crush defenders and BYU will miss his presence big time this next year. Good luck Manase.

Re: Bones Justice

Strength isn't a problem with BYU athletes. It's quickness that needs work


he runs a 6.1 in the 40.

Nuff said

Re: Chester

"I walked by him at practice and I'm 5'8.5 and he was only two inches taller than me. He's 5'11" at best..."

Yeah... When I walk by someone... I know exactly how tall they are since I know how tall I am.

There's no way you could possibly know if he's 5'11" or 6' JUST by walking by him.

Re: Anonymous

Your mom runs a 8.1 in the 40

Nuff said

Great Story

I would love to hear more stories like this. There are a few elite trainers and companies in Utah, Like BASICS Sports who seem to turn some hopefuls and not so hopefuls into NFL drafties. BASICS seems to help 3 or 4 each year make it to the NFL. These are great feel good stories. Best of Luck this fine athlete.

Tonga is the Man

Tonga is a devastating blocker. He will be drafted in the first or second round based on his college stats....which prove his success at the fullback position. Manase, we're proud of you. Go get em'


The best fullbacks in the NFL are not drafted in the first 4 rounds, forget about him going that high, most likely will be a FA pickup and have a chance to make a roster of his choice. Go get um Tonga.

what is happening?

This is kind of nice...not a single rotten Ute comment.


Too bad he doesn't have 2 BCS wins under his belt. That would make him stand out more. Kitties will never do anything noteworthy on a national stage other than their weak champsionship 25 years ago


Is there a single player in the MWC with 2 BCS wins under his belt, one that actually played both games and wasn't just sitting on the bench? That's just awesome that you had to pipe in with that. I don't know how long BYU fans got the "stop living in the past" argument. Glad to see U falling back on past accomplishments.


When was the last time Cougars won the MWC? Pretty sure the Utes Own that as well.


when was the last time the cougars won the MWC... well let's see (according to MWC stats)

2009 - TCU
2008 - Utah
2007 - BYU
2006 - BYU
2005 - TCU
2004 - Utah
2003 - CSU
2002 - BYU
2001 - CSU
2000 - BYU/CSU/Utah

By my count, the winner is:

1. BYU - 3 outright MWC championships & 1 tie
2. Utah - 2 outright MWC champsionships & 1 tie
3. CSU - 2 outright MWC champsionships & 1 tie
4. TCU - 2 outright MWC champsionships

So I'm prety sure the Utes don't own that one...
and I'm pretty sure the Utes went home with an "L" after visiting Provo this year, so I don't think they own that one either.

Care to disagree? Facts don't lie, whiners do.

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