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Published: Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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sorry Deron

I feel bad all of you guys are going to have to take a pay cut. Ok no I don't. Athletes make way too much and if everyone is hurting, it gets passed on to you guys too. Don't worry you'll still get a max contract, it just won't be for as much.

Its not fair

I'd like to see a real live "lockout". It would open some eyes of the salary injustices of NBA players.


We are in a recession. Everyone is suffering. Why should the athletes be exempt from "suffering" a pay cut?


Boo Hoo...

How about he takes just $1 million from his salary and pays for 20 teachers each year.


let there be lockout for the nba players to see what's the real value of money!!!! They don't realize alot of people lost there job and begging for any kind of job just to feed their family. I agree that players salary should cut and use the money in other more meaningful things like giving more jobs to small people.


As long as people are paying to watch the games, the athletes should get paid. Do people buy tickets to come watch you work in your office?

Chuck Nunn

Nobody wants to take a pay cut, so on the one hand, I can understand the knee-jerk reaction of players about what the owners are proposing. But a lot of us have gone through layoffs, those of us with jobs have taken pay cuts or unpaid leave. I hope that players and owners will be mindful of fans, who are the consumers of their product, when they negotiate a new CBA.


attendance is droping because tickets are getting more expensive to pay for these athletes. People in the office gets laid off. In order to control the ticket price, salaries of these playes must be controlled.


Hey, Mr. Brave Anonymous, of course players should get paid. The question is should they get paid so much that ticket prices should remain sky-high and so high that teams will be forced to sell all their broadcast rights to cable channels or pay-per-view channels, or should they be paid a bit less than is currently the case. The owners can't afford to lose money for too long, or their costs will have to come down and their income up. Duh.


All this talk about reducing player's salaries is an effort to protect stupid owner's from themselves. I don't feel sorry for the Wizards who gave Arenas a 9 figure salary even though he was injured at the time: that was idiotic!!

Or, the Jazz either for giving A.K. a max contract or matching C.J.'s or Millsap's offer sheets or giving an increasing immobile Okur a contract extention for 10 million over the next two seasons when nobody else would have done that: all stupid and costly moves!!

Why should the players suffer? Nobody put a gun to the owner's heads making them give out bad contracts. The owners need to get smarter and stop blaming the players for managerial stupidity.


The average NBA salary is 5.356 million dollars a year. At my current salary, as a teacher in Utah, with 10 years of experience, I would only have to teach for 93 years to make what the "average" NBA player makes in one year. I would love to make $50,000 like Digbads suggests but I am far below that.


If they get their salaries cut I know that they do a lot for charities but possibly it will help put some food on other peoples table. There is a lot of pain and suffering in the middle and lower class because of the economy. Yes, it's too bad for them but I hope it will help others in need. I think they make way too much anyway!

a different world

A man makes 14 million a year and he is complaining?? Talk about a different world!! See what Darin feels like if he were make 55k per year with no contract as do most in the real world. NBA players are grossly overpaid and I for one would like to see a 50% reduction in pay at minimum!!

OBama will regulate salaries

just wait, Obama will propose regulating NBA salaries to no more than 250k per year and then being fair and sharing the wealth. How's that hope n change working out for ya David Stern??

Bobby D

You had to figure this was coming. But who is to blame? Its the owners! They go and make these guarenteed contracts and a player plays for 1 month and he goes out for the season, ala Boozer. Baseball is the worst for this. You remove an injured player from your roster of DWills talent, and the Jazz go on a 10 game losing streak, and who is going to pay his salary. This whole problem is totally the responsiblity of the owners. I dont feel sorry for them at all. They raise ticket prices to cover their butts and after a while, the fans stop being fans. I feel sorry for the fans who land Lebron next year.

louisiana jazz man

nobody comes to watch me at my office but i caint tell the owner of the co i want part of the profit either. we make all the money the co earns the owner does none of the work he just put up millions of dollars to buy the co. same as the nba


how much do these greedy players need. one year of a few million should be enough for their lifetimes if they invest but they make millions for many years.
i guess everyone is greedy.

Barry O

What a disappointing statement from Williams!

Hey Deron - You're among the best in the NBA but you don't deserve 10% of what you make!

Sorry. Reality bites sometimes.

liberal Larry

One of my friends did some volunteer work down at Welfare Square and they gave him some canned chili. It was really good. Maybe next time we can get some for poor, Deron, so he can make it through until his next 1.1 million dollar, monthly pay check.


They need to stop acting like two year olds. They get paid 1000x more than alot of people out there, and they complain about a pay cut when other people out there are losing their jobs and working their butt off to get food on the table for their family.

I guess all of this money has turned the players to being greedy.

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