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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I love keeping up on the progress of City Creek. A much needed breath of fresh air for the downtown area. It'll be fun to take the kids there at Christmas time when it's finished.

Can't Wait!

Very exciting!


Just think of all the jobs that will be opened when this is completed! Beauty and financia stability working together plus housing.. all rolled up together. Thank you!


If you like keeping up on the progress, check out this forum...

John Pack Lambert

This is great news for Utah and all the more wonderful since it is not the tax payers who are footing the bill. Downtown Detroit in tehory could use a facelift like this, but it does not have the intact instiutions to make it so a facelift would really help.


Zion? more like babylon


Oh goodie! Restaurants for the great and spacious building!

RE: Anonymous

You must be in a mist of darkness...

One and only

When I think $3Billion I think great an spacious building...

RE: Zoan and Anonymous

I take it you won't be swinging by City Creek.....ever. Too bad, really. I think it'll be a great place to visit once it's completed.

Nancy from Las Vegas

I'm excited about the City Creek project! In contrast, if you want to see Babylon and great and spacious buildings, come look at the Casinos where I live and the mist of darkness you can find there.


Yes, just what we need. People are starving, dying due to not having health insurance, loosing their homes, jobs, but we can go and beg food at the new City Creek center.
Perfect use of "the members money"???


To Dorfman:
What's wrong with rejuvenating the city? I promise this is an investment, not an expenditure. The revenues from this finished area will more than pay for the costs to build it. Not to mention the jobs it will create; as opposed to the government saying starting clean energy programs will "create" new jobs that will only REPLACE old ones.

@ Dorfman

What a great comment. Is it incumbant on the LDS church to feed, insure, employ and house every person in the world?

This project will provide jobs for many people, who in turn will be insured, buy food, and will be able to afford housing...interesting what happens when people are given an opportunity to fish, rather than have fish handed to them over an over again.

What about those in construction that are building this project...are they not benefiting from this investment?

Seems like the LDS church can do no "right" no matter what they do.


It's owned by the LDS church?

After Prop 8 I will never go in there.


Mr. Dorfman, why do you care what is done with "the members money"? First of all, you don't know how or what money funded this project. If you did contribute to "the members money" did you do it with strings attached? If so, you are probably in for a lot more disappointment in your life. If you haven't contributed, why do you even care? I hope you figure things out sometime...
BTW - the church has and is very involved in humanitarian efforts. In addition, the dollars spent on this project have kept countless people employed - so yes, this project has prevented people from starving, dying, losing their homes, and jobs. Of course, if you would still like to go to City Creek to beg I am sure nobody will stop you.

@ Anon 9:02

You'd better not support any hispanic, african americans, or have any support for the catholic church's various businesses. They all supported Prop 8 as well...I guess you shouldn't go to California either since the majority of people there support Prop 8 too.

By all means, stay away from Disney!

@anon 9:02

That's ok if you never go in because of prop 8, you're among the minority of voters anyway.
But will you also boycott businesses owned and/or operated by Catholice, Jews and African Americans?
No? Then bigotry is alive and well among the anonymous-ites.


What a great example of free enterprise. Kudos to the L.D.S. church, Utah and Salt lake City. The return on investment for the church and Utah will be billions on top of billions on top of billions.

Re: Dorfman

Who told you the lie that it was the members' money being spent on this building project? The LDS church does not mix corporate and charitable funds. This is funded by the church's corporate fund, money which has come from church-owned businesses.

I can assure you the LDS church does an extraordinary job at serving people who are "starving, dying due to not having health insurance, loosing [sic] their homes, jobs." Maybe you can ask the Red Cross and the Utah Food Bank how much of their funding comes from the LDS church. Or look at how many people are employed, clothed, and furnished by Deseret Industries. Or ask several other religious charities in Utah how much the LDS church helps them. Did you consider the fact that the City Creek Center construction which you bemoan as a waste is keeping many construction workers in a job? I'm amazed at the laziness of your accusation.

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