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Published: Monday, Feb. 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Glad a Blazer is not getting replaced by a stupid, sel'fish' Jazz player..


I'm not sure how you can say the jazz are a better team. The only player that can create his own shot is Boozer as Williams is usually hesistant and the others lack the ability (Okur's post game is a joke). Maybe we'd be better defensively but someone has to put points in the basket. I don't like his attitude sometimes but the fact is he is a good ball player and its not like there are many better replacements.


Even ESPN's John Hollinger---who knows a lot more about basketball than any of you---says that it was "inexcusable" to put Kaman in over Boozer.

Seriously, if we lose Boozer it would be one of the biggest mistakes our franchise could make. He's too good offensively.


Jazz don't deserve even one guy in the game. Simple as that really, FACT. Go Nuggets!


You posters who think Boozer is a Loser need to find another sport to follow cause you don't know carp about this one.


who ever said that no jazz player deserves to be an all star well then ya might wanna start watching them play some,the whole team deserves to be there as all-stars


If Melo can't go
than AK47 should be his replacement


Boozer is having a great season no doubt about it, but if Utah could bring in somebody like Andre Iguodala or Kevin Martin you trade him. Milsap is more than ready to step in. A wing player like Andre could put Utah over the top.


Boozer should play with a chip on his shoulder the rest of the season


The Jazz need more wing players? Really?

If they trade their best scorer when it looks like they have a shot at a championship, even an outside shot, well, there are lots of good college basketball teams in Utah. I'll boycott all things Jazz indefinitely.


the booz has fooled alot of you. He's playing well this season just to raise is credibility for a big contract next season. In reality, he's lazy and has no motivation except his own paycheck. He's not an all-star. And I will be happy when he's gone!

He's playing the same game he did when the season before the Jazz brought him in. Don't fall for his lies!

Not Asleep

Did I read correctly that the Jazz have been talking to teams? quoted: 'The Jazz are talking to a lot of teams about Boozer but we're not one of them,' the official said."

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but Boozer seems to be adding to the chemistry of this team now whereas before that was my main complaint-- sure he scored a lot of points but he didn't seem to "add to the team." Previously, my observation was that DWill and Booz would go into their tandem thing and the rest of the team didn't know what to do. That seems to have changed. Anyone agree with that? If so, then does trading Boozer not seem like a good idea anymore?

Chris Kaman is Solid

For those who havent seen him play much this year Chris Kaman is the real deal. His shooting percentage is sick and the his numbers are one of the best, if not the best for a center. To compare Boozer and Kamans numbers isnt right, they play totally different positions.

There are also reports that he worked out all offseason to improve his conditioning. He's a professional.

re kaman solid

Good job sir! Kaman is indeed the real deal. He plays hard and keeps his mouth shut.. stocktonese if u ask me. Stern did the right thing. Hollinger must have his beer goggles on to select boozer. But then again, where's his credibility, a couple weeks ago he said the jazz were better than the lakers. Ha! In my dreams!

All of you people who love the booze so much really have me wondering. He doesn't care about you! If the jazz offer him a contract lower than he gets elsewhere do you really think he'd stay? This is his 6th year with this team and you all are touting his three years of all star stats....shouldn't we have more than that? Ooh yeah, he's been sitting hurt most of the time
The only cure for cancer is to remove it!

RE: Kaman solid

Boozer and Kaman play the same position - power forward. Boozer is shooting 54% this year, Kaman is shooting 50% - both awesome. They have similiar points and rebound numbers per game (very COMPARE-able!)and their free throw % is similar.

I'd love to see Kaman in a Jazz uniform, because he is a solid player. But, he is not as gifted athletically and boozer can create better shots for himself, even when double-teamed.

If we are looking for scoring and a chance to get hot and win a championship, Boozer gives us a (slightly) better shot.


Kaman deserves it more. He didn't spend his off season dissing his boss and teamates. Stats only account for so much, and Boozer is a disengenious jerk. I for one am hoping the Jazz still trade him, but wouldn't hold my breath. Yes, he is playing well, but no he still doesn't want to be in Utah in part because his wife doesn't want to be here. He won't be next year because we all know the wife gets what she wants. Trade him for something while you still can.


I hope AK takes the All-Star snub to go off tonight as I have him on my fantasy bball team, I have Kaman and Baron too. Boozer will not go off, that would require heart and pride in what you do. He has neither.


Why does everyone act they had an inside on what was going on with Boozer in the offseason? Sure he has a history of injuries.. The Jazz told him he was going to be traded! He was looking for the best trade for him with his agent! But when he found out he was staying he got to work! And he has been the most consistent this year! I think we need to trade a couple wing players for Brendan Haywood from Washington and that will be a championship contender.. If we get rid of Booz right now, I dont like our chances

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