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Published: Monday, Feb. 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good news for the Jazz

If I remember correctly Karl Malone played some of his best games after learning that he got an all-star shaft. Boozer will light up LA.


Both Karman and Boozer are playing well. I'd be more concerned about getting some rest, avoiding another injury and eating fish tacos than going to that joke of a game.


The outdoor cafe at Cabo Pacifica has the best fish tacos and ceviche!!

Enjoy and get ready for the stretch run!

Boozer will score 63 tomorrow

Remember when Malone was shafted for AC Green. He played the Bucks the next night and had a career night...

Look for the same to happen on Tuesday...

I have an inside source...


Hope Carlos doesn't get the quick-step for the balance of the season...wouldn't surprise me though.


As luck would have it, Boozer will be playing against the very guy they picked over him. I wouldn't be surprised if Boozer goes OFF tomorrow night.


Boozer is no Mailman. He lacks the competative spirit and talent Malone had. Any induications he will have "light up" LA are an absolute joke. get real


How many years have you played in the NBA and where do you get off judging Boozer? Have you even ever stepped onto a regulation basketball court?




Oh yea Boozer is a Loser, Geez grow up poster at 1:45, yea you don't get to Duke if you are a loser, then get into the NBA and stick in the league ulness you work hard Grow up out there, no he isnt a Karl Malone, well who is, grow up!


This is directed toward mr CAPS LOCK who replied to Loozer. You obviously have not been a Jazz fan for more than the past month. Boozer is a virus. He may be a good basketball player, but he lacks the motivation and drive that would make him an all-star. Remember when he didn't want to play for the Jazz anymore.... Have you ever played organized sports? Clearly you have no idea what motivation and drive are.

I DON'T THINK SO.... blah blah blah.


All I can do is be amused by this decision...Sorry Boozer. He was probably hoping for an all-star berth to build credibility as he hopes for $13/yr with some other team. And to think we thought the burn he did to the Cavs was only a one time thing!


He could have done better

Now if Stern wanted to really get talked about, he would have selected Andre.

RE: RE:Loozer

RE: Loozer you obviously haven't been a jazz fan for long either!

If you had been you would stop complaining about our most consistent player of the year and be happy about the fact that we're in 3rd right now, instead of 8th as we were last year without him!

You obviously have no common sense either. Someone who lacked motivation and drive would never be able to be a professional athlete on any level!

Get over it!!!


Yes, people, get over Boozer. Sure he said some stupid comments but there are two sides to every story. Who knows what managment said to him. I, for one, was very unhappy with Boozer but have kept an open mind and with his performance on the court, I have nothing to complain about. This team has the potential to do something special. Let's stand behind the team. Yeah and he's no Malone and D-Will isn't Stockton either. Let's move forward. This is our team, this is our year!

No Red Hen

Kaman has been playing his hardest on a pathetic team for the past couple of years. I agree with the choice for sake of playing for bball 100% and not for a contract. If Boozer had two solid years of producing then we could discuss this but he doesn't deserve anything with good play now but hasn't been noticed the past two years or so

Better Choice

Boozer may have some good numbers on the season but he seems to disappear against the better teams and players.

I believe he is a negative for the Jazz and that they will be a better teams when he is gone. He is not going to get a lot better at this stage in his career and I think we have seen the best of him as he plays hard this year trying to get traded to another team and to get a big contract.

The fact he was willing to be traded to a worse team so he could make more money tells me all I need to know about his heart and competitive drive.


I totally agree with all of you.

Just one

All we need is one great season from Boozer and this is it. If we get a championship, that's all I need.


Booser has been great for the Jazz. This is his 3rd year with all star numbers. Career for the Jazz he is averaging 19.2 and 10.4 in his career with the Jazz. He's had 3 all-star like seasons (including this year). Averaging better than 20 and 10 in the playoffs...When healthy, he is one of the elite power forwards. He didn't get selected because the NBA knows about his "I'm going to get a pay-raise" comments. The Jazz are selling his jersey for 50% off, the NBA isn't buying. That being said, if Melo can't go, I think he still might get in. How does the 3rd place team not get 2 players?

louisiana jazz man

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