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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ute hater

Probably a little late for anyone to see, but to all those calling me a hypocrite for pointing out Utah had just lost to CSU, I'll type slowly so you can understand......I never commented on the article about the UU/CSU game...I comment on my own team's games. I was merely pointing out Utah fans have nothing of their own to brag about so their only outlet is to celebrate when BYU loses. So, if it makes you fell better to call ME the hypocrite I'm happy to be the balm for your wounds! Maybe when you play BYU at home all those fans disguised as empty seats will suddenly appear and your program will be relevant again for a couple hours and you can have something of your own to comment on.

IndianaCoug: understandable loss

UNLV shot lights out. Their fans were amazing. I don't think a team in the country could have beat them last night in the Thomas and Mack. I think that leaves a lot of hope for the cougs. Every week there are several top ten teams that lose to unranked opponents. I still think this is the best BYU team to play in decades and this will be the year to break the one and done curse.

Oh really?

Have you looked at any other rivalry blogs of other teams/conferences? The BYU/Utah/BYU haters rivalry is no different, except that there is a religious tone in many of the comments. I read an Oregon/Oregon St. blog the other day and I thought I was reading the Cougars/Utes. The problem with many of these posts is they are making generalizations about a group or team or fans. There are obviously many quality and classy fans on all sides, but unfortunately there will always be those who go too far. BYU was outplayed by a good UNLV team who was hot at home. It has happened to every team in the country this year. WY beat SDSU, Utah beat UNLV @ home, South Carolina beat Kentucky, yada, yada, yada. BYU did not quit and made a couple of runs. Should help them down the road. BYU did win a few games without Jimmer against good teams, including UNLV. When Jimmer plays within the offense and does not force things, they are a great team. When Jimmer goes outside the offense and he is not shooting well, they are not so good. Hopefully they remember what team is.

I'm willing to wear

a BYU shirt all day at work as a bet that BYU is one and done in the NCAA tourney and I KNOW I won't ever have to do it. Any Cougars willing to put up??? Wear the evil red all day?? Of course not....you have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE that your team won't be one and done like they have been the last 17 years!!!

RE: I'm willing

You're on. If BYU loses in the first round this year I'll buy a UofU tie and wear it the whole next week. (Wearing red doesn't mean much since I'm a professor at Indiana University).

Abuo outplaying Haws

Abuo needs more minutes. He is playing better than Haws is right now. He is more athletic and can guard the likes of Willis better than Haws. Just my opinion.

And You Wonder Y?

"Do all the SEC schools treat Florida like this? If that's the case, then it's good to be king!"

The mere fact that you'd even compare yourself to Florida is why the pile on will continue.

Delusion in the bubble... so sad, so very very sad.


Thanks to all the utes who pay so close attention to the cougs. It really shows which team matters most in the state. Thanks for your support!

Dear Jackson Emery

Please stop shooting.


Every BYU Fan

Dear Mr. Emery

Keep jacking them up.


Everyone who plays BYU

What is ...

... it with all the utah fans bashing when their team is 11-12? I know you guys want to bash BYU but please do it when you have a team that backs up all the talking. This one loss obviously will drop the Cougars out of the Top 15, maybe Top 20 but really, their 3 losses were on the road to teams that generally have great home court advantages.
I do believe it hurts BYU that they don't have a big man to go to and teams that have figured out how to play solid perimeter defense (like my Aggies I'd like to add ;)) will likely beat the Cougars. Nonetheless, this was one game and will not make or break the Cougar season. I do believe, UNLV and USU have shown other teams how to handle BYU.
Go Aggies!!!

RE: I'm willing to wear

Here is your second taker.

re: What is ...

I don't know about the Utes. My team, the Jayhawks, aren't 11-12 but I think I can answer for the Ute fans as I do live here... I think they are doing the bashing because you BYU fans make it SO... DARN... FUN!!! LOL We really just get a kick out of reading the responses!


where are all the byu bandwagon fans at??


What a great game. UNLV was on it Saturday and thats the way they should play everygame. Now, BYU is a very good basketball team. Been a fan of Coach Rose since his Dixie College days. As a conference we should all have a smile on out faces because now the national media is looking at our conference.

Now, for those who want another shoot at UNLV, be careful of what you ask for. You don't matchup with us. JT has one turnover his game goes to pot, and Haws as good as ge has played this season, he was not ready for that presseaure defence. Ferrette is a great player and possibly a NBA backup, but basketball is not a one man team and you need the rest of you players to step up. Goodluck the rest of the season. See you at the MWC Tourney.


re: re: "Not Surprised"

Are you serious? I did just read the first page of posts. 4 negative comments where Utah allegiance is claimed and two of those are commenting about YOU (you like to dish it out but can't take it) not the BYU team or game. One negative comment is implied Utah allegiance because it mentions football recruiting. All the others are anonymous or state their allegiance to Utah State, UNM, Kansas, UNLV! I know you want to believe that every negative comment (which to you seems to even include stating the truth about free throws, defense or shooting percentages) but you simply can't do that because it is not true. Yes, I believe a lot of the "contrary" comments are Utah fans but not all! Go Lobos (where I grew up), go Jayhawks (yes, where I was born)!!!

to And You Wonder Y? | 5:25 p.m

Your comments are much more a reflection of your own maturity than BYU fans who continue to have faith in their team.

Go ahead, though. I mean, if someone else started it, it's okay, right?


He would have had ten points if he didnt make his 11 free throw shots

Once again pad the numbers with his little acrobatics and forced shots to get the foul



Lights out

Freddie and his bandwagon fans are overrated

re: jimmer

Those 11 points are still 11 points. If he can get more points come then most from drawing fouls, then I don't see how you could objectively call that a bad thing. It isn't "fraud". It is just one way of scoring in basketball. However, I don't think he would be able to do it very well at the next level. As a matter of fact, I don't know how well he could do anything at the next level... but of course I thought similarly about Austin Collie when he went to the NFL and he just played well in a Super Bowl loss after playing well all season.

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