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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I love how the

zoobs were pounding Utah fans after wed nights loss to CSU, and now when they go down???? Whaaa! Whaaa! Whaaaaaaa!!!!! Utah fans this and Utah fans that. I guess if you can't take it...don't dish it. Same as it always is...peaked too soon...7 more games and then the MWC tourney...can you cougs hang on that long?? Maybe??? You'll get an 8 or 9 seed for the NCAA's. Another one and done year??? starting to look that way....

Utah Fan

I admit it...Utah is pretty bad this year! And now I admit, I really enjoy watching Jimmer and I think Coach Rose seems like a great guy. Now it's time for all you cougars to admit something...You got a little ahead of yourselves again. You might have thought you could be a #3 seed...not now! You are the same cougars as always. You will be one and done in the tourney as always. And who gets all mad then...that's right, you do, all the BYU fans were ready to change teams last year...REMEMBER?


FYI Zoob Nation the Utes aren't ranked #12 you were. Getting embarassed by a team that my weak Ute team beat is not quite as humilating as a #7 team getting a thrashing by FSU at LES.

Aggies Rule y Drools

The y is the king of choke. Don't bother getting new shoes for the big dance. You wont be wearing them long.

Go Big Blue!!!

Re: Re: Re: Ute Hawk

Which Utah team will go to the Big Dance this year? Oh, its Not the yewtie bugs!

Cluck cluck

Fair weather Utes

Utah fans would rather see BYU lose than their own "beloved" Utes win!! Wow, what a joke! It is so funny how much trash they talk, yet BYU handled them once already and how did CSU the other night at home turn out?? Oh ya, BYU beat them by 40 on their home floor if you want to play that game! Utes all you do is whine whine whine! Get a life

Good for laughs

12:22 & 2:44 = gibberish nation speaks


I an a UNLV fan, I love my Rebels, I don't like BYU, as a Rebel fan, with that said, we did not
play well against Utah, you did not play well
against us. So what it's only one game you
will play better saturday. Good luck, I hope
we beat you again real soon, I respect your

Utes make me feel good

I'm so embarrassed by BYU being ranked better than Utah in both basketball and football. HA!!!

And to think I was bummed out until an anonymous ute reminded me just how good BYU has it compared to our rivals. THANKS BUDDY!


Sure hope my Huskies make the big dance or NIT and play BYU - we'll embarass them like UNLV did!!!


Actually, the NCAA tournament is played at neutral sites.

re: "Not Surprised"

Reality check my young yewt troll. Did you read the first full page of comments? Nothing but Ute trolls dissing BYU and delighting in their loss at UNLV.

Without provocation and instantly started bashing Utah??? The first BYU commenters were simply reacting to troll disingenuity and real provocation.

I sometimes think that most Ute trolls are nothing more than a bunch of literal 11-12 year olds that have snuck onto mom's computer. Sad that a whole young generation is growing up talking smack.


Best year in BYU history on the hardwoods. Getting throttled by UNLV and only being in a three way tie for first...Priceless!!


We were at the game. Fredette was a selfish ball-hog who really hurt the Cougars. Bellfield distri-
buted the ball like a true point guard does. UNLV
played team basketball and got the result it wanted.

Hey Dave

Just wondering exactly why you get such pleasure out of this? You seem to exactly match the profile of Utah trolls-although I would guess you may be a bit older-say 17 or 18 a senior in HS.

Although we react to your obvious hatred of BYU and all things blue, we actually root for the University of Utah in every game or match they play, except when it is against our Cougs.

Truly do not understand your hatred and your need to downplay any success at BYU.

Most of us were thrilled at delighted at Utah's BCS success. Over the years, we have rooted for Utah time after time in basketball, football, etc.

Unfortunately with a few much appreciated exceptions, we see very little of this from Ute fans.

Cosmo's Cousin

This game was nothing more than a fluke. We're headed to the Final Four and everyone in the State of Utah knows it.

All you Yewts are still mad about what the Kewgs did to you last week.

Go Blue!


I guess conference championships are getting a little old. Will this be the 5th in a row? I am honestly losing count.


Man I love this site and all the delusional puma fans.
"Outscoring your opponent doesnt always work" stated by chuckers is just ignorant. Seems to me that whenever a team "outscores" another-they win! What ignorance!
Listen, the REBELS are just better on the T&M floor and a neutral floor. UNLV would have beat the pumas in provo if we hadn't fell apart on the last 6 minutes.
byu will make the tournament because the ncaa has a love affair with them but you will lose in the first round, just like every March.
See you back at the T&M in March when you will get beat by SDSU or UNM. My REBELS wont even get the opportunity to beat you again this year!


Wow! There's a lot of people here dogpilling on BYU. Looks like when you're the best everybody seems to want to take a shot at you after you've had a bad game. I wonder if all the other PAC 10 schools dogpile on USC like this? Do all the SEC schools treat Florida like this? If that's the case, then it's good to be king!

Rise & Shout!!


When you choose to live or die by outside shooting, sometimes you're gonna die by it, because sooner or later you're gonna get outgunned. Despite the loss, BYU is still a fine team, just not the bigtime powerhouse their fans like to pretend they are!

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