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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hats off to UNLV. They would have beat just about anyone today.

Utes, worry about your own team - or teams for those of you who like football as well.

Best UT college team won!

Aggies rolled over Nevada tonight. Best team, best coach and best fans in the state.

Go Big Blue!!!

Cougars Fan

Cougars played awful in first half, they couldn't buy a basket and everything UNLV threw up went in. Probably the worst half of basketball the Cougars have played this year. But its one game, the Cougars will rebound from this. Anyone here who thinks or expected the Cougars or any team to go undefeated in the conference is being very unrealistic. BYU will be fine, they only have 3 losses and are still tied for first.
As for the trolls... LOL are kidding me?, yewt fans shut your mouths and get a life. Your team is a joke and cant even break .500 and lets not forget that BYU destroyed utah just a week ago. You yewt fans worry about your own team trying to break .500 and get a life ya clowns. Oh and have fun come March when your garbage team is sitting at home while the Cougars are playing in the NCAA tourney.


I said BYU would win. I was amased at the way UNLV played. But here is the thing, BYU does not play tough enough with "street" games, Coach Rose should teach them to go after every lose ball. They have not got it yet, Miles needs to be dominant in the post. I hope He reads some of the comments--------He could be a force for good. I hope they get it together before the MWC tournament.

re: Ute hater

Do you see the irony in your own post? Complaining about Ute fans taking solace in the BYU loss and you in the next statement say "You just lost AT HOME TO COLORADO STATE!!" Who is taking solace in another team's loss? Who? Hilarious!!!! Especially funny given that most Utah fans, I think, I am not one. Have already conceded the season as a write off... it's over. But are not so much taking solace as much as poking fun, talking smack... etc. You, however, do seem to be taking solace in beating the weak Utes and the Utes losing to CSU! Too funny...

re: Ute hater

Taking solace in somebody else's loss? You mean like "you just lost at home to CSU, nah nah nah nah nah..." I guess you practice hypocrisy so often you don't even see it when you spout it on here? LOL


BYU will not win the MWC reg season, UNLESS they prepare. They looked terrible today. But they have got to dig down deep and play with heart. They do not want it bad enough----that is it.........let's hope they wake up and come to the dance...........

Nevada Cougar

It's so sad to see the Cougs lose like this, especially to a team from Sin City.

re: NevadaCougar

Which "class less fans on this board who must drink vinegar every day" are you talking about? The BYU ones? The Utah ones? Or both? I see more than plenty of that on both sides! Believe me... as a neutral transplant here... WE see it abundantly on both sides! If you don't, you choose to excuse it or apply that magic filter to the "pro" BYU comments!!! Here is a quote for you!!! "yewt fans shut your mouths and get a life. Your team is a joke and cant even break .500 and lets not forget that BYU destroyed utah just a week ago. You yewt fans worry about your own team trying to break .500 and get a life ya clowns." Really classy! Right? Reality check time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up, snap out of it... fess up... real world, not dream world here!!! LOL

not surprised....

the cougars are exposed and the byu fans instantly, without provocation, start ute bashing. good call. hope it helps your insecurity.



thanks Utes posters

for proving there is no such thing as a Utah fan - merely BYU haters
get a life


Rise and shout

UNLV played amazing

I am not surprised at all by the immature reactions of most of the commenters. Lets be honest UNLV just played amazing today.

The Cougars are still a great team and still have the inside track to the conference championship if they can win at home, which we all know they can do.

The Utes are still horrible, but if it makes them feel better to rip on the Cougs go ahead, cause your own team isn't making you feel good thats for sure.


UNLV is good, BYU is good, NM is good, San Diego St is above average, Anyone of them can beat the other one on any given night. The MWC tournament is going to be good entertainment. Can't wait to watch the games. The regular season means nothing.


"Hats off to UNLV. They would have beat just about anyone today."


Yes, I'm sure that any team that beats your beloved Cougars that soundly would probably have won the NCAA Tournament had it been played yesterday. I mean, if they beat the Cougars, they must be the best team around, right?

Or, maybe BYU isn't as good as you think they are....

re: thanks utes posters

oh, did somebody get their feelings hurt? its ok...

Called it

Called this one two weeks ago. Everyone has figured the Cougs out!

Keep Fredette under or around 20, play solid D and BYU flops like a pancake. BYU bigs are no match for true post players.

Cougs lose to UNLV today-
Cougs lose to UNM in Provo.
Cougs lose to Utah at SLC.

UNM #2
BYU #3

UNLV wins the conference tourney - goes to sweet 16.
UNM 2nd in tourney - loses in second round.
BYU - one-and -done!


Re:Called it I could`nt say that any better myself



What are you even doing on here! USU you can't win on the road and you can't even say anything! You've lost two games in the WAC conference! Pretty Sad! Also Utah what about Southern Baptist last year and Colorado State this year? Woah! UNLV was feeling it, there's no question about it. We will see who the better team is in the tournament! Also when BYU faces New Mexico for a rematch at the Marriott Center. Ya you guys can take your win now because UNLV played amazing! BYU will do well in the MWC tournament and will do well in the big Dance!

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