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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I Believe:

At one point the Rebels were 8 for 10 from three?

Aggie Fan

I have said it many times this year, and I was about to start believing BYU was a great team but this happens when you live and die by the 3 ball. Some teams understand how to defend that type of play and that doesn't bode well for BYU. BYU is a good team and this loss doesn't change that, it just needs to find another way to score besides the 3 ball.

Re: Re:UteHawk

Which Utah basketball teams have actually made it past the first round lately in the NCAA Tournement? Oh it is not the kitty cats.


same ole

Same ole problems for BYU. Lot's of hype all season long, at least until they play good teams, then the real BYU stands up. Just like in football.

Floyd T. B.

I love pic number 2 of 9.

"Come of ref... where's the foul... we're the C.O.U.G.A.R.S... don't you understand that?"

Re: same ole | 8:47 p.m.

"...the real BYU stands up."

Don't you mean the real BYU "folds" up?


comments not published again as residents of utah have tender ears, espically at this paper, and one cannot suggest replacing slow white players with Loyd, Morgan and Abouo much earlier in the game.
So be it.

Ute hater

Attention Utah fans: You just lost AT HOME TO COLORADO STATE!! Your program must be in a pretty sorry state if you have to find solace in BYU's losses. BYU will still win the conference championship and you will not even make the NIT, so enjoy today for all it's worth.

very dissapointing showing

The Cougars will need to do a lot better than this if they're going to win an NCAA game. They were absolutley pathetic on defense in the first half. Why do they got so freaked out about playing at UNLV? I would expect Tyler Haws to not do very well in a road game at a highly charged venue, he's just a freshman. But tonight was a really sad effort by this team. They better wake up and play with a lot more energy and heart.

Yes we git soanked and

our faces are red. But that will go away tomorrow and U will still be ugly and near last place!

Can you say



Sure is funny seeing all the Ute fans posting about BYU's loss. Can't win them all. We won't complain too much but hey, Utah is a better team right UTIES? I mean you have beaten everyone on your schedule and you lead the conference and......oh must be some other year I forgot about HAHAHAHA!


Before you talk championship, you better learn how to win on the road!!!

Go Aggies!

I'll take it

22-3 and winning out ties for the MWC Championship!
I'll take it!

Ute hater

Way to show your intelligence Floyd T. B. You can't even tell the difference in 1&2?



One and Done

I heard some unrealistic BYU fans saying this is the year to win a tourney game, maybe even make a deep run.

BYU may not even win the Mountain West, and we all have reason to be worried come Tourney Time with the tourney in Vegas based on BYU's record in Vegas. We are staring at a middle seed, and another loss come NCAA time. SO again, it is One and Done.


At tonight's Utah Valley University -- Houston Baptist University basketball team. UVU won the game, which today puts them one up on some other local team that will remain nameless. Thank heavens the Cougars wore their blue uniforms. Real men wear pink, but that does not include basketball boys shleping up and down the court.

re: Cougarf@n | 6:25 p.m.

Not as funny as you needing to convince yourself that all of these anonymous posters on here ribbing and teasing BYU are Ute fans!!!! Seriously, my boy is likely playing for Utah State, I grew up in SW Colorado rooting for the Lobos and still want them to win the conference championship! I have probably made a fourth of the posts on here ribbing and talking smack (but none hateful) about the shooting percentage differential, foul shooting totals, etc. No... I AM NOT a Ute fan. And I really find your comment about officials hilarious! You know BYU shot 24 free throws at BYU against twelve for UNLV. Do you realize BYU shot 22 free throws tonight against 19 for UNLV??? Do you realize BYU had a 7 point advantage in free throws??? So, if you consider the 7 free throws and the 14 point margin of victory, UNLV outscored BYU by 21 points on field goal differential!!! I suppose the refs made all those extra shots for UNLV? Oh, maybe they interfered with BYU shots to make them miss? Seriously dude. 21 point differential on field goals! BYU got beat, plain and simple... and soundly!!! Go Lobos!!!


I love the Mountain West Conference. Great teams with a lot of heart. Too bad San Diego State couldn't pull out a win at the Pit. They could be a tournament team. There will be at least three tournament teams, but San Diego could make it four.
The only losers in the conference are the class less fans on this board who must drink vinegar every day. Get a life and start looking for the good and quit trashing everything and anything-that's getting really tiring.

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