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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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There's nothing funnier to me than seeing yewt fans that are so embarrased of their own program they have to post anonymously. I guess when your team is that bad watching BYU lose is as good as it gets for little sister, but enough about those jokers.

The fact is, BYU still has the inside track for the regular season MWC title. Sure it's a 3 way tie now, but it's not as close as it looks since BYU has already played its three toughest road games going 1-2. BYU now has the easiest road from here on out. UNLV has to play UNM at home and at SDSU. UNM still has its toughest two games ahead of it at UNLV and at BYU. The only tough game left for BYU is home vs. UNM.

I also can't stand the officiating in the MWC. They're always biased for the home team (which benefits BYU when at home but hurts away). The zebras in the MWC are just crowd pleasers who don't have the mental fortitude to call a fair game, but you can't pin this one on the refs.

Poor Cougars...NOT

Doing the happy dance! Go UNLV.

Loving it

Always a great day when the cougs lose and the zoobs have to eat it!


I'd like to think Cougar fan is humbled by this beat down. But I suspect within a day or two the #3 seed talk will start again.

Note to Courgar fan; Stay down, know your role.

Big East Fan.

BYU hopeful

BYU got trounced by a VERY hungry UNLV team. Major props to the Rebels!!

The race for the MWC championship is going to get even tighter now which will make for an exciting run towards March Madness. I'm hoping this piece of humble pie will be digested well so that the Cougars can get home and get ready for when the Lobos and the Aztecs come visiting.


Oh come deseret news you can`t stand the TRUTH either!!! Is that why you are not posting anymore of my comments. Must not want to get those Yners anymore riled up then they already are!!!

Oh poor Jimmer.....

Yes Jimmer, even as perfect as you and your zoobie fans think your school is and how they are above of everyone else you aren't going to get every call!


Lots of trashing talking against a team that has lost only 3 games to pretty decent teams on the road. I don't think the players give 2 cents for all these opinions. Everybody has a bad game here and there. Keep your heads up Cougs (and FANS!) and learn from your mistakes!


It was raining 3's today in Vegas, and somebody got spanked! As I predicted.....every Dave Rose team peaks way too early in the season.......and then limps into post season. Starting to see the usual trend again this year.....

BYU not road tough

Championship teams can win on the road. BYU has played 3 or 4 tough road games this year and has lost all but one. All that chest pounding a bravado and you may not even win the MWC. Even if you do we all know you won't win in the MWC tourney or the NCAA tourney. BYU, championship posers:)


I'm excited to see which NCAA Tournament bracket Utah will be in...oooh...so suspenseful!

I hate it when BYU loses...

Do the Yewts think a BYU loss makes their pathetic team better? It doesn't. To a warped mind a road loss at UNLV is somehow much worse than a home loss to CSU. But then, this Yewt team is way past embarassing. Watch out in Dallas Wednesday. Its already looking like another loss.

ewe of yew

Yewtah lost by more to CSU @home then BYU did to UNLV on the Road

SD Blue

Wow, the haters are in force today. Even though we lost I am still stoked to be a Cougar. If a loss makes haters so happy I can only imagine what a win does. Why don't you guys go put on your clown tie dye shirts and scream at your oppenents instead of cheering on your team. Boast, boast, win. We are BYU and we are better than you in every way. Go Cougs.


I can’t believe it. My weekend is totally ruined with the loss. We could have been in the top five. What is wrong. We have lost two out of the last three. I guess we really aren’t that good or as good as we think we are. Hope the Super Bowl is better.

Re: nottyou | 6:58 p.m.

Let me break the suspense for you...

Utah will not be dancing this year.

But, we have been there and we have won big there...

unlike your Cougars.

The Utes will be back to where the Cougars have never been.

Does that help?


Which Utah Basketball team won down in Vegas this year? Oh, it was the Utes. That's right. Can we say OVER RATED

At Church Tomorrow in Vegas

Rebels! Rebels! Rebels!


Which Utah Baketball team is tied for MWC Title. Oh it is not the yewts. Can we say NOT EVEN RATED

Re:amber leaf | 5:23 p.m.

Good grief...what's that about?? So, when BYU plays on the road the opposing school should not be allowed to have fans in the building??

Who's the BYU guy laying on the floor begging for a foul?? Great photo.

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