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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Not Sure...

and... U STINK and... BYU mega fan. You folks are really cracking me up! Sooo entertaining! They looked past you... they were on their own floor (and had 7 less free throws), they will never shoot that well again! Seriously, I am not a Ute fan. I just live here and enjoy my weekly entertainment reading these forums! As a matter of fact... here is my desire... 1) UNM 2) UNLV 3) BYU and hoping that the highest seeded MWC team in the tournament (even if it is BYU) makes the sweet 16! Unless they play Kansas of course!!!

Ref: Meow Meow

You are right! The nap will be a big win for the "Kitty" when they next play the utes. Coach B will be running the sideline like a chicken with his head cut off. UNLV won the battle, but the war is still ahead of all of us (except Utah, maybe they will make it to the Stake Bball invitational). Our ward over 40 team can put up a game against the mighty utes!!!

re: not a Ute

"I am not a Ute fan."

I see, you're simply a BYU hater.


That's even more pathetic.

YOUR ATTITUDE proves everything about you.

You're not really even a New Mexico.

Instead of finding a New Mexico blog to discuss the game, during he NM/SDSU game I might add, you're on here beating your chest about imaginary wins.



RE:amber leaf | 5:23 p.m.

Your comments are soooo out of bounds even for the most delusional zoobie.. you must be a Utah troll.

re: amber leaf

You aren't a BYU fan, right? You are a Ute fan or an Aggie fan that does not like BYU trying to make BYU fans look bad aren't you? Seriously, "BYU won that game.?" You do realize that BYU shot 16 percent more free throws than UNLV right? You do realize that UNLV defended better and shot better, right? You do realize BYU shot twice as many free throws at home as UNLV (24-12) don't you? UNM did shoot more free throws on their court (not 100 percent more) but that couldn't be from them taking it to the hole and attacking the defense though? I am not a Ute fan at all (I'll admit, I did like seeing them do well their years in the final four and national championship game but I had just moved here then), but I do like to come on here and read entertainment like your post!!!


I just wanted to compliment the players and coaching staff on their postgame comments and realizing where they came short and where UNLV deserved to win. good job, good game.

Ha Ha Ha

BYU is 1-4 agains RPI top 50 teams. Sounds like one and done in March.
Ha Ha Ha


Let's be honest. This team is maybe a 30 to 40th ranked team. Pretty typical of BYU athletics; beat the teams your supposed to and lose the teams that are better.

Never been to the website before but It's amazing how many readers seem to be against the Cougars. Wow. Don't suffer such a fate in Nevada.

re: re: not a Ute

Nope, as I have said before and will say again. I am not a BYU hater... I was hoping the Y would do well in the NCAA tournament... on behalf if the MWC (if UNM doesn't). I am here because your arrogant, silly attitudes are fun to respond to and tease and jab at! You stop behaving the way you do, I will lose my interest. Why am I on here? Because I LIVE here! I don't live in NM (grew up in NW New Mexico). I follow the DN closely both for my son's basketball and for the in state (Utah, BYU, Utah State) basketball! And what does "beating your chest about imaginary wins" mean? Really, you lost me on that one! What point was proven here? That BYU fans can't accept that others like to poke fun at them because of their arrogant attitudes. Well, believe it... it is true! Thanks for the entertainment by the way. (smile) Oh, UNM up 9 with 2:00 to play!


...actually on second thought, after reading all of your remarkably insightful comments...

Nope. I'm still going to go with "tee hee".


From what I see, Jimmer is a big FRAUD. and Rose is over his head. I'm smelling a epic collapse.

Is it possible the Cougars miss the Tournement?

@Anonymous | 5:50 p.m.

True class! BYU fan or not, you show class. Re UNLV Fan, honestly? UNLV isn't despised like this by Nevada fans? Why is that do you think? I don't think it would be that way here if most BYU fans were like @Anonymous | 5:50 p.m. I don't think it is Utah... they are really just another state school. Hmmm...

Louisiana Cougar


My wife and I went to the show after the first half -- and should have left earlier.

UNLV was outstanding. BYU looked like pretenders! UNLV spotlighted BYU's weaknesses. 'Nuff said about the Cougars.

This game will test their character. Unless they win the remainder of their games in the conference and make a good showing in the MWC Tournament, they are unlikely to do much in the NCAA Tournament.


What was UNLV ranked? What was there biggest lead?

Yes my little zoobe, your a number #3 seed.

Bwah ha ha ah ah ha ah ha ha aaaah ha ha ha ah ha!!!

Typical BYU

BYU always folds up the tent come conference tournament and NCAA tournament time. Expect the Cougars to bow out early of the conference tournament as well as the NCAA big dance.

re: re: not a Ute

Oh, and for the record. I am just as "put off" by Utah fan comments when the roles are reversed. When they are obviously hate-filled. I do enjoy the ribbing and teasing and seeing the way some folks react and can't take it and get all bent out of shape but I do not like the obviously venomous and hate-filled comments on either side! Go Lobos, go Jayhawks, go MWC in the NCAA tournament! Unless you play a Big 12 school that is! Cheers! Crap! San Diego State eliminated a 9 point deficit in the last 1:54!!!

Helen C.

Honestly, I think the Cougars begin to believe the excessive praise and adoration lavished on them by the DN and the local sports media.

When they start to believe the hype, results like today are inevitable.


And your Conference Champion is.... UNLV.


I'm printing my "Quest for identity" Tee shirt.

Conf Play

What has conference play proven so far- well BYU can beat UNLV at home and UNLV can win at home- New Mex. casn win at home- so far all we have seen is that conf play is about home wins- San D St.- loss at home to one them so they are out- UNLV has one big problem- they lost to Utah at home- so real Ute fans if you hate BYU must root for UNLV in SLC becasue that willeven things for UNLV- otherwsie BYU is still in the drivers seat with a New Mex. game still to go in Provo- ahhh what a tough spot to be in for a Ute fan

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