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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hey I got and idea! Let's talk about the '84 "NC" game. LOL

I'll predict a 12 or 13 seed.


How many points did Utah beat the Rebles ( in Vegas baby)????

Just wondering.

Not Sure...

What actually goes on in your little yewt brains, but head to head, pretty sure you lost to the Cougs. And by the way, I'd take the Y's recruiting class any day over yours.


Oh no you byu fans do it all the time, trash talk on a Utah story that has nothing to do with you.

Like I said you can`t take what you dish out Yners, so expect it all the time when you guys stumble and fall flat on your face, there will be a boot with a Utes logo on it to kick you right back down when you try to get back up!!!


Meaning ute fans. Sure you beat UNLV, but they looked past the u as they are a cellar dweller in the conf. It is much easier to get up for a game against a ranked team. I am not shocked the cougs lost this one but I see no more games on the schedule that should be a problem for the cougs and they will end the regular sason with just two loses.
I also hate how ESPN only shows highlights of BYU when they lose.

BYU mega fan

you ute fans just dont get it....
we beat good teams!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS LOSE TO TERRIBLE TEAMS!!!! good game against CSU haha whatta joke. the cougs will bounce back next week!

re: Utah Trolls

And "Ute Fan Comments." I am not a Ute fan. I come on here and comment for one reason... YOUR ATTITUDE! You ask for it and you make it fun to be able to do this! My two favorite teams are not in the MWC and my favorite team in the MWC is UNM! Funny how you say "BYU will be 14-2 and UNM will be 14-4!" I have news for you! Not if (notice I said IF not WHEN) UNM hands it to you on your home floor! I don't say "when" because even though this is anonymous, I don't want to state something like that and be embarrassed when (if) it doesn't happen! Even if I am the only one that knows! I am sorry but you folks make is sooo much fun to talk smack and tease you. Yes indeed!

Desert coug

Coach Rose has got to ask himself why he doesn't get his teams ready for the critical games.

He is a fine man, good coach. But he get's out coached by Lon every time.


When I predicted a BYU defeat earlier in the week, I was called crazy. There was no way BYU was going to win in Vegas. BYU is great at home and average on the road against good opponents. Problem is the NCAA tournament is on the road.


BYU does not match up well against UNLV and UTAH does. ALso, this was suppose to be a rebuilding year at UNLV after losing 3 of our top players from last year. The bottom line - BYU has peaked and UNLV is still growing in experience and maturity. Utah - don't expect to see the same team you played in Vegas earlier this year. And don't expect the same result.

amber leaf

BYU won that game. They won the last eight minutes of the first half and the entire second half. The Cougars are obviously the better team and the best team in the Mountain West Conference. I hope the conference officials will look into the unfair advantage teams like New Mexico and UNLV have on their home courts and do something to even things out. Most of the fans in Las Vegas shouldn't be allowed into the game. BYU would easily win that game on a neutral court. Being the best team in the conference, BYU shouldn't be subject to facing unfair advantages given to other teams when it is the Cougars who are recognized on the national scene and have the best chance of winning the National Championship. It is in the conferences best interests that BYU go undefeated.

o v e r r a t ed

BYU all season long has been overrated. And Jimmer is nothing. He's a flopper, whiner and expects every call. I was at the game and was wondering how, just how is this kid doing what he does offensively and now I saw it. He drives to the basket, gets a phantom foul and goes to the line. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL by BYU or Jimmer. Wait, do you hear that. It's the sound of BYU getting ready for its annual year end collapse (aka CHOKE). They'll make it to the NCAA and then lose their first game again. I can't believe how overrated they are - its got to be that not many of the people that do the rankings have seen their games. They're just not good.


That troll who suggested the utes had a better football recruiting class really hit a nerve with the Cougar fan? Just an interesting observation.....

"loser" Utes ???

"the "loser" Utes beat the Rebels in Vegas... "

Catchy nickname, but with all of the experience the Utes are getting at losing, it just might stick.

The "loser" Utes simply caught the Rebels napping after their big wins at NM and against SDSU. A team as pathetic as the Utes is easy to overlook.

Since steaing one in Vegas, however, the Utes have proven what kind of a team they and their fans really are...



Live by the 3, Die by the 3.

Good Game Plan, but outscoring your opponent does not always work.

BYU sure stunk

and we'll admit that. No, they did not look like the 12th best team in the country.

But Ute trolls trying to point to their team's win over UNLV are just silly. As a poster said above, Utah is irrelevant this year. At least BYU is going to the NCAA tourney, and Utah won't even make the NIT.

So stop making yourselves look like envious younger brothers reveling in your big bros' woes. At least our SEASON is still worth talking about. Sheesh.


Rose should be canned! kicked out the door NOW.

Go Cougars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Congrats UNLV

Hilarious!!! You actually assume that everyone that enjoys coming on here and talking smack is a Utah fan! I AM NOT a Utah fan!!! As many of us here are not... saw Lobo fans, Aggie fans, Jayhawk fans. You want to know why we come on here and comment like this??? Do you really... honestly... want to know the truth??? Because your attitude makes it so much fun to do so! And regarding "Losers." You say you are not a BYU fan and I have to take your word for it but... have you not noticed this same behavior from BYU fans when the roles are reversed? You say you aren't a BYU fan but you only comment on "people here" "who attack those who are doing well and set high goals and standards." You folks just don't understand how fun and entertaining this is to be a neutral here who moved to the area and is not a true fan of either school (until they play in the NCAA tournament not against one of my favorite Big 12 schools that is). LOL

Pretty obvious

don't you think. BYU had a really bad day, a bad game, and deserved to lose, the way they played and the way UNLV out played them. The Y couldn't overcome the shock and get balanced again.

BUT, Yew Yewt trolls are embarrassing yourselves with all the zoobie trash. The way you have played all year is just like the Y played for this one UNLV game. You have done nothing but choke and die all season and have the nerve to poke fun at the Y for having a bad game. But then, you don't need a real reason to poke do you, just a stick, and a pathetic, nasty disposition. Grow up



There there stop your Y-ning

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