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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Say goodbye to a good seeding in the tourney and hello to another first round loss!!

Desert Coug

I said it last week, If Jimmer was hot, they could still win on him, BUT Lon Krueger gets his players ready. If the big men for the Y don't show up, the
weakness is exposed.

The Y can't be different than it's always been. Heartbreak kids...

Annonymous Infinity

Give all the credit to UNLV and none to the Cougars. What a trashing! This result just validates my contention that BYU is just horrible on the road when the chips are down, as in all their losses (USU,UNM,UNLV). No athleticism, no one to stop opposition scorers, shoddy passing, out of control play....UNREAL! It also punctuates my views of bigtime B-Ball players don't come, and probably can't gain admission to BYU. So why crow all the time about the program being so wonderful? We need some meat on players down low, and some athletes who can guard someone besides my Mother. This loss is devastating to the Cougars chances for the conference title and the prospects for the season ending tournaments. I am just totally disappointed at the result. Evidently, the team missed Davies a lot more than I thought with his surgery, and the coaching staff absolutely did not prepare this team for what happened in the first half. That was just a joke getting down like that. What's the problem? Players that can't get motivated enough to take care of business in the crunch is mindboggling. Nevertheless....GO COUGARS!


You pathetic byu fans can`t take what they dish out!!!


I think this shows that the MWC has 3 teams that are pretty good and all very similare. UNM, BYU and UNLV. And with the exception of SDSU after the top tier of the league the rest of the teams are very weak. If they get 3 teams in this year it will be interesting to see how they fare.

Utah Trolls

Its funny how the Utah trolls are more interested in what happens to BYU than how much their team really stinks. I guess you have to find your happiness where you can get it.

Aggie Fan Here

Re: Golfer and Dear Ute Fans, seriously. Show some integrity! Utah fans aren't boasting or claiming they have a good team (best in the western U.S. I think I read) this year. They are weak this year and admit it! They know they fell on their faces against CSU and got beat by a good performance at BYU! But does that really make your loss today any better or different? Does it really make you feel better to be a top 12 team and lose badly to an unranked team by commenting on losses by an admittedly weak team? Really? I mean Really? If so, I am glad it makes you feel better but at the same time, it is too bad that it does! Honestly, your satisfaction should come from how your team performs not how another team fails to perform! Go Aggies, Go Lobos!

Ute Fan Comments

Ute fans are commenting on a loss by BYU@UNLV. That is funny. BYU will end up 14-2, UNLV 13-3 and NM 14-4. Where will Utes end up. By the way, same record Realtime RPI predicted when the conference schedule began. Also, recruiting, one source has Utah slightly ahead of BYU with all other sources giving the edge to BYU. I would not say that is a ringing endorsement for a win by Utah in recruiting. By the way, there is little difference in fans between the two schools.

not a cougar fan

this is a team sport, and when you have depended so heavily on Jimmer being your offensive power, you are bound to lose....and lose bad.

BYU doesn't have any decent post players. They all to often rely on outside shooting....that wont win all the games, especially when you play a decent team.

One and Done.....typical NCAA tournament showing is what I predict.


When do the Cougar trolls show up?? I'm sure your knee deep looking up some obscure zoobe stats to
1) support why this blow-out is actually a good thing.
2) How this Zoobie lose is better than the Utes victory over the Rebles in NV.
3)How to incroporate "George is still running" into the arguement.


RE: great week BYU

Just who passed BYU in recruiting???? It sure wasn't Utah.

Howard S.

Love it.

Church should be great tomorrow.

Re: NevadaCoug

Can't beat a good team on the road? UNLV almost did! All they needed to do was not have BYU outscore them by 11 on free throws (i.e., only get outscored by 6 on free throws) and they would have handed it to the Cougars at home! I guess what I am saying is most of what you said just sounds like excuses. How would it feel to lose once and accept it without making excuses? Do you know what you think of others when the make excuses when they don't perform? Well, guess what we view you the same way! Go Aggies!

RE: Utah

Why are you even on here posting? Utah is not even relevant.

It's VERSUS' fault

Can we please not have any more games on Versus???!!! BYU football and basketball have lost by a lot this year on Versus!!

And by the way, anyone can beat anyone in D1 basketball--or even D1 vs D2 (Southern Baptist) or brand new D1 teams (Seattle U) or the Utes this year even beat that same UNLV team @ UNLV. You anti-BYUers are unreal.

Congrats UNLV

The Rebels shot lights out in the first half; disappointing loss for the Cougars, but not unexpected. BYU is still in great shape; tied for 1st place in the MWC with all of their tough road games finished.

Didn't even bother reading the jibberish from the Utah trolls. I'm not sure why they're even spamming the blog with their inane comments. Utah's season is over.


Ya know what's funny is seeing all the losers and whiners on here attacking BYU for losing a basketball game. The Utah fans and fans from any of the other schools talk all the same when they are up and things are going well. The only thing really notable here is all the people who are losers in the game of life who attack those who are doing well and set high goals and standards. Not a BYU fans here, just a neutral observation.

Meow Meow

Here kitty kitty. Time for some warm milk and a nap.

re: Annonymous Infinity

I agree with you! I will not make any excuses! They were really hot??? Yeah, that's what happens when you don't defend well!! On their floor??? BYU shot more free throws than they did and made quite a few more! Granted, BYU shot more free throws because UNLV was more physical and defended more aggressively but even with the 7 point deficit they probably came out on the plus side of that defensive approach! No, BYU DID NOT play with fire, like a top 12 team, with defensive intensity!


UNLV was definitely the better team today. They shot lights out and BYU's defense was not very good. BYU will still win the conference with UNLV second and NM third. Hopefully NM can beat UNLV in the conference tournament since I don't think BYU will ever beat UNLV on their court. Definitely a match up problem.

Utes will still be trying to climb out of the cellar.

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