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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Wow... real quite.

Boast Boast LOSE!


Wow!! Way to put up a fight today Zoobs. The really sad part is that you are having arguably your best year ever and yet you are only tied for first place in the MWC.

Even the Utes beat UNLV on their home court this year.

Way to Shine y

Too bad the y doesn't play more often in Vegas. The team that showed up from happy valley today shouldn't be in the top 20.

Aggie Fan



Hey Dave- how did the Utes do against BYU?



Every dog has his day

UNLV just had one of those days. Everything they threw up went in. They would have beat the Lakers in the first half of that game. Put it behind and move on. My guess is that BYU will get another shot at UNLV in Vegas and I'll bet they don't have another shooting night like that. Having said all that I was very disappointed in BYU. They had almost no fight in them that first half to stop the run from happening.


That was an old fashioned butt kicking, but we'll bounce back and hopefully even the score with UNLV come tournament time.


Well...a deep hole in the ground, and that is where the Yners went today!!!!!! LOL

great week BYU

Get passed in football recruiting and then get blown out by the Rebels in basketball.
Can't wait till next week!


BYU shot three more free throws at UNLV than UNLV did, and made seven more total!!! And lost!!! BYU shot two more total field goals, four more three pointers but had 8 less makes and 5 less threes! Looks like UNLV either defended better, shot better or both. Another observation, UNLV loses by 4 at BYU (where BYU shot twice as many free throws and made 11 MORE of them), BYU loses by 14 at UNLV (with 7 more made free throws). UNLV is better than BYU.... on a neutral floor. Unfortunately we won't get to see on a neutral floor since the MWC tournament is all home games for UNLV!


Thank you UNLV for showing up those FAKERS!!!

ha ha

do you think the cougars are the 12th ranked team in the country? hardly. so fun to see them fall on their face....as usual.


Dear Ute Fans:
We all watched your last two games:

BYU and CSU.

How did you fare?

Seattle rings a bell too....can you remind me what that score was? Does Seattle even have a basketball team? Apparently so....


Nice showing! BYU's three losses have come in games that are against NCAA-type teams. Can we say one and done? What a Joke!

what in tucket?

Over the years I have noticed that home teams playing in the afternoon often build up huge leads and win. BYU has a good team, maybe still not ready for prime time. I doubt BYU can beat UNLV in the tournament. They still have a good chance to tie for champion.


Dave, how did the Utes do Wednesday at Home to CSU? Not to be rude but UNLV seems to play their best against BYU. This isn't an excuse for the lose, as we lost and UNLV deserves all the credit in the world. But if you watch them play multiple games they seem to play at a much higher level against BYU than they do against anyone else.


UNLV couldn't miss, and BYU was sloppy with the passing game. They tried to force too much. But, I don't care who you are and how high your are ranked: you can't beat a team on their home court when they shoot 70% behind the arc and near 60%. They got up big and only had to hold on. Hard to come back from that.

In the end, it's just one loss. BYU has now played all their tough road games and just needs to win out at home and beat the lower tier teams on the road, and they'll win the conference.

re: Anonymous

Hey, Utah lost to BYU... does it matter... is it pertinent to today's game? BYU fans were just stating the other day on another forum... "you can't live in the past... what you did in the past doesn't matter, only what happens now!" Interesting how BYU now wants to talk about last week or winning the conference last year now that they are in jeopardy of losing it to New Mexico or UNLV this year. Don't want to talk about BCS bowl games won last year or a few years ago but want to talk about 1984. Oh, and by the way, I AM NOT a Utah fan! Go Lobos, Go Rams, Go Jayhawks!!!


hmmm, the "loser" Utes beat the Rebels in Vegas... what does this say about the almighty Kittens?

Let's hope the NCAA finds away of keeping the Cougars out of the tourney. After all they're looking for decent teams to represent.


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