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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 p.m. MST

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No one cares

Here is DesNews one again looking for ways to insert the letters B.Y.U even though the fact she went to BYU had nothing to do with her finding this document. Who cares about this? I mean really........there have to better things to report on.


The Third Paragraph starts:
"This makes James Wilson very much equal to Thomas Jefferson as a drafter of the Constitution," she said.


Thomas Jefferson was ambassador to France and lived in Paris when the constitutional convention was going on in Philadelphia. He did not have any significant roll in writing the constitution.

Lost? I think not.

Using the word "Lost" in the title of this artical is misleading.

as stated in the story, the manuscript was right where it belonged.


Can you say eBay?

BYU alum

While I agree that using BYU in this context is not helpful, I disagree with "No one cares." Obviously you cared enough to click on the story. I find this rather fascinating. We don't always need to hear about the latest drug bust or murder. Great article...


BYU graduate may have found draft of U.S. Constitution? Wow send a copy to Obama, he's obviously never seen one.


I hope they have a way to test the milk. It all might not be good.


In terms of what America is, the constitution is the bedrock. If Wilson wrote it, he deserves to be mentioned in every high school civics text at the apex of the American pantheon along with Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the like.

It is the constitution that has been copied by nations around the world.


I just checked out the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Facebook page - scholars are chiming in, and they don't seem to agree at all that the third draft was found.

Big B

I enjoyed the story and it will be interesting to see this claim investigated. I like learning what people with local ties are doing. I like finding the letters B Y U in the paper.


cough Patriot Act cough W

Re: Interesting

You are right. Jefferson wasn't a member of the Philadelphia Convention or the Constitutional Convention so he wasn't a writer of the Constitution. He was though the main author of the Declaration of Independence. Maybe if she took a few history classes in school instead of being "home schooled" in the senate gallery she would have a basic knowledge of U.S. history.


Very interesting article. It would really be great it if turned out to be an actual draft. We'll have to wait and see what the experts think. Things get lost in museums and libraries all the time. Most of these places don't have any idea of what they have.

The haters always find time to read these kinds of articles so they can make nasty remarks about how irrelevant it is and how nobody cares. So typical of unhappy, angry people. I think the article was very interesting.


What a great experience to read through documents from the time our country was born and penned by those responsible. I had no idea that such documents were accessible and I can certainly see how easy it would be to get caught up in the moment.

HSP Scholars are indeed weighing in on the claim. Their views are supported by dates, names, personal knowledge of the already known documents. The communications can be viewed on the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Web Site. Follow the link that says “What constitutes a draft of the U.S. Constitution.” Also worth viewing is the link to Con Source provided by Deseret News in the article.


I'd really like to hear some kind of clarification on the Thomas Jefferson comment that Toler made. As an earlier commenter pointed out, Jefferson was not even on the American continent when the Constitution was being drafted. I have a hard time believing that someone with a law degree pursuing another degree at Oxford would be that ignorant, however. Is there some meaning there that I'm missing?

Henry Drummond

I think the article really intended to say that James Wilson may have been to the Constitution what Thomas Jefferson was to the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson had nothing to do with writing the Constitution.


She said "This makes James Wilson very much equal to Thomas Jefferson as a drafter of the Constitution..."

What part of that don't you understand?

Jefferson was the author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence while James Wilson, if he's the author of the Constitution, would be "very much equal to Thomas Jefferson" as the "drafter of the Constitution." There was no mention of Thomas Jefferson in relation to his involvement in the drafting of the Constitution.

That you didn't know that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence is shocking and it shows how ignorant you are.


Obama has never seen one...that is funny!

Re: Re:What? | 7:23 p.m.

Relax, the text was a little confusing. I had to read it twice to understand the intended relationship between Jefferson and Wilson.

This is not the sports board; let's try to be more civil.

Re: Interesting

Yes, I'm sure you said it to get a rise out of someone and you did. A home schooled, college and law school graduated student is going to have plenty of chances to study history. And I wager that her "out of the box" learning style puts her ahead of a public school kid any day. I have one of my kids in public, three in online public charter school (schooled at home). My schooled at home kids are getting a better education than the one in public school. Next year they'll all be at home. And FYI, Thomas Jefferson was home schooled. It seems that he did pretty well for himself.

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