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Published: Saturday, Feb. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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not a bad law at all. let's the woman make an informed decision. and let's HER make the decision, not the gov't.

it's pro-choice, with info. very nice.

If a woman has chosen to have

an abortion, she isn't going to want to look at what is her unborn child. She will decline the offer, so this is moot. Just another waste of time and taxpayer money.

Big Larry

This law is a fairly transparent attempt to reduce the number of abortions by counting on pregnant women to change their minds after seeing an ultrasound of their living fetus. Naturally there are two ways to look at this: the pro-life view is that if a woman is confronted with graphic images of the fetus she can't otherwise see, she will make an emotional decision against the abortion. The pro-choice view is that this is the equivalent of a protester standing outside the clinic with graphic photos of aborted fetuses -- in other words, intimidation. Both views have some validity, which is why abortion is such a difficult debate in the first place. How many women will "choose" to see these images, is hard to say; whether any medical providers will somehow "show" the images to a woman without being asked is also hard to predict. And so the tug of war over a highly personal issue, between two equally passionate factions, with vulnerable, pregnant women in the middle, goes on and on.


Just another way to try and have the mother keep the child. Not with any help from the groups that supported this bill, mind you.

They would tell the mother to give the child up for adoption.

Not take the responsibility of keeping the child themselves.


I hope this helps women come to terms with the fact that they are killing a human. But hey it's their body and therefore they should have the right to kill their children right?
I will never understand how taking the life of another should be the mothers choice.
How can these women sleep at night.


Of course this is a "transparent attempt to reduce the number of abortions...." The article even stated such. I don't see how showing a woman an ultra-sound that she requests is the equivalent to showing graphic pictures of aborted fetuses outside a clinic. I don't think accurate information can ever be considered a bad thing when making a decision. I don't think an argument attacking the act of giving information when requested has a leg to stand on.


Legislature, please show some compassion to victims of sexual violence. Imagine if it was your daughter, wife or sister who was attacked. Would you still thrust this upon her?

These women CAN'T sleep at night. That is why they make the painful choice to have an abortion. This is a bill of re-victimization. Even in the cases where the pregnancy was just unplanned, it is not the government's right to interfere with the woman or her doctor's decision.


May God, Help us ALL!


What a complete WASTE of tax payers dollars and a HUGE WASTE of our State Legislatures time. We have so many other huge problems like our deficit and our unemployment crisis to fix. This bills only purpose is to try and make a woman change their mind as the congressman said in the article. To all Utah residents and to all the members of the Utah congress, abortion is LEGAL! Get used to it. I can't wait to cast my vote this next election against any incumbent who voted in support of this. The abortion clinics should have the choice to support and install this in their facility, not be forced to. If this passes into law I hope the ACLU will fight this and get it overturned.


I totally support this legislation. Women should see what is inside them before making a decision about life.

We should be a nation of adoption for unwanted pregnancies, not abortion.


Everything possible should be done to help a woman change her mind about having an abortion. How can she rationalize that it's "her choice" when an innocent life is at stake. Before the act takes place that causes conception is when the woman has the right to "chose," not after the fact. Girls these days from the age of five and up know where babies come from, so... Whatever happened to self-respect and morality before marriage, and fidelity and unselfishness afterwards? Of course rape is a different consideration. There are plenty of couples longing to adopt, but thanks to abortion, babies are not that plentiful. Seems that giving a baby to someone who wants it would be a better choice than murdering it!


This also means that abortion clinics have an interest in NOT sharing medical information with their patients.

I have had numerous non-pregnancy ultrasounds and thorasic x-rays. In every instance the doctor or technician asked if I wanted to watch, adjusted the screen and then described what they were looking at and for.

This bill doesn't appear to require providers to volunteer the information, merely provide it upon request which is less open than the typical medical environment.

Government waste

Another example of government waste.


This is silly. What's the point of passing laws to try to prevent people from doing what is legal?

Dumb law

The medical doctors tell the legislators that current ultrasounds aren't sophisticated enough to even show the mother that the embryo is viable. But does that deter the legislators from spending taxpayers' money on useless ultrasounds? Nooooooo.

These guys are just dumb beyond belief. And wasteful with my money, to boot.


If this "dumb" law saves the life of one unborn child then this law is worth it in my eyes...

Abortion may be legal... but it is still murder!

Ever Notice

that anyone who supports abortion has already been born?


Kinda makes you sick to your stomach, to think we can now kill children if so desired. I would not want my daughter to kill her child if she was the victim of rape no more than I would want any of my other grandchildren killed. A life is a life for pete's sake. Killing at will is unexcusable maybe not in this life, but the taking of an innocent life, God doesn't look favorably on.


What is there to see at this early stage??? About the time when a woman decides to have an abortion anyways, the Baby is still developing and would look less than human, and so small you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, ...

It's not like they are gonna be havin' these ultra-sounds during the ninth month.

What a waste of money, and Government inference...


Abortion destroys the lives of women as well as the lives of children. I know this from personal experience. I have no doubt that MANY women would change their minds if they viewed the ultrasound. As it is, those who get abortions never recover from it. A last ditch effort to change their minds would save the life of a child as well as the life of the mother.

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