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Published: Friday, Feb. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Response to @1:50, 3:07 pm

To say that "not everyone in the US is a conservative Mormon" says a lot, assuming you're LDS of course. Looks like you've chosen to go along with the world; without regard for scripture, your understanding of our pre-mortal existence, the Plan of Salvation, your exaltation, etc. if I understand you, it doesn't matter what it is that may be wrong in the eyes of Heavenly Father, if enough people do it and there's enough outcry and protest, you go along with the world. Very Sad!

Doug G

Worse yet, apparently ol' orinns' cel phone rang during this prayer thing in Washington today. It's on CNN; I guess Orrin owes everyone there a round...

To judge and jury 4:02 PM

Yes, I am active LDS, straight, and an American who served his country in uniform for my first career. How does it feel to sit in your ivory tower and be my judge? I only have two judges, my Bishop and God.

There's so much I want to say to you, but you chose the path of piety. I can sleep at night knowing I am not judging others, but accepting their differences like I have been taught to. How typical of someone like you to judge me.

Values & Principles

I think that Senator Hatch has proven that he doesn't have core values and principles that he can stand by. Why does he need to look at a study to see if this is a good idea or not? Isn't he in Washington, and didn't he vote for don't ask don't tell in the first place? He already should be informed on this issue enough to have an opinion and to articulate it. The fact that he wants to play dumb and act like he's so "open" to all sides of this difficult issue, just shows what a professional politician he's become.

Time to retire Senator, we want regular American's to represent us in Washington, not a polished liar like yourself.


Leaving aside the issue of whether permitting gay citizens to serve in the military is good military policy, I would like to talk about those who oppose gays in the military because they believe that homosexual practice is immoral.

To those, I would ask their feelings about prostitution. I am well aware what a thriving business prostitution is around military bases. And, to my knowledge, the US military is not in the habit of kicking soldiers out of the military for engaging the services of prostitutes--even though the practice is illegal in the US and most countries where we have military bases.

If immoral behavior should be a reason for removing someone from the military, then shouldn't the soldiers who buy women be booted? Prostitution is (I believe) immoral for reasons that include--but go beyond--sexual wrongdoing. Many (not all, but many) prostitutes are virtual slaves, particularly those working around US bases in foreign countries. That kind of prostitution is, effectively, the same as buying temporary slaves. It is immoral and an abuse of power in any case.

Unless the military is going to crack down on prostitution, the immorality argument against gay makes no sense.

oh really!

Keep in mind that when military units were first integrated racially there were a lot of people yapping that it "be disturbing" and affect "unit cohesiveness" just like now. Change needs to happen. Secretary of Defense Gates says he knows how to manage change. Let the armed forces start doing sensitive training, set up policies for dealing with those who will discriminate, and beginning taking steps to end this injustice.


Name one career politician that hasnt flipped flop.

Blaine Nay

Just what we need: politicians with courage of their convictions -- both sides! Hatch only has courage to do what's right when he feels the pressure of his constituents. It's time for him to be booted out of office along with at least 90% of the rest of them.

George Nada

re: USAF veteran | 11:46 a.m. Feb. 4, 2010

(([My number one pet peeve -- I hate it when civilians tell the military what to do.))

Yeah. Darn that Constitution.


I asked my son this question about Gays/Lesbians in the Military. He served two tours in Iraq with the Army.
He said he would finish his enlistment and get out or would not join.
I don't think gay's and lesbians would be safe?
I have heard what happens off base when there are personal disputes between military soldiers. It isn't pleasant.
It isn't a matter of what's right but a matter of safety.

huggy bear

It is obvious Hatch is getting senile! He can't keep track of what he has and has not said, and he can't even remember to turn off his dang cell phone when he is giving a prayer in front of the nation's leaders! What an incompetent fool!


Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth!!! Why, not ot mention how, does the media look to Senator Hatch for any kind of intelligent, informed response to anything that doesn't fit in his Wonderbread White, Morman, Conservative box of life? He has been in office far too long and is far too closed minded to speak on this issue. I do not believe he is informed on this and many issues that involve people, organizations, issues that are "different" from his very narrow-minded beliefs and life. Please do yourself and the people of Utah justice and go away Senator. It is time for you to relax, enjoy retirement and go on a mission for your beloved institution you refer to as "The Church."

I admire

anyone who wishes to serve their country - ESPECIALLY in the military. Everyone has the right to serve without fear - AND, on the other hand, without worries about being hit on by other soldiers. Ask my son. It's not a pleasant experience.

Patriotic military members of any orientation need to realize that being in the military means it ISN'T ABOUT YOU. No need to wear stuff on your sleeve. Except your I.D.

I'm going out on a limb

and speculating that we know more in the 21st century about homosexuality than people did thousands of years ago (I think most people would agree with that) I'm also going out on a limb and saying that billions of people in the world don't take scriptures literally, but know them for what they are....Old writings which are sometimes (or often) legends of tribal people. It is nobody's business if you believe them to be literally true just as it isn't anyone's elses business what someone's sexual preference is. Leave religion where it is and let's have that separation between the military and it.


Retirement should be requisite after a designated term limit. Mr. Hatch should find a different job, maybe writing hit and after hit in the music world.


there is nothing stranger to me than republican mormons. do you know republicans think you're nuts, most of them are Southern Baptist! Seriously, keep siding with the enemy, it only makes you look dumb.

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