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Published: Friday, Feb. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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"[My number one pet peeve -- I hate it when civilians tell the military what to do. We do go around telling civilians what to do.]"

When I served, I understood that civilians like congress and our president controlled the military. Your view is a great argument for bring back the draft.


Hatch is working hard to lose my support. Just the fact that he would consider doing away with DADT is too much for me. As a 29 year military vet I have to agree with "USAF Veteran" post above. Civilians don't understand the complexities of military life. Military life is not the same as civilian jobs/life. We depend on very, very close unit cohesion where we depend on the trust that each other of us will defend and perserve the life/lives of the others. We have to live on-the-edge and we can not doubt the guy next to us.

There are plenty of gays in the military and 99.9% of them keep to themselves and do a good job. I never saw one kicked out only because he/she was gay. It was always something else like sexual advances on a subordnate but then I saw the same thing happen to hetrosexuals who did the same.

Bottom line: Leave the military alone and quit trying to make it a social experiment. I can already see the next moves...marriage, benifits, lawsuits.....just watch once they get this one.

re usaf veteran

this may be a military issue, but us civilians have a say. we the people run the show not we the military.

Re: Who wants to know

I'm with you, I really don't want to know.

Don't care

I don't what he says I only care about how he votes.

To: Who want to know

I totally agree, I have interest in anyone's orientation. I don't want to know so keep your orientation whatever it is to yourself.

Just a thought

To those that believe gays should keep there private life to themself. Would you agree to go to the military ball without your wife/husband. Can you please update your emergency contact list on your DD forms to show no one except maybe your parents. Can you also remove pictures of your spouse or significant other off your desk. Can you not take or make phone calls that include "I love you" "See you when I get home honey". See folks - it's not about being gay straight or even BI. It's about the everyday stuff that we miss out on that you take advantage of every day. It's about the love we have for another person whether they be a different sex or not. A quote I read online said "I killed two men they gave me a medal , I loved one and they gave me a discharge".

The Interviwers

Were wearing byu shirts that why he said that

Good job Orrin

Keep up the good work!

Patsy Hatch

Now, if you didn't know it before, you can understand why Hatch was Kennedy's patsy in the Republican party. Yet we keep sending him back there. Is it because we in Utah have an inferiority complex?

Sexual preference

shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not a person can serve in the military or anywhere else. It shouldn't remain "don't ask, don't tell," it shouldn't even be an issue for discussion. Want to join the military and support your country? Do it! Want to pick your nose in private? Do it! Hate mushrooms and don't want them on your pizza? Order it without any, but don't stand up and tell everyone that you hate mushrooms, because there might be some mushroom lovers in the room and you might make them angry. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with SO MANY things in life. Can't we just let this rest?


What's there to see Senator? You're Mormon and know that homosexuality is immoral--why promote it?


Hatch trying to have it both ways....

@Sexual preference

Bravo! I am a 20-year retired Army NCO. I don't see what the big deal is. If anyone wants to serve their country, let them do it for heaven's sake. so what if a person is openly gay, as long as he can shoot straight and is competent at their job, who gives a rats who they go home with at night and how they spend their free time.


I am a retired female veteran and here are the facts about gays in the military:

1. They are there and many of them are open about it to some of us who are served.

2. It does hurt the moral of the military.


Just because you say it is immoral doesn't make it so. Not everyone in the US is a conservative Mormon.

Active Duty Air Force

I'm active duty in the Air Force. On many occasions, PT, exercises, deployments, we have gang showers. I realize that not all gay men would be attracted to me, just as I'm not attracted to all women, but I find it just as akward having to share a shower with a gay man as I would with a woman. Don't repeal don't ask don't tell.


Re: @1:50

Just curious. Do you think it is natural?


It does not matter how I feel about it. It is a civil rights issue and soldiers are entitled to civil rights like all other Americans. I served my 20 years, how about you? I knew there were gays in the military and it didn't bother me at all. I am a mature adult and not titillated or embarrassed by the thought that someone might see me naked. I work with gay people now and I have never been propositioned, never been treated improperly, or made to feel uncomfortable.

Once again, how I feel about homosexuality is not an issue and no one's business.


Active Duty Air Force hate to break it to you but, you're still takin' shower's with Gay men under DADT... you just don't know it.

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