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Published: Friday, Feb. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Make a stand Hatch!!!

Hatch has been in congress too long!! Good grief Orin, it's not that hard to make a stand. All this political two stepping only makes you look foolish and there are enough of those in Washington already. Either you want gays in the military and to heck with the consequences or you feel the moral and fighting ability of our forces is more important. There is no middle ground here. Come on Orin, this is easy!!!


Seems likes he wants to go both ways.


Hey Anonymous | 10:37, where is that poll? I've not ever seen a poll done on this subject.

What is equality

At issue, is that if repealed, Gays CAN be persicuted simply for being Gay, while a Hetro CANNOT...

That's not equaility.

If you are putting your life on the line for your country, your race, your politics, your color or any other thing including your sexuality should NOT matter. If you're willing to die for your country, then your country should at the MINIMUM...be willing to treat you with equality.


To slgs5: Right on!

Good for Sen Hatch

people complain when politicians lie and are now complaining when one has the fortitude to say what he feels. Good for Senator Hatch, there should be no special privileges for troops who are breaking rules, regardless of what the rule is. Next the soldiers who struggle with alcoholism are going to want their commanders to look the other way when they get too drunk to perform their best. Get rid of the don't ask don't tell policy and either change the rule or live by it.


Did you read his comments? It makes sense. Excuse him for thinking!


Orrin Hatch: You need to resign from the Senate! you are either for or against the "Don't ask; Don't tell policy. you have caused enough problems for us already, the first problem was writing that Hannukah song, this past December, causing talk show host Conan O'Brian to make fun of the LDS Church; so, Hatch, GET OUT OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE AND STAY OUT BECAUSE YOUR TOO OLD!


Hatch is exactly what is wrong with our leaders in Washington. I want a leader that I can trust - one that I KNOW where they stand on an issue, even if I disagree with him/her. I would rather have a leader that I disagree with occasionally than one who I have no idea what they are going do do or how that are going to vote.

Voice of Reason

Keeping "don't ask, don't tell" is really the only way to go on this issue, but I'm just a little torn. Nobody - gay OR straight - should be over-the-top "parading" their sexuality when fighting a war or serving in the military. And government certainly has no business encouraging ANY dangerous & deadly personal lifestyle, including homosexuality.

But I'm not sure I like the idea of forcing out gays who are otherwise model soldiers that were keeping their sexuality to themselves, but were outed through no fault of their own.

I'd feel the same about a soldier who was, for example, privately practicing sado-masochism without telling any one. That's a terribly dangerous, deadly and decadent lifestyle that I disagree deeply with, but if somebody else "outed" them on it I don't think they should be necessarily fired for it, unless it was affecting their performance as a soldier.

USAF veteran

If you're not in the military, stay out!

You can have an opinion,
but this is a Military issue - not civilian.

[My number one pet peeve -- I hate it when civilians tell the military what to do. We do go around telling civilians what to do.]

I Know, How Dare Hatch Think!

I am as outraged as the rest! How dare a Senator not take a position before actual facts are presented to him. We don't want out elected officials thoughtfully looking at issues--NO! We want them to be pigheaded and close minded when dealing with every issue. Facts simply get in the way of strong opinions which the public loves to reward in polling data. Be part of the system Senator Hatch--NO THINKING ALLOWED!!!

re: What is equality

"If you are putting your life on the line for your country, your race, your politics, your color or any other thing including your sexuality should NOT matter. If you're willing to die for your country, then your country should at the MINIMUM...be willing to treat you with equality."

Here's the problem with your statement: we have a 100% volunteer army. In other words, nobody is forced to participate. Although it is noble for someone to want to fight for his/her country, he/she is still required to follow the rules that he/she agrees to upon enlistment. If he/she doesn't like DADT, he/she does not have to participate.

I finally get it

I finally figured it out Hatch must be Bi-political. Good thing they do not have a don't ask don't tell in the senate or he would be out.


Maybe I do,

Maybe I don't,



kisa sand faiy

change it that is what i say i have problem with it norn the people how are guy in any way some of if not most of my friends are guy or by


Talk about wishy washy! Typical politician!


After reading what Hatch said it is obvious that the homosexual rights activists read into it what they wanted. He only said he would be open to debate, not that he supported a repeal of Don't ask Don't tell.


Why are all of our Mormon politicians such flip floppers? Mitt Romney, Hatch, Bennett, and Reid have absolutely 0 (zero) credibility and consistency. It's a shame with one has to look at someone outside our borders and faith for consistency, someone like Ron Paul.

To USAF veteran

First, thank you for your service to our country.

In a free and democratic society, the military always answers to civilian authority. Since the military is established to provide for the common defense, military issues effect and impact all citizens.

You probably recall from your elisted or commissioning oath that all members of the military vow to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. This is the primary mission of all branches of the armed forces. All citizens, residents, and (as recently affirmed) even corporations enjoy freedom of speech.

Therefore, it is right and appropriate for any and all citizens to exercise their franchise and speak out on this and other important issues, even if these issues initially appear to primarily affect service members.

Thank you.

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