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Published: Friday, Feb. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond

If I understand our senior Senator's position he clearly, forthrightly, and unequivocally wishes to be on both sides of the issue at the same time.

Hatch is a Liberal

It is time for Hatch to go. He does not represent Utahns and is more like Ted Kennedy than like a Republican. Hatch does not stand for anything and will say whatever will get him re-elected. He does not support moral or conservative causes.


The political buzzword of this decade... "I misspoke"...


These people who have sexual preferences should not have anymore rights than straight people have, military or no military. My opinion is that if you are a homosexual(notice I didn't say gay because gay should never have been used to describe these people,NEVER NEVER!!!) you can practice your choice privately and still serve in the military or in society as whole for that matter. It's no one's business what sex you prefer, just so long as you remain private about this issue. As for Pres. Obama stating a repeal of the don't ask don't tell military policy, well I believe he has more important issues concerning the welfare of our country than this one....Thanks for listening...


Usually I am not a fan of Political talk. Not choosing a side and speaking out of both sides of the mouth. Usually I am not a fan of Hatch. In this case, however, I feel his comments make sense. All he is saying, is, lets see. Lets look into. Sounds pretty common sense to me. In other words, I might not like it, but I am willing to look at it. That thinking I can respect.

Their own worst enemy!

While in the past I've not been much impressed with Senator Hatch, tt appears that he is remaining open-minded about this issue. It is also evident that the Gay Activists are simply looking for an excuse rail on everyone about their cause. They still haven't come to the realization that "they" are their own worst enemy.

Thinking is good

Look, I'm not the biggest fan of Senator Hatch, but I appreciate that he is at least willing to wait for a study and look at the results before entrenching himself in a position on the matter.

No more old men in WA

I believe that Hatch is another big dog in Washington who needs to go. I would like to see not just Dems, but also Reps who have been on the hill forever to be done. We need new blood and people who do not sway with the wind or barter their votes. These men get old and I am sorry, old men seem to get really full of themselves. I love them, but they think that the buck stops with them, like they get pushy, cause is the only way to show their manhood.


That's right- there is no way Mr Hatch you would support a patriotic man or women that has served our country because they were gay. Keep saying it louder! The polls from the people for allowing gays in the military are now 75% for it. Not in Utah huh?

Mr Hatch

Shame on you!


Nice stance, Hatch. You've got an open mind on the issue - other than you are against it.

Oh my

Orrin never has really gotten used to the idea that when he goes on TV there's a record of his comments, poor fellow. That darn technology.

You said it, Orrin

The statement to Andrea Mitchell speaks for itself. If you misspoke, man up and admit it. Don't blame liberals for accurately quoting what you said.

Wm Bommer

every time Hatch opens his mouth
he puts his foot in it


Hatch likes to speak out of both sides of his mouth. Always wanting to come across as a moderate wanting to compromise to make everyone happy. He needs to be retired. We need conservatives with backbones representing Utah, which Hatch is not.


So what the Senator is really saying is he always tries to do what his fellow homophobs feel is right. I'm a registered republican but will not cast my vote for any person regardless of party if they change their beliefs for political reasons. Can we say McCain?


"You don't have to be straight to shoot straight"
Barry Goldwater-


What's wrong with supporting Truth? Why are so many people afraid of it? I'm sure our soldiers can handle it. Hatch does NOT support liberal causes, he only wants us to believe that he is open-minded in order to keep his career position as senator.

Bill Bob

What I don't always understand it that gay people want to be treated as equal in all respects but also want to be treated as a special class also. The take each position depending on what they are after. I have gay friends who act very normal and I enjoy being around. But I also have gay friends who flaunt it and always are talking dirty etc. They sensationalize it and make it weird. I don't like that at all. I would also not like straight people who would publicly flaunt sexuality and get freaky in public either....the difference is they don't. Gay people want to be mainstream they should act like it...not walk naked in a gay pride parade....

Who wants to know???

Who wants to know if someone is homosexual? Is it the heterosexuals? Is it the homosexuals? Why does anyone need to know? Why do they feel compelled to tell anyone. I have preferences of my own. I don't feel like I need to run around and tell anyone or everyone, as they seem to think they need to.

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