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Published: Thursday, Feb. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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More touches for Korver

It's true Korver was a starter in Philly! What a luxury the Jazz have to have a bench player like Korver! He does need more time on the court now that his knee is coming along! I would much rather see Korver than CJ. Korver brings spirit to the game. It would be a real treat to see Korver light up the score board! He could do it if he had more consistent playing time and a few more touches.

The Truth

Here is an interesting stat that I read at lunch. Last year the Jazz with Memo,Milsap,AK,Korver and D-will had the number one scoring percentage per possession in the league with those five players on the floor. Who needs Booz.

@BP the Jazz won't be able to keep Booz without going deep into the luxury tax. I'm not going to say it would never happen but the odds are like the commercial that says you'd have better odds to be mauled by a polar bear and regular bear in the same day.

BP @ The Truth

I realize that, but all I'm saying is they'd only have to endure the Luxury tax until AK's up for renewal one year later. One year of luxury tax is probably worth it to keep this team together, especially if we can add to our team with the draft and/or development/trading of young centers.

Calgary Jazz

check 82games website. It is the best statistical data about value of the players to their respective teams. Boozer actually is rated negative in net production which proves that Jazz are better without him. Not surprisingly top two players on the Jazz by that ranking are AK and Dwill.

The Truth @ BP

Yeah I get what you are saying, certainly they could pay whatever next year but in order to keep the same group together, Brewer, Korver, Matthews, Fess? would all need to be signed to contracts as well and the Jazz also have a potential lottery pick that will be on the books and they are close to the luxury tax just with current 010-011 signed contracts. Maybe if the Jazz make it to the WCF and push the Lakers to 7 games it might be a thought going forward.

If the Jazz were serious about Booz they would be talking extension with him right now, before the trading deadline. I doubt Carlos would do that because he would lose control of where he goes next. (Miami)

Houdini/Comma Man

I wrote the following,

"Sloan is not much of a coach,he pulls CJ just as he was heating up,and never put him back in,he kept Matthews in who didn`t do much at all,Sloan is CLUELESS and Matthews is terrible",,

Once again I am sorry for pretending to be the "real Miles",,


If you think the Jazz stink, if you think they didn't play to your standards, if you only want to criticize the coaching staff, or belittle the player will to win, take your fandom somewhere else cause we don't need you. Our Jazz tean has it's ups and downs just like we do. Some days we are better than other days and the team/players are the same. Right now, they are having their way with all the teams they're playing and I hope it continues but I get so tired of hearing all the complainer on this forum. Why can't you just enjoy the winning streak and wait to express your discontent when the streak ends. Let us real Jazz fans have some fun and enjoy the winning. Go Jazz!!

Boozer needs Humble Pie

Call me crazy, but the Jazz are playing well without Carlos starting. If the Jazz really want to dominate, I have the perfect solution for Sloan. (I know, here come the critics..."but David Locke said"...)

Millsap is doing well enough starting at the 4, especially with the energy of AK in the lineup. Can you imagine if the Jazz brought Carlos Boozer off the bench. Okay, so the league scouts know about Boozer's tendency to go left; but that trick would be a whole new bag of trics against a teams subs. I know Boozer says "I'm a starter"...but the Jazz would increase their (already good) bench productivity by bring Boozer off the bench.

Why do we let Boozer tell us where or when he should play? He's a heck of a talent, and an even bigger threat against some second class players in the NBA.

Tell me why it won't work?



Bankshot7 I agree 100%...it gets really old hearing people find something to complain about during a 7 game win streak.
@ The Truth...I respect your analysis, but I just don't worry too much about it. I would keep the team together, but if they don't I'm sure they'll have a good reason for it. Either way, that's their problem and they're getting paid for it. I will support what they do, because in order to be a fan, that's just what you do. No fan that I know of has ever influenced managements decisions, or had an in on team meetings. Just doesn't happen. If we don't like what we see, our choice is to endure it, or stop being a fan. Plain and simple. I'm kind of speaking to the naysayers here, not at you Truth.

Here's "the truth": Boozer IS an Asset. Now the Jazz have to decide if that Asset is more valueable staying with the team, or being traded away for a Better Asset.

I like the idea of him coming off the bench, but again, not our decision...why worry about it?

Jazz Cop

@BP-wouldn'tit be great if we could get boozer to accept coming off the bench? he tellsus when and where he wants to play, look at the record, haha. yeah, our producition would be out of control, yeah, its crazy talk, alot of the talk onthis blog is nonsense. I don't want to call out all the nonsense, most of it sounds like a conspiracy, the jazz push the lakers to seven games, what is this campaign against boozer? if hes on our team hes on our team and if hes not, he'll take his bagof tricks somewhere else. he can't be on the team and not start, the jazz can't keep up the way they have played the last couple of games, that's why they need boozer, and why he needs to start, aslongas he's ont he team. we can't speculate what it would be like without him, because he's always been here with this team, if he wasn't withus, then we'd find out then, fine, it willbe acceptable. If your dreaming boozer will be around, better start saving money for the box of roses.

todd to bp

You and Doug crack me up BP. You guys are such homers.

You two now get all the air time to be the "alleged voice of reason"

BP I know you love this squad so much. I say though they are a big man away and a trade would be needed. You do not like that

You lead this town with DOug settling for your 50 win seasons and limited playoff success and calling Sloan a genius.

We are not naysayers. The fact is you and Doug ALWAYS get a dig in on anyone that does not agree with your Snow White philosophy,.

Sloan is 96-94 lifetime in the playoffs. i AM enjoying the wins and great play. See if this is happening when it matters May and June before you preach to all of us what we should do and how to act/

Your acts are tiresome. I will continue to call it "as I see it"

Too bad

Jazz Cop

Do you want to know why boozer has to start? the problem starts at the top, at a managment that keeps a coach in place for twenty years, and for twenty years the same old stupid rules are applied, even when it hurts the team, which is nonsense and stupidity.

What is this nonsense rule? That a player can't lose his starting job because of injury. what is this, but a bias, unfounded and for no good reason.
it is a control freak with too much of an ear for his own superiority for the good of the team.

the problem isn't the players, its the coach. why does this need to be said. who is it said for, those who get agitated by reality, who create conspiracies of grandeur. sloan is in error, and he won't change, and don't expect a miracle on this matter either.

he will throw the team under the bus at the first sign of their weakness and bask as they go down in flames, its whathe knows how to do. he will not make changes to extend the life of the roster, or attempt to have dynamic rotations.

Jazz Cop

This team plods along at tortoise like speeds. Little wonder that lesser coaches out smart sloan at the moment that we should be enjoying our success, as so many feel it is their right to do, as i suspect, sloan feels it is his right, he doesn't have to game plan, he doesn't have to give the players any kind of motivation, he doesn't have to explain himself to anyone. he gets away with ruining players careers in the name of stashing talent away on the bench. the jazz can't make a trade because he just can't start coaching them, he has to methodically break them, if they don't get the team concept immediately, and all its unspoken rules, for some unknowable reason, sloan uses that to discriminate and parcel out his precious playing time, which he treats like candy.

there is no change, with sloan at the helm, its just a steady coarse into the next storm, the next disaster waiting to happen,

he doesn't have one championship to use as platform of credibility, even with stock and malone, his time is short, not this year, so never.

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