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Published: Thursday, Feb. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Except for AK and Memo, the Jazz offense stunk at times tonight, in spite of how well they scored, especially inside.

Where they stunk was easy missed layups (at least 8 points worth), and taking dumb early-in-the-shot-clock long tosses in the second half, which allowed Portland to close the gap.

If the other team can't keep you out of the paint, why would you suddenly quit trying to go there? Duh!

If the Jazz play this inconsistently against Denver, even if Melo doesn't play, the Jazz could lose that home game. Denver seems to have the Jazz' number this season.

NOW, if Denver loses at the Lakers this Friday, the Jazz could actually tie them in the loss column (the all-important stat) by beating Denver Saturday night.

Wouldn't THAT be nice!

Then, it's which team keeps it together the rest of the season.

Ak Fan

That shows what kind of person he is. Go Ak


Woohoo Kirilenko's awesome. I think he has the best hustle in the NBA, he's my favorite Jazz player since Hornacek


This is exactly what I've been saying. Boozer is great, but he's hampering a lot of players. Milsap, AK, and Okur are all much better when Boozer isn't here. It's not that Boozer isn't a great player, it's just that we've got $44 million dollars worth of players for that one position and another $9 million dollar center who doesn't get plays when Boozer is around. We need to spread that money around a little, lose Boozer's $16 million and put some money into the 2 and 3 spots instead.

Karl Malone and Charles Barkley were both great players, but you wouldn't put them on the same team unless you could get at least one of them on the cheap, because you can't afford to pay 2 players huge contracts and then sit one of them on the bench because the other is slightly better. Playing them together just clogs the post, so one of them has to sit and waste money.

Players who make $10 million + a year need to be playing 35 minutes a game, preferably in their best position.

Sir Batyr

Nice point Steve.

I never really understood why AK has been put in spots where his strengths are neutralized. Boozer is a good player indeed, but this whole experiment with getting Booz and shifting AK to SF has not worked out. Had AK stayed in PF position, the Jazz would have done just as well. Without much talent in 03-04 AK's Jazz had it at 42:42. Add Okur, Deron and then Millsap, Brewer, Korver and the Jazz would have looked much better over the last 5 years. Chemistry would have been much smoother, which would have been the main difference maker. I guess we should still get a chance to see what it would have been like if Booz is traded or when he moves on.


been playing great. Congrats.


Huge upgrade in the starting lineup with AK,he does everything,I hope the chemistry doesn`t go to pot when Boozer gets back,also Matthews and Korver should come of the bench 1-2 Go Jazz


The Jazz just might be a better team without Boozer...wow, haven't fans been saying that for a couple of years?


Matthews is a starter and AK is clueless. Trade Korver to New Jersey, Denver will stomp the Jazz,

re: anonymous

you said:

"The Jazz just might be a better team without Boozer"

These statements are just ridiculous.

I will remind you rejects that Boozer was playing when the current winning streak started and was well underway. I will also remind you that while the rest of the team wallowed in mediocrity in the earlier part of the season it was Boozer who was delivering his impressive 20 and 10.

If you people want to win you ought to wake up and realize that whether we all hate Boozer for his dumb mouth or not THE JAZZ ARE A MUCH DEEPER TEAM WITH HIM HERE!!

How many teams can say that they have multiple starters coming off their bench? Millsap? Korver started in Philly. CJ was although I won't make too much of a case for him as he is inconsistent.

The primary difference is that:

1. AK is starting and getting 30 minutes. It is reinvigorated his efforts and now he is on the floor making EVERYONE better.

2. Early season multiple injury issues and guys in and out of lineups with varying roles and minutes.

Players thrive on consistency.

Be grateful the Jazz have kept all this talent.

Frank Quest

Why would the chemistry go to pot when Boozer gets back? The Jazz have been playing great since before Boozer's injury. AK was playing very well since before Boozer's injury too. They've kept it up in his absence but it's not like this is a new thing. They've been on a tear for a while now.

Re: houdini

No houdini, you are the clueless one. Matthews is a great player, but he is perfect where he is and he doesn't have the length to guard the people AK does. They seem to be working where they are and that is important.

Who houdini

Wow @houdini is a marvel. They should make him (or her) the sports editor of a major newspaper. What insight, and the predictions are brilliant.

The Truth

Great coaching.....Andre's best position is at 4 but I put him at the 3 so he can stink it up, lose confidence and sulk for the past 3 years! oh yeah and draw millions of dollars coming off the bench!

Another great GM move is to have a bunch of players (Memo,Booz,AK,Milsap and Koufos) who are best at the same spot, the 4 on the roster. Then lets give them all the option to stay? Someone has to be the odd man out, AK, Memo and Milsap have all shared that role, while Carlos seems to get his minutes.

Hey that's no problem, let's just ask our 4's to play other positions so we can get everyon minutes, Milsap we want you to be a 3, work on that in the off season. That didn't work?

Seems to me that a trade is in order, Booz to Boston for Ray Allen and a future pick? How about Memo and Carlos to Philly for Igudola and Dalembert?

The Truth

Ok you probably wouldn't want to get rid of both Memo and Carlos.....but one of them has to go. Jerry let management trade Carlos, let go of the pacifier, he's not Karl Malone!!!


Further evidence that Boozer will be gone next year. If they want to spend dough they should put it into a 2 who is athletic and can shoot or a defensive center. Boozer is good, but the Jazz play worse team ball with him on the court.


AK clueless,Matthews allstar,trade williams,


@ The Truth. I could not agree with you more.
Boozer is gone anyway. May as well get something for him.

The jazz are so much more entertaining to watch with an active AK.

I was very impressed with Okur last night on the defensive and offensive end. Love to see him go strong to the basket.

Mathews is pure hustle, defense, great around the basket, dives for the loose ball-- My favorite jazz man right now.

Korver has hit somthing like 9 or his last 13 3pt shots. Would like to see more plays run for him.


Sloan is not much of a coach,he pulls CJ just as he was heating up,and never put him back in,he kept Matthews in who didn`t do much at all,Sloan is CLUELESS and Matthews is terrible


As much as I'd love to think of a life without Boozer, you who say we are better without him are wrong...just a fact. Here's my evidence:

1) Look at the Assists (the unselfishness stat) and you'll see the Jazz are as good or better in this department with Booz playing.

2) Defense: our defensive numbers are actually better with Booz

3) Depth: this has already been mentioned, but we are way deeper with Booz.

Need I go on? Booz may not take a pay cut this summer, but AK has said he will the next year. Memo likely will too. We can conceivably keep all of them for a few more years, and maybe add a draft pick and develop Fez along the way. The way we're playing, it's hard for anyone to argue we should change anything. I think we can even beat the Lakers in LA once or twice the way we're playing.
Hope it continues.


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