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Published: Thursday, Feb. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Don't bother

You were not missed Carlos. Take your time on the return because the team plays better when you are watching. Great game today against Portland. Great energy. And some of the missing players are back to making a greater contribution. Rest up Boozer, we are fine.

Jazz Fan

Of course Boozer is coming back so quickly it's a contract year! If this injury happened any other year he would have milked it for several months.


Just when the Jazz were on a roll...now it's back to losing!


Why are you guys throwing Boozer under the bus? We were playing great with him in the lineup as well. We were already on a three-game winning streak and were looking to win our fourth (at Portland) when Boozer got injured. The Jazz are even better with Boozer in the lineup. Personally, I think they should start Boozer AND Paul Millsap (Boozer at Center). Bring Memo off the bench as the backup to both the power forward and center positions. Either way, I think either Boozer or Millsap should always be on the floor.


Most people that make comments on here about Boozer are just haters that want to talk crap about Boozer because of the comments he made. Remember, the people that write on these blogs are not screened and just like to stir up trouble. It could be some 13 year old at home writing some stupid statement because Boozer made him mad. So, people saying these comments about Boozer are crazy, yes! The Jazz have won 11 of last 12 and Boozer only missed three of those games.

Under the bus!

Because dollar for dollar this guy has not earned his massive contract. Have you forgotten how much time he has not played since he has been a Jazz player? His coming and going because of his frequent injuries is what disrupts this team and keeps them from really grabbing any momentum. His MO has been that his time off is not equal to the severity of his injury and interestingly enough, even in a contract year, he is injured again. For those reasons this team would be better off without him. Plenty of talent go around. Shed the Booz and build around the remaining core players. That would be the right business decision.


Lots of anti Boozer writing. Too bad you don't ask a coach of 20 years or perhaps read what he says. You may think you are brighter or smarter or more experienced or perhaps think an armchair coach is more valuable than one who has done this so long.

Perhaps coaching another team from your front room would be better for you, the Warriors are always changing as are the Knicks. Perhaps those teams would enjoy some banter about not having a premier pf play for their team.

Boozers numbers, attitude and professional style speak for him and I am wondering what speaks for you guys who think you are a better coach than Sloan.

Calgary Jazz

No they are not great with Boozer in lineup - Bozers stats are great with him in lineup, he doesn't make others better around him. Just wait till he comes back and messes things up just like last year. It is now perfect time to trade him. Do it O'Connor!


I for one is going to be happier to see Boozer back now they are unstopable!!!! GO JAZZ!!!!!

to Doug

You criticize "us" for the exact same thing that you just did, have an opinion. You are absolutely wrong on this one. Boozer doesnt fit in here and should move on. Perhaps watching another team from your front room would be better for you, maybe the team that Boozer land on when he is traded.


Boozer is a great player, but Memo and Andre are better players when he is not playing.

The Jazz are getting to be a great team either with our without him. The question is whether keeping him makes them enough better to justify the cost.

Remember, when he is not there, the other guys seem to play better.

todd to doug

you never learn do you?


"Bozers stats are great with him in lineup, he doesn't make others better around him."


Boozer has been in the top 5 in assists among ALL bigs in the NBA, all year long. His sneaky passes from the post to a cutter are highly underrated and reminiscent of another interior passer from the Jazz's history.

Booz returning Saturday couldn't be better news! K-Mart has been beastin' it and Nene causes all kinds of trouble for the Jazz. They're a strong and big pair, so depending on only Millsap and Memo for interior defense would be suicide.

And if you think Boozer isn't needed consider this; During the current streak, with Booz in the Jazz were winning with a +15 point differential. With him out that has dropped to +10.7.


Sign Boozer to a long term contract, trade AK to Lakers for Walton, Move Millsap to the 2, start Matthews at the 3, bench Brewer, Go Jazz,,


NOOOOOO! Boozer looks best behind the bench with his shiny earrings and ugly suits. We all remember what happened last year...

james p

houidini, what if instead of wasting energy wishing for an AK trade, you waste it wishing he'd show up at every game like he has been for the last half-dozen or so? wouldn't that be way more helpful right now, instead of thinking about the future?

everybody on here is so down on the jazz lineup. whine about trades in the offseason, now is not the time.

re: Houdini

Trade AK to Lakers for Walton?...whaaat? are you crazy or are you a Laker fan? ...well, obviously! Walton is one of those name-association draftee ...but he looks like he belongs on a high school/average college team. GO JAZZ!!

RE: Calgary Jazz

Great points. I agree 100%. If nothing else the guys work hard for playing time and when Booz goes down they get it. I think that is what we are seeing right now with everyone playing well. Keep it up Jazz, Bye Bye Boozer!


The Jazz would be better without Boozer!


Boozer is horrible. Milsap can keep up these stats all year long. The guy is for real. Whoever says he can't keep up his awesome play is crazy! Paul Rocks!! Louisianna Tech 4 life!!!

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