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Republicans question a proposed study on discrimination

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good. Most people here in Utah are glad.

Equality Utah

"We're sticking to the agreement," said Equality Utah executive director Brandie Balken."

So now Equality Utah is now a member of the Legislature?

Bully on the Hill

Rep. Sandstrom, don't let Rep. C Johnson bully you into dropping your legislation.


I can't understand, if you're "born different", you don't get the same privileges as others? So they are less than us? What would the Savior do?


You mean they don't have housing and anti-discrimination rights? When we all live in peace?


Since the arrangements for the "truce" were done in secret, there is no way for the public, of which all our legislators are supposed to represent, to understand how or why our legislative leaders thought that "doing nothing" (Party of "No"?) was the right thing to do.
In the absence of any meaningful information, the vast majority of Utahns undoubtedly feel the same way, that is, that it is an election year and none of our 'politicos' want to have their thoughts, feelings and activities visible in the light of day.
In my opinion, Utah should press ahead with attempting to provide 'common ground' rights to all citizens of Utah, no matter where in the state they might reside.

Is bigotry a Utah value?

All evidence points to YES in my opinion.

Jerry S.

Big mistake. The legislators know what the majority of Utahns want and posponing the issue will not make us happy come election time. State senators and representatives, do your job or go home.

know the law

Utah Labor Commission website:

"Utah courts have three general exceptions to the at-will rule: (1) when the termination violates clear and substantial Utah public policy; (2) when an implied or express contractual term requires dismissal only for cause; or (3) a statute or regulation restricts the employer's right to terminate."

"Utah Code Annotated, Title 34A Chapter 5. The Act prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, and disability. Utah's law also prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions."

And now, in Salt Lake City public policy includes sexual orientation.

How is this a violation of at-will?

Utah Repent

Once again bigotry and Utah’s spineless politicians decide to postpone making a decision.
Once again, politicians have decided that “there are more pressing issues” than the protection and equality of all citizens.
When is Utah going to answer the call of being the light of the nation? Utah, your sin is that you failed to look for justice and fairness for all. You have failed in “denying yourself “and follow the Lord. Just like in antiquity you have allowed the provincial fears and bigotry of an ignorant people to take over your destiny. You are going to be judged by the love you show to the needy and undesirable among you.
Just like the Pharisees you wrap yourselves in a cloak of faked morality forgetting what is important to the eyes of the Lord. You should repent and rise above your mediocrity.


"Senate Majority Whip Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, has been working on a resolution reaffirming the traditional family, as has Sen. Stuart Adams, R-Layton."

** Oh joy, more fluff. What is with you fluff-heads?

@ Utah Repent

Oh Pleeeze...
get off your sanctimony by which you cry foul and hypocracy, when in fact it is you who are lacking in understanding of the underlying debateable facts and issues.
You, Sir or Madam, should repent and crawl out from behind your impious bleeding heart.

afriad of reality?

is it really any shock that the conservatives are nervous about studying the issue since the facts never fall in their favor on the issue of gay rights? if they believe they are right then why fear the study let it move forward.


I am deeply offended every time neo-homosexual issues come up, all the verbal batterings against LDS and Utahns flare up again. Do progressive educated individuals not know that there are opposition voices from all persuasions and ideology.

@6:11 a.m. Feb. 3, 2010,

Show us the way


Time for more study?

The Salt Lake City's discrimination report, not even 7 months old, (came out in July '09) had over 300 cases of documented discrimination in Salt Lake City alone. Do you really think it is 'better' to be a gay/lesbian person outside of SLC in Utah? St. George? Provo?

I doubt it.

"As far as I'm concerned, this has nothing to do with gay rights.' - Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem

I would agree. Because being gay offers zero protections in Utah. Essentailly being gay gives you no rights. No right to discrimination protection at work, none in rental agreements. A person can legally fire you or evict you because of who you date. Not what you do.

'....recently passed by Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County with the support of the LDS Church.'

So, the LDS church and the gay community are in agreement that work and housing discrimination due to orientation is wrong.

And yet our Utah legislature thinks we should do nothing and 'study it more.'

I have heard enough. I am tired of the constant bait and switch our legislature feeds us.

Next election, my vote is my voice.


So... If I own a property that rents to, say 6 girls, and there is a vacancy and a lesbian wants to move in and makes it known that she is lesbian. Do the other girls have to live with her even if they don't feel comfortable because I can't discriminate? Where does that leave me as a property owner? I can't discriminate but the other 5 renters will give notice. Then my property is not attractive to others unless they are also lesbian? This happened to my brother by the way. I think we should be allowed to rent to whom we want. We have the freedom of association. And if it is OUR OWN property we should be able to do what we want with it. Stop telling me what to do with my own property!


Truce? Wouldn't that mean both parties relent to some compromise?
But our Utah legislature seems to think we should 'study it more' with no end date in sight. Essentially they say 'I don't want to allow it, so I'm going to keep putting it off indefinitely, until it's someone else's problem.'
This will simply anger not only the gay community but also members (and leaders?) of the LDS church who see work discrimination as something that needs to CHANGE, not something that needs to be enforced.

Party of 'NO!' meet everyone else.

Your 'truce' was over when you decided to stall basic civil protections.


The girls who live there do not 'need' to live there, correct? They pay you to live there. If your hypothetical lesbian can pay the rent to live there what is the difference?
As a landlord your primary concern is who CAN pay you the rent and who CANNOT. Or do you give 'discounts' to single women who rent from you?
Regardless, just because you own a property does not mean it is sovereign territory that secedes from America. You were able to buy the land because of the state you live in. You were able to buy from the state because of the country you live in. As such you need to adhere to both their laws.
If you cannot do that, try moving to communist china, and see how much more 'freedom' you have in places where freedom truly is, dictated too you.


So, if I fire a mormon would our legislature ask for more time for study?


@ Utah Repent | 7:49 a.m. Feb. 3, 2010
Oh Pleeeze...
get off your sanctimony by which you cry foul and hypocracy, when in fact it is you who are lacking in understanding of the underlying debateable facts and issues.
You, Sir or Madam, should repent and crawl out from behind your impious bleeding heart.


The LDS church is on Utah Repent's side, btw. Do you want to fight them too?

I know who they will back up. Do you?

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