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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Engrave the trophy now

Jimmer is such an overwhelming favorite to win the MWC Player of the Year award that they might as well have the trophy engraved now!


Is this even news, you can put a stamp on the POY tropy, the bigger news is that Boylen is trying to recruit Jimmer into the NBA. If Jimmer goes early it will help Boylen keep his job longer, maybe.

Ute Fan

If Fredette isn't the POY then something is definately wrong. No doubt he is the class of the conference this year.

Go Utes!!!

Tom Rose

Jimmer is an amazing all-around player. His drives are incredible, and then when he steps back way behind the three point line and lets go, it's a thing of beauty. He is a great assist man and has such a positive influence on the whole team.
Go Jimmer!!!

BYU owns the conf.

What a fun conference to be in. Especially because BYU is the biz.
My poster for the game last saturday:
It's hilarious!

ballhogof the year

that would be another title he will probably win

BYU = 1 man team
BYU = freddie
BYU = First round NCAA exit
BYU = Caucky fans who will fall hard

See you next year!

Re:ballhog of the year

Im a cougar fan and normally I would say get a lif about his ball hogging but:

The TCU game was far over with 5 minutes left and he still doesnt pass to the post...what gives and with one minute left he shoots a three?

He needs to get his team involved and let them practice with big leads like this so that they can show Rose what they can do.


He was just padding his numbers for the POY in MWC

I think that is kinda selfish


ball hog of the year that may be true but he will still win it

BYU fan

It looked like in the first half of TCU Jimmer was gonna let the other teammates make some points but he took over in the second half ball hogging again.
This makes me wonder if blogs are true that he does pad his numbers to ensure his own individual success.

310 attempts this year

On the floor he has attempted 310 attempts this year.

Billy White SDSU 130

Everyone wonders why he scores so many points.

Dudes a ball hog


Jimmer is good

leave the overrated player alone on the overrated team - let him take as many shots as he wants.... he will find out the hard way that he needs his team when they play a good team with two great power forwards and a strong center.

His little falling to the ground acrobats wont work then against the likes of Kansas and Syracuse.

good luck BYU

You will need it against UNLV.


Give it a rest. Dave Rose is the coach and is responsible for the style of play his team plays. If he wants it changed, it will change. If he wants Fredette to be more aggressive in the second half, that is also his call. It seems to me that three conference championships with a possible fourth consecutive championship gives Coach Rose the experience needed to call his own game. But thanks for playing.


I vote for Henderson in MMA.


At 10-11 I would not be crying about who is the overrated team. I will be very happy if BYU gets to play Kansas and Syracuse because it will likely mean at least a trip to the sweet 16 :) Any player that can score 49 points at Arizona and then come back for Mono has my vote for POY. I know for a fact that it won't be a player from the team on the hill.

ball hog?

jimmer shoots 50% from 3. give him the ball.


Fredette is a blast to watch. I was up by the MUSS (Moronic Utes Stupidly Standing) and I heard a guy behind me say "Fredette is a trying to do it all, we will win because he's trying to do it all". After Fredette then put the game away, the guy was "I can't believe it"

Seeing the reaction of the utes to that last run by Fredette It made up for having to be around those doofs all night.

overrated wake up

But there are detractors, too. Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis, for instance, dropped BYU six spots to No. 23 in his latest AP ballot, and said the Cougars don't have enough quality wins to justify having a lofty ranking.


when you have a FG % as high as Jimmers, shoot as much as you want. Im sure he has the green light to do so because he doesnt miss much. Even when he seems to have bad games they are good! I watched the game last night and then went online to see his stats expecting he didnt shoot well or score much and he shot 47% and went 4-6 frome 3. Shoot the ball all you want jimmer

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